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I’m an emerging jeweler from Tampere, Finland – where I live, work and play with my wonderful supportive husband, two lively Jack Russels and a warmhearted, yet timid cat. Our only daughter Tanja has left the coop years ago, and now lives down under in Sydney, Australia.

During office hours I function as a production developer in the technical textile industry. However, any freetime available has always been consumed by a wide range of creative projects, and I have always been very crafty person dappling in every possible medium from fabrics to wood, glass and metal works.

The alluring world of jewelry consumed me less than a year ago, after injuring my hand and not being able to tackle any of my usual bulkier projects. Making jewelry as a hobby has proved an invaluable source of relaxation to balance off a career that can be stressful at times.

I prefer working with silver, bronze and copper clay, Tiffany and fused glass as well as experiment with wireworks, chainmaille, wrapped and coiled techniques. I have also occasionally used gemstones and pearls in some of my creations. Recycling and salvaging readymade objects, as well as fusing unusual materials together into unlikely compositions seems to be forming as my signature.

I am only at the very beginning of a long and enchanting road ahead of me, and there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to act out all the inspirations that keep bubbling up!

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  • Arja A
    On May 20, 2011 Arja A said:

    What to do? I’m so, so, so bored, bored, bored!

  • Jeannes Gems - Gem Chick
    On January 21, 2011 Jeannes Gems - Gem Chick said:

    Congrats on your feature in Step By Step Wire (feb-march)!

  • grama rose aka stormy
    On November 6, 2010 grama rose aka stormy said:

    Arja I felt the same way last month you are a wonderful artist and please remember that you have inspired so many of us here and we love you!! Deb

  • No Photo
    On October 14, 2010 Deb D Grammy Chick said:

    Thanks for your friendship, Arja! You are so extemely talented and a true inspiration!

  • Sonja
    On September 18, 2010 Sonja said:

    It’s so hard…I can’t wait for my pasta roller to get here…my hand hurt lol!!!

  • FaeryGoth Chick
    On August 22, 2010 FaeryGoth Chick said:

    Hi Arja
    I just placed an order on your etsy site :-)

  • Arja A
    On August 7, 2010 Arja A said:

    Lynn, I love to hear that :)
    Thank You.

  • Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    On August 7, 2010 Lynn Eileen Chicky LE said:

    Arja, I wore my beautiful new bracelet yesterday to have lunch with a friend — it was a huge success — so many people commented on it!!! :D

  • No Photo
    On July 30, 2010 Faithful Chick aka Faith said:

    Hang in there Arja…. one word at a time. Write it in Finish and then do the best you can to translate and have Tanja proof read to add comments for you. The most difficult I would think would be how you made the threads to do it. Such a pretty item. Love it and Congratulations. Hugs Friends Faith

  • Arja A
    On July 30, 2010 Arja A said:

    Who is steling my time???? I haven’t had a moment to check out what beauties you all have shared during last days.We had some over night visitors and I was so tired after they gone. Then I got good news ( it is good to have good news between my surgery-fearing-waiting thoughts): Step by step wire magazine want’s to publish introduction from one of my works. I already took that picture off from gallery, but it is that silver/linen dark edged flower.
    Now I am trying to write that tutorial and you don’t know how difficult and time consuming it is to foreign person!!!! so I am quite confused now: glad and frustrated at the same time. Just want to say hello to all of you. Have a nice day my beading friends.

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