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Designs by MoonBell

Lingerie Set

I finally finished this. There's a beaded edging on the bottom of the babydoll, and I made the underwear with some knit material and lace. The...
Components: crochet cotton, Czech seed beads, knit material, lace

New Treasures and Giveaway Update

Some of my Bead Fest Santa Fe treasures. This awesome store had beautiful strands, but I was a little sad b/c they were kind of expensive... until...
Components: ruby in zoisite, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, White Agate, mother of pearl hearts, amazonite

Turquoise Wave

I was finally motivated by the awful pic I posted last night to put this set under my light tent. My husband says it's "old lady", he likes the...
Components: Seed Beads, Pearls, Howlite Turquoise from LB, Sterling Silver Clasp

Beadweaving Pendant

I KNOW this is a horrible pic, b/c I took it with my phone, I just haven't been able to motivate myself to get out the camera & light tent, maybe...
Components: czech seed beads, Howlite Turquoise

Tiny Cross

Making these for a dear friend that's turning 90, I had to miss her birthday party last night due to snow, but will see her tomorrow. I found a...
Components: seed beads, fishing line

Mod West

My entry to the miniatures art show at our local Millicent Rogers Museum. Priced it at $90, way higher than I've ever priced a piece so small, but...
Components: Czech glass seed beads, Shell Round Beads, Turquoise Heishi, Coral Heishi, Sterling Silver Clasp

To Bead Or Not To Bead?

When I was designing this in my head, I thought I would add a beaded fringe to the scarf. Now that it's together, my personal inclination is to...
Components: print fabric: upcycled cut-off from shortening a skirt (not mine), black fabric: upcycled cut-off from shortening palazzo pants (mine)

Silver and Gold

Basic earrings for $3 with hypo posts. Wire wrapped with gold colored wire and silver and gold-plated bicone beads. I really like the combo of...
Components: Earrings, Gold Wire, Gold-plated Bicone Beads, Silver-plate bicone beads

If I wish hard enough for spring...

maybe we can skip the rest of winter, and the snowstorm will go away today instead of Saturday... or maybe not. Anyway, making this for my show...
Components: Huge gold-plated beads of unknown origin, Green Aventurine, Angelite, Gold-plated rondelles, Glass Pearls

Chocolate Gold

Getting ready for a mini-show this weekend called Sidelines. The whole idea is to gather small, unknown businesses in the area, and provide a...
Components: Memory wire, brown and yellow glass beads, Czech pearl-colored beads, Coconut Donut, Gold-Plated Stardust Bead

MORE old designs

Now that I'm better at editing photos, I can proudly (umm... ok, somewhat) display some of my earliest pieces. At least you can see them. The...
Components: multiple

Another old design, closeup

I posted the full pic a while back, but have since gotten better with GIMP, and was able to manufacture a clearer pic of the centerpiece......
Components: Turquoise, Czech Glass, Glass Bicones

Some OLD designs

Commissioned sets a few years back for 3 sisters, each in their favorite color. Before I discovered anything beyond stringing.
Components: Olive Green Serpentine, Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver, Black Lava Rock, Gray Czech Glass, Purple Crackle Glass, Purple and Pink Czech Glass, Mother

Indigo Swirl

Forgive the bad pics, the baby's sleeping in the same room as the photo lights right now, and I got impatient. Another bead crochet piece, with an...
Components: seed beads, thread, silver-plated pewter clasp w/ Swarovski crystals, surgical steel earwires, pewter bead cones

Vintage Piece for background photos?

This is a crochet sampler book handed down from my mother-in-law's family. The samples are sewn onto a book made of hunter green silk *drool* with...
Components: Green Silk, Crochet Samples

Sis-in-law's bracelet

I found these cute little charms at a local shop, the names of my brother-in-law and nephew. She likes simple stuff, black/white color palettes.
Components: Mother of Pearl, Black Bone Beads, Memory Wire, Clear Glass Beads, Silver-tone Charms

Pining for the Sun

It's snowing, and snowing, and snowing. The NWS issued a warning not to leave your animals out tonight (we don't anyway, but still THAT's cold)......
Components: Aragonite, Silver Plated Charm, Surgical Steel Earposts

Sea Wave Earrings

I only had 2 of these, so earrings it was! I thought these beads could stand on their own, so I simply paired them with some complementary-colored...
Components: Lampwork Glass Beads, Seed Beads, Surgical Steel Fishhook Earwires

Spirals and Pearls

I know these are very simple, but I still like them. I made a spiral headpin, then put the AB clear glass bicones and pearls on, voila, a pair of...
Components: Silver Wire, Clear Glass AB Bicones, Pearls, Surgical Steel Earwires

Pink and Black Twist - better pics

Better pics of an old post, again. Someone already favorited it in my Etsy shop! Bead crochet, but I only put a bead on every other stitch...
Components: Pink Crochet Cotton, Black Glass Seed Beads, Silver Plated Clasp w/ Swarovski Crystals

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