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Designs by Elaine aka Belly Chick

Reversible Ocean Jasper Pendant

This pretty stone has been in my stash for awhile now and I thought it was time to bring it out of hiding. I thought this was a simple but...
Components: Ocean Jasper Drop, Copper Wire ~ 20g

Turritella Wrapped Pendant

I wanted to use more of that dark annealed steel wire that I have and I thought it might work with this cab. I used the silver fill wire to...
Components: Turritella Agate Cab, Dark Annealed Steel Wire ~ 19g, Silver Fill Wire ~ 24g

Green Chalcopyrite Wire Work Cuff

I had an idea for a wire cuff and the only bead that would work for this was this donut. It was a little smaller than what I wanted for the center...
Components: Green Chalcopyrite Donut, 10g Wire, Copper Wire ~ 20g & 24g

Silver Lace Onyx Wrapped Pendant

I ran out of my 20g silver fill wire so I've been using copper...I didn't think copper would work for this cab and then I remembered that I had...
Components: Silver Lace Onyx Cab, Dark Annealed Steel Wire ~ 19g & Silver Fill Wire ~ 24g

Captive Heart Wrapped Pendant

I've had this for awhile; picked it up several not being totally sure what to do with was the time to pair it with copper wire!

Components: Fire Agate Heart-Shaped Pendant, Copper Wire ~ 20g & 24g, Czech Crystals

Silver Lace Onyx Wrapped Pendant

Again with the wire! My husband says this looks like an angel!
I have a couple of big shows coming up and I want to be really prepared! I'm...
Components: Silver Lace Onyx Cab, Copper Wire ~ 20g & 24g.

Arizona Petrified Wood Wrapped Pendant

Just groovin' with the wire!
Components: Arizona Petrified Wood Cab, Copper Wire ~ 20g & 24g

Seraphinite & Crystal Pendant

I'm in love with wire again....I thought that silver wire would help bring out the silvery wisps of color in the stone and I just happened to have...
Components: Seraphinite Cab, Swarovski Crystals, Silver Fill Wire ~ 20g & 24g.

Green Apple Wire Wrapped Pendant

I've had this stone for a while now; I bought it at a rock shop that is in a small town to the west of my home town Moose Jaw. I can only go there...
Components: Chrysocolla Stone, Copper Wire ~ 20g & 24g

Rhodonite Heart Wire Wrapped pendant

This pretty heart was calling my name tonight!

This pendant has sold!
Components: Rhodonite Cab, Silver Fill Wire ~ 20g & 24g, Swarovski Crystals

Rainforest Jasper Wire Wrapped Pendant

I am very proud of this one!
Components: Rainforest Jasper, Copper Wire ~ 20g & 24g and a Swarovski Crystal

Serpentine Wire Wrapped Pendant

I've been inspired to dig out my copper wire again...I love working with copper, it behaves so well!

This was created using the 'Toodles'...
Components: Serpentine Cab, Copper Wire ~20g & 24g

Green Tree Agate & Copper Pendant

I felt I needed to get back to wire wrapping a bit more and leave the seed beads alone for awhile before my eyes drop out!

This was made from...
Components: Green Tree Agate, Copper Wire ~ 20g & 22g and Swarovski Crystals

Hematite & Red Bracelet

Trying out those pesky Tila beads again! It looks way better in person!
Components: Tila Beads, Crystals, Hematite Rounds with Seed Beads ~ 15/0 & 11/0 and Silver Plated Toggle Set

Botswana Agate Wire Wrapped Pendant

This cab was calling my name tonight!
Components: Botswana Agate Cab, Silver Fill Wire ~ 20g & 24g, Irradiated Quartz Rondelle and Swarovski Crystals

Moroccan Black Coral Wire Wrapped Pendant

Love this Black Coral!
Components: Moroccan Black Coral Cab, Silver Fill Wire ~ 20g & 24g, Glass Crystals, Crimp Beads and Crimp Covers

Dendritic Opalite Pendant

I love the dendritic patterns in this stone and wanted to highlight it with color! The fourth picture shows the backing.
Components: Dendritic Opalite Cab, Seed Beads ~ 15/0 & 11/0 and Leather Backing

Imperial Jasper Wire Wrapped Cab Pendant

This cab has a really neat look to it that I didn't want to distract from with seed beads....I hope it worked!
Components: Imperial Jasper Cab, Silver Fill wire ~ 20g & 24g, Volcano Cherry Quartz and Leather Backing

Mookaite Pendant

I've had this for awhile and wasn't sure how to work with it...I think the seed beads add to it (I hope) !

This pendant is sold!
Components: Mookaite Cab, Seed Beads ~ 15/0 & 11/0 and Leather Backing

Ocean Jasper Pendant

I like how this turned out with the little edge around the back....I will certainly be doing more of this edging!

This pendant sold May 5/12!
Components: Ocean Jasper Cab, Seed Beads ~ 15/0 & 11/0 and Leather Backing

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