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Designs by Elaine aka Belly Chick

Indonesian Coral Pendant

Wasn't sure if I liked the colors in this stone (I'm not a 'peach or beige' person) but once I found the right seed beads, it made the colors pop a...
Components: Indonesian Coral Cab, Seed Beads ~ 15/0 & 11/0 and Leather Backing

Leopard Skin Jasper Pendant

Love the colors in the stone!
Components: Leopard Skin Jasper Cab, Seed Beads ~ 15/0 & 11/0 and Leather Backing

Wreath Seed Bead Set

This was inspired by a video tutorial by T.C. Summerlee. It would be very easily made for a Christmas set...just change the colors!

This set has...
Components: Seed Beads ~ 11/0 & 6/0 and Silver Plated Findings

Imperial Jasper Pendant

Another cab from my stash...
Components: Imperial Jasper Cab, Seed Beads ~ 15/0 & 11/0 and Leather Backing

Rainforest Jasper Pendant

I have a few cabs that I've been hoarding (only a few...ha!) and they've been calling to me.
Components: Rainforest Jasper Cab, Seed Beads ~ 15/0 & 11/0 and Leather Backing

Polished Brazilian Ocho Slice Pendant

Got this beautiful stone in the mail and just HAD to do something with it!
Components: Polished Brazilian Ocho Slice, Silver Fill Wire ~ 20g & 24g and Swarovski Crystal

Green Tree Agate Pendant

I wanted to try something completely out of my comfort zone and work with some of the cabs I've got stashed. The first picture shows what it...
Components: Green Tree Agate Cab & Beads, Assorted Seed Beads ~ 15/0 & 11/0 and Leather on the back.

Lattice Bracelet ~ Variation

Working with those Tila beads again and had some little glass drops that I wasn't sure what to do with that just happened to match the Tilas. This...
Components: Tila beads, Czech glass drops, twin seed beads, seed beads and a silver plated toggle.

Puttin' on The Ritz

Just working with those Tila beads again...

This set is sold!
Components: Tila Beads, Crystal Beads (two sizes from Lima) and Seed Beads

Wrap Bracelet

Here's my version of a Wrap Bracelet!
Components: Waxed Cord, Glass Foiled Ovals, Beading Thread

Dragon Eye Pendant

I'm lovin' the eyes right now! This is my most elaborate wrap to date.
Components: Glass Eye, Silver Fill Wire ~ 20ga & 24ga and Cubic Zirconia Crystals

Copper Wrapped Eye Pendant

For some reason, I love working with eyes and it was time to practice my wire wrapping again!
Components: 24mm Glass Eye, Copper Wire ~ 20ga and 24ga

Cubes and Squares Bracelet

The inspiration for this bracelet came from a free tutorial on the Miyuki site. There, they used all Tila beads in their design but I wanted to try...
Components: Tila Beads, Glass Czech-Style Cubes, 11/0 Seed Beads and Silver Plated Hook and Eye


I got a book from our local library that had flower-like pendants in it which was the inspiration for these.
Components: Czech leaves, Crystals and Bicones, along with 11/0 Seed beads and a Fresh Water Pearl in the first one. Antique Copper Filigree, Czech Crystals and 11/0 Seed beads in the second one.

Lattice Bracelet

Well...shall we try this again?! I wanted to try something with the Tila beads and I had gotten some of the Preciosa Ornela Czech Twin beads so...
Components: Tila beads, Preciosa Ornela Czech Twin beads, 11/0 seed beads, Silver Plated Jumprings and a Silver Plated Clasp

Wire Wrap

A friend from work gave me a bag full of polished rocks so...I just had to practice wrapping them!
Components: Moss Agate, (with a tiny druzy), Irradiated Quartz Rondelles, Copper Wire, Black Cord and Copper Findings

Wire Wrap

A friend from work gave me a bag full of polished rocks so...I just had to practice wrapping them!
Components: Copper Wire, not sure about the stone...Serpentine maybe?

Wire Wrap

A friend from work gave me a bag full of polished rocks so...I just had to practice wrapping them!

This pendant sold May 5/12!
Components: Blue Lace Agate, Silver Plated Wire, Czech Crystals

Spiral Weave Necklace

Just another stitch I HAD to try out!
Components: Seed beads - 8/0, 11/0 & 15/0

Serpentine Focal

Loved the green of this stone!
Components: Serpentine cab, seed beads & leather backing

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