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Designs by Julie Shane

gilded polyclay earrings

Yep... Super happy now that I have *found* my style in polymer clay. These earrings just "fell" together. Multiple layers of gilders paste and...
Components: My polyclay pieces, brass findings, Artistic wire in gunmetal/bronze [this is THE BEST color!!!]. Love the colors on these blue pieces... a few turquoise stones and they are done! The triangle pieces are simple, but I like the ability to add more color in some areas to show gradation. The little tiny squares would be great for earring dangles or a bracelet or within the chain of a necklace. Tiny but fun!

gilded polyclay bracelet

I have *finally* found my style! I have been playing with polyclay for a while and have created a few things I like. Actually, Angela has created a...
Components: My bracelet bar, lots of raku beads from XAZ, brass findings, Artistic Wire in Gunmetal/Bronze. More bracelet bars. Lots of shapes and colors. The leaf and flower have gilders paste on top of the design. The dark green ovals have the gilders paste deep in the design. The last pic is my mom's favorite... She wants the 3 little flowers dangling from the larger flower as a pendant. Yeah... I'll get to that eventually! :)


I've been playing with polymer clay. I've decided I can probably make some of the "basics" instead of buying them. And it's actually fun now that...
Components: Polymer clay rounds. Czech glass faceted rounds. brass findings.

odds and ends

I've been home sick most of this week with sinus trouble. In between naps and meds, I had time to play with beads! These are odds and ends......
Components: Raku beads (Yea! I have more of these!). Czech bellflowers and picasso-triangles and faceted rondelles.

Scorched Earth

I've been home sick most of this week with sinus trouble. In between naps and meds, I had time to create with beads I recently received from Petra...
Components: Lots of goodies from my stash. Now I can "justify" buying everything I see because you never know when you'll need it!

Happy Fish Things

I've been home sick most of this week with sinus trouble. In between naps and meds, I had time to create with beads I recently received from Jana...
Components: Czech glass cream saucers. Czech lustre verde bellflowers (LB). Crazy lace agate (LB). Czech beachglass saucer (LB). Czech rondelles cherrychip (LB). Parawire.

Clay Birds

I'm seeing birds everywhere! These are unfinished clay and they look very organic and earthy. The little spacers are clay too.
I picked up the...
Components: Lots of clay and matte stones.


I curved the brass paisley blanks with a dapping block then wire-wrapped the Czech beads with colored wire. 2 in teal, 2 in purple, 1 in bright brass.
Components: Parawire and artistic wire from LB. Paisleys from my stash.


Keep It Simple... but a little unusual.
Components: Picture Jasper cubes from Lima Beads. Parawire from LB. Wavy disks from stash.

Fiber and Petra

More of Petra's goodies!
The teal baubles have been framed with twisted lagoon WoolyWire.
The light purple drops are dangled from fiber donuts.
Components: WoolyWire from SpinCulture (LB). 20 gauge silver Artistic wire (LB). Yarn-covered donuts from BeadGala Etsy. 20 gauge Parawire (LB).

Productive Day with Petra #3

If any of you have ordered from Petra at ScorchedEarthonEtsy, you know she sends awesome freebies. These 2 pieces were a pleasant surprise. :)
Components: Petra's pieces. Czech glass. Lots of swirls with Vintaj Parawire. btw: I've tried other brass wire, and the Vintaj is SO much better! go for it!

Productive Day with Petra #2

I have seen so many artisans make amazing earrings with Petra's pieces. I seem to stick to the Keep-It-Simple because I'm not brave enough to...
Components: Petra at ScorchedEarthonEtsy. Czech glass. My own earwires.

Productive Day with Petra #1

LOVE the unique style of Petra at ScorchedEarthonEtsy!
These mint green pieces needed just a touch of sparkle to contrast their unfinished texture.
Components: Petra's pieces. Czech glass. Lots of wire spirals!

Sweet Little Bird

LOVE LOVE LOVE this sweet little bird pendant from Gaea. She only made a few, so I'm lucky to have one.
I knew I needed something special to...
Components: Gaea bird pendant from Gaea's Indie shop. Gaea autumn sky bundle plus green leaf canyon bundle plus shabby chic bundle all from LB. (Yes, I've been collecting and hoarding the bundles for quite some time.)

Inspirational Sayings

These little pewter(?) bars are from the scrapbooking department of my local craft store.
A friend of a friend wanted gifts for her daughters and...
Components: Peridot Czech glass. Czech glass. Chinese jade. Lavender river-rock. Lots of gunmetal findings. Misc flower dangles.

Florida Icicles

We had a day dip down into the 30s... so I wore these Florida Icicles!
I did some simple wire spirals to add a touch of detail but allow the...
Components: Chalcedony sticks from LB. Chalcedony nuggets from a very generous friend!

Despite Darcy

I signed up for a Craftsy class featuring wire, chain and leather... with Candie Cooper. I have lots of those components but don't have enough...
Components: Red Creek rounds, heishi and pillows. 26 gauge brass wire. Brass filigree rounds and brass lobster clasp from my stash.


I can never get enough purple! These are Czech glass half-and-half purple and bronze. Of course I only bought 1 strand and of course I wish I had...
Components: Czech purple & bronze squares, tiny brown seedbeads, 3 brass hammered links, lavendar & purple enamel filigree, brass leaf charms, Vintaj knot, parawire.

browns on brass

It started with the little brown "mystery" beads and an idea to wire-wrap the flower agate beads and some other neutrals to make a long funky...
Components: Brown matte 8mm & 12mm "mystery" beads, flower agate beads, horse-eye Czechs, recycled glass in desert gold, amber & brown, and lots of Parawire. The 8mm beads have the patterning of turritella but the coloring of picture jasper. No idea what they are, but I have 3 strands so I must have loved them at a good price. The 12mm have a really interesting giraffe pattern. Clueless again! The fun filigree was a "freebie" bead from somewhere.


I found these adorable tiny butterfly links and knew they would make a great multi-metal chain. They've been sitting around for a while.

Components: Brass butterfly links. Copper butterfly links. Deconstructed silver oval chain. Ceramic Love is Patient pendant (suzieqbeads Etsy) and unglazed heart charms (scorchedearthonetsy).

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