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Designs by Julie Shane

Curves and Dangles

Lots of sparkle in this one. I like the simplicity of the curved tube beads and the movement of the dangles.
The last day of school Jen wore this...
Components: Carnelian faceted rounds (from LB) and silver findings. These beads are FABULOUS in person!!!

Carnelian donut

I wanted to keep the design simple so the colors of the carnelian took center-stage.
Components: Carnelian heishi (from LB) and donut (from LB) with silver findings (from my stash).

Carnelian strand

Several weeks ago I posted a design called "Triangles" that I made for a colleague. She has taken a position at U of Tennessee and needs ORANGE in...
Components: Carnelian rounds (from LB) and silver findings.


My "boss" who is really a fellow teacher but is the Director of our Academy has taken a position at Tennessee beginning next fall. So ORANGE is her...
Components: LB's Carnelian triangle cut stones -- LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!! Silver heishi and findings.The triangles tend to sit together when displayed for photos. However, they are funky and mobile on the wrist! Cool!!!


I fell in love with this sweet ceramic Dove. I didn't like the plain metal hanger, so I wrapped it and added a few swirls... to match His swirls!...
Components: Ceramic Dove pendant. Glass mushroom button beads. Vintaj Pinapple beads=LB. Vintaj peanut cable chain=LB.

Punched Earrings

I've been trying to find time to play around with punching shapes from metal and tin. I bought some LillyPilly squares from LB and some colorful...
Components: LillyPilly Enchantment Copper (the stripes), Verde Patina Copper (the awesome green), and Mottled Patina Copper (mine had lots of the dark mottling). Titanium druzy! Vintaj Parawire 18ga for earwires and 24ga for attaching the druzy. I think the BACK should be nice too.

WannaBe White

I bought the swirled white/clear crystals at the Arts&Crafts store. I'm always needing simple white pieces. However, when this awesome pendant...
Components: Ocean Jasper pendant, white/clear crystals, small pewter ring spacers, Czech Luster Opaque Green 4mm rounds=LB.

Just Plum Pretty

This is my first submission to the Vintaj Design Challenge. This month's theme is Plum Orchard.

"When I think of an orchard, I envision lots of...
Components: Lots of Vintaj from LB: 1 Princess Cut filigree and 4 Violet Petal filigree, Magnolia Leaf Beadcap in focal, Beaded Flower and Tanglewood charm as the clasp, headpins and jumprings, 18ga and 24ga Parawire. Crystals, bellflowers, LB's twilight pearls, flower beads, and tiny lavendar Czechs.

Lilac and Copper

These ceramic beads are from Bo Hulley's etsy. I would probably have used pewter with lilac except that Bo's toggle had a piece of copper. So glad!...
Components: Lima: TierraCast copper 6petal links, 4flowers heishi, 8mm floral rounds. Charoite 8mm rounds. Stash: faceted glass rounds, tiny bellflowers. Bo Hulley: ceramic beads and toggle.


I only bought a 1/2 string of these gorgeous amethyst slices. Silly me!!!
They are very fragile! I HAD one wide piece to use as the focal of the...
Components: Amethyst slices! Charoite rounds. Wire and chain.

Swirled Pearls

More wire-wrapping. I still love the swirls, but I've made enough lately.
Another contribution to the Wheels for Dix etsy.
Components: 18mm pearls: grey, cream, lavendar. 20gauge silver-over-copper artistic wire. Textured chain.

Swirls and Bellflowers

This is the DarkPurple ceramic bead that I wrapped and then had no idea what to do with it.
I am donating these pieces to Wheels for...
Components: DarkPurple ceramic bead. Purple-Iris Czech bellflower. Tiny Brown-Iris Czech bellflower. Czech 3mm green&pink rounds. 20gauge and 22gauge non-tarnish silver artistic wire.

Keep It Simple

Grey is MY favorite color this year! I wanted a Keep It Simple set to wear with jeans and a white tee. Or grey slacks and a white blouse.
Components: Labradorite rondelles. Labradorite rectangles. GreenGirl dragonfly pendant=LB. TierraCast 2mm beaded beads=LB. Meadow Heishi=LB.

Labradorite & Jonquil

I fell in love with the jonquil teardrops. I bought lots of "friends" to go with them. The only thing that didn't look good in this design was the...
Components: Labradorite teardrops. Jonquil Czech glass. Czech vitrial coins. Lampwork coins. Chunky pewter coins. Hummingbird toggle. TierraCast lily charms. Czech glass faceted rondelles.

What to do???

This is a purple ceramic bead. Obviously large!
I wanted to see if I could wrap something besides a round. I think it's cool looking. But what do...

Twisted Aventurine

This is the bracelet and earrings I'm going to submit to the Wheels for Dix etsy. Green is THE color this year!

Do we sell them as a set or...
Components: 16mm green aventurine beads. 20 gauge and 24 gauge non-tarnish silver craft wire.

Chained Beads

I took another wire-wrapping class this weekend. She calls them chained beads. After the first few, it actually became fun. This is my FAVE class...
Components: Crackle glass beads (LBS). 18ga and 22 ga CraftWire (because it's easy to work with).

Sage Raku

More Raku from my LBS.
Components: Raku, faceted Pyrite 6mm rounds (LB) and mystery 3mm beads.

RosyRed Raku

I found these Raku pieces at my LBS. They are made by a local couple.
Components: Raku, Czech blackboard organic diamonds (LB) and silver spacers.

Little Striped Czechs

When I saw the Shaggy Loops bracelet and earrings I knew I had to have them!
I found these little striped Czech beads and the tiny-bit seedbeads...
Components: Czech striped beads and tiny-bit seedbeads, jumprings, and lobster clasp.

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