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  • Medieval Momma
    On June 4, 2016 Medieval Momma said:

    P.S. Deep Space 9 is my husband’s favorite Star Trek.

  • Medieval Momma
    On June 4, 2016 Medieval Momma said:

    There are just so many good TV shows it’s hard to keep up. We just recently got Miami Vice, wow that show was not very good but it’s fun to watch one every once in a while just for nostalgia. We also have been trying to catch up on Doctor Who.
    I have had lots of time lately to work on jewelry! Think I’ll try to sell some at our garage sale tomorrow.

  • Moogie
    On June 2, 2016 Moogie said:

    Hey MM! I just checked out your wire & see you’ve been a busy girl! End of school year, graduation, now rest & have some fun! I also liked Enterprise. Especially the last year. They’d hired some great Trek writers & it was really taking off. Hubby & I are on year 5 of DS9 right now–one a day with a meal!
    Have a wonderful summer❤️ Moogie/Janet

  • Medieval Momma
    On May 28, 2016 Medieval Momma said:

    I’m working on some quick Czech glass bracelets. Trying to get the creative juices flowing again.

  • Medieval Momma
    On May 23, 2016 Medieval Momma said:

    Whew! I’m so tired! Just finished with Bea’s graduation party, I think it was a success. Not to many leftovers and lot’s of compliments on the decorations. (Thanks Pint-rest!) I did not get the necklace I was making to wear to the party done, shucks. But food and decorations are more important anyway.

  • Medieval Momma
    On May 19, 2016 Medieval Momma said:

    I’ve been busy with my Bea’s (my youngest daughter) graduation, the short story contest for our local Sci. Fi. convention, and the move. Whew! I’ve barely had time to breath let alone to bead. I do squeeze in time and spend to much time on here. lol. I do love all the friendly correspondence and encouragement. I wish this place would alert you when somebody messages you, I forget to check my profile and then when I do check I see I’ve left someone hanging. Makes me feel terrible.

  • Medieval Momma
    On March 6, 2016 Medieval Momma said:

    I have been a Star Trek fan from the beginning. loved the original series and most of the subsequent series. I loved Enterprise and felt so cheated when they didn’t go for the full run. I know a lot of fan hated it but I loved it and felt it had so much potential. I would have loved to learn more about the Xindi races. Especially the water ones, I was disappointed they didn’t do more with them. Oh well…

  • Moogie
    On February 28, 2016 Moogie said:

    Have we talked Star Trek yet?! Love your designs. Thanks for accepting my friend request!

  • Medieval Momma
    On January 8, 2014 Medieval Momma said:

    Thanks for the New Years wish!

  • Kraftycat aka Fern
    On December 31, 2013 Kraftycat aka Fern said:

    Happy New Year!

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