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Cathy's Wire

  • Cathy W
    On November 3, 2010 Cathy W said:

    My daughter needs everyones support! She is in the running for a dance contest for the new movie Burlesque. You can vote once a day at

    Vote for Michelle S. in Detroit.

    Thank you for your support!

  • Cathy W
    On August 15, 2009 Cathy W said:

    Moving is hard work! We did manage to have some fun though too! No sign of AqK today! I think we scared her off with all of the commotion!

  • Cathy W
    On August 12, 2009 Cathy W said:

    Keep your eyes peeled ladies! I think aquakitty just raced past me in the stockroom!

  • Cathy W
    On July 22, 2009 Cathy W said:

    FINALLY soakin’ up some summer in Ocean City! Yeah!

  • Southern Chickie
    On July 10, 2009 Southern Chickie said:

    Nope Cathy, I think that Debra (in Tx) and I (in NC) are hogging it all. I was in Ohio until midweek and I don’t even think they’ve begun summer!

  • Kevin
    On June 14, 2009 Kevin said:

    Just wanted to make sure everyone knows that this is Cathy, the Lima Beads Director of Operations. She is awesome!

  • Cathy W
    On June 13, 2009 Cathy W said:

    Is summer ever going to come to Michigan?

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