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Designs by Leigh D


Inspired by charms from Starry Road Studio
Components: Starry Road Studio ceramic charms, czech glass, brass wire and earwires

Dark Neutrals

Inspired by the charms from Suburban Girl Studios
Components: Suburban Girl Studio ceramic charms, czech glass, hematite wire and earwires


Inspired by the links from White Clover Kiln
Components: Ceramic links from White Clover Kiln, Czech Glass Rondelles, decorative head pins, and wire

Subtle Hues

All inspired by the carved flower pendant - I love the muted colors in it and in some places the pendant is almost transparent.
Components: Carved agate pendant, chiastolite, Tiger Eye, Smoky Quartz, and pewter spacets

Nature's Bounty

I have held on to the lampwork focal forever and just couldn't figure out what to do with it. I fussed around off and on for a week to finally...
Components: Lampwork focal by Melissa Rediger, Dumortierite, Czech Glass, wood beads. amber briolettes, Pietersite, brass spacers and clasp

Winter Jewels

I am on a multi-strand kick right now. Decided to do one with jewel tones to go with all the black and white that seems to dominate my winter...
Components: Amethyst, Onyx, Pearls, Turquoise, Amazonite, and Sterling

All Mixed Up Again

Had to make a necklace to go with the bracelet I posted earlier. This one has already sold!!!
Components: Multi-gemstones and sterling

All Mixed Up

I have been seeing alot of mixed gemstone jewelry around in stores and catalogs - so I had to make my own
Components: Multi-Gemstones and pewter spacers

All in Knots

Another piece inspired by the fabulous TierraCast charms and links
Components: Blue Goldstone and TierraCast


Very simple design. I have had these graduated goldstone rondelles forever and finally decided to string these together
Components: Blue Goldstone, pewter spacers, TierraCast Clasp

Winter Plums

I adore copper and amethyst together. Just wanted a longer necklace that can slip over the head
Components: TierraCast, Amethyst

Fall Favorites

I have been in a creative rut for the last several months :-( Inspiration has been elusive. But I got a new wine colored sweater a few weekends...
Components: TierraCast Charms, Garnet, Hessonite, copper wire and copper chain

Green with Envy

I think Unakite is an awesome stone although I know it is not a favorite of everyone. Something about this stone just makes me happy :-)
Components: Unakite, pearls, and pewter

Violet Hues

I love the varying shades of the Amethyst in the pendant so I played it up with the amethyst I dug out of my stash
Components: Amethyst and pewter

Faux Fun

Lots and lots of African Turquoise - the great turguoise imitator and I love it - I had forgotten I had the rounds and just decided to leave this...
Components: African Turquoise and pewter

Red River

I normally do not do red/orange pieces but something about this pendant drew my attention. I played around with many combinations of stones before...
Components: Red River Jasper pendant, Red Jasper, Riverstone, Red Jade, and pewter

Denim Blues

For the life of me I cannot remember what stone the pendant is - all I can remember is it is some type of jasper.
Components: Dumortierite, Blue Sponge Coral, and pewter

Those Baby Blues

Blue Lace Agate - one of my all time favorite stones. Need I say More!!!
Components: Blue Lace Agate and Pewter

Spring Rain

The soft colors in the pendant are not the color palette I am used to so I had a hard time with this design until I unearthed the burma jade I had...
Components: Ocean Wave Jasper Pendant, Burma Jade, and Pewter

Amber Delight

Have had the pendant for months and found the amber chips when digging through my packed away bead stash - I had to make something immediately
Components: Amber, pearls, and pewter

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