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Designs by olive penguin

Fun with Paper Beads and Earrings

I found these cute polymer clay face beads at a bead show and thought they would pair well with the African paper beads from Lima Beads.

Components: Assorted African paper beads (LB), polymer clay faces, stretchy cord, puzzle pieces, copper wire

Copper and Brass Springs

Playing with copper, brass, aluminum, carbon steel coated with Cu wire to make springs. Also, thanks to the creative designers here, I got some...
Components: copper wire, brass wire, aluminum wire, carbon steel coated with copper, copper washers bracelet-fluorite and jasper beads on handmade charms spring and chain necklace- impression jasper (LB), Brecciated Jasper (LB), Autumn Agate (LB) on the handmade copper wire beaded connectors

Honey Colored Glass Pendant

Fenton glass wrapped in copper wire and accented with Czech glass beads.
Components: Czech glass beads-Blueberry Muffin fire polished, Violet Garden fire polished (LB), copper wire, Fenton glass

Ammonite Czech Glass Earrings

I love ammonite pieces, and these Czech glass beads are really beautiful.
Components: ammonite indigo copper Czech glass beads (LB), gold and blue goldstone (LB), blue Czech glass, brass wire

Copper and Opal Earrings

I've wanted to use the filigree connectors for a long time, and I finally found a great use, in my opinion. ;) I have the green shell pearls and...
Components: Stampt Antique Copper (plated) Fancy Oval Filigree Connectors (LB), Copper Green Opal (LB), green shell pearls (LB), copper plated head pins, brass ear wires

Summertime Bracelet

Another beautiful piece of Fenton glass. This time pale milky mint green and pink. I then used my favorite springs to make a unique and fun...
Components: Fenton glass, brass and copper wire, blue silk cord (LB).

Cobalt Blue Fenton Glass Pendant

Wonderfully rich colored and rustically broken cobalt blue fenton glass piece rustically and simply wrapped with copper wire to highlight the...
Components: Fenton glass, copper wire

Bouquet of Flowers Pendant

I wanted to try something different with the lucite flowers. Here is an upside down bouquet of spring flowers. I think it lays nicely and is...
Components: lucite flowers, Green Tourmilated Quartz (LB), crystals (LB), Czech glass (LB), copper decorative head pins, bead cap

Rough Emerald and Shell Pearl Memory Wire Bracelet

This oval memory wire bracelet is a treasure trove of semiprecious stones. The natural rough emeralds and tourmalines, red creek jasper, and...
Components: Emerald (LB), Feldspath (LB), Tourmaline (LB), shell pearls (LB), red creek jasper (LB), blue and purple crystal (LB), oval memory wire

Seashell Necklace

This necklace was inspired by the beautiful natural shells. I loved the colors in the shells and the new shell pearl mix went perfectly. I didn't...
Components: sea shells, copper coated and silver coated jump rings, muddy spring mix shell pearls (LB), copper wire, ladder ribbon

Lucite Flower Earrings

I was inspired by all the wonderfully beautiful spring rain and spring rain inspired dangle earrings. Thanks for the inspiration everyone! Here...
Components: Orange pair: orange lucite bellflowers (LB), blueberry and green tea Czech glass (LB), orange and fuchsia Czech glass (LB), nectarine crystal (LB), Green tea crystal (LB), copper wire Pink/Purple pair-purple lucite flowers, pink Czech glass bellflowers, Montana blue Swarovski crystals, purple crystals (LB), and purple Czech glass beads (LB), the handmade charms were then staggered on jumprings.

Natural Stone Pendants aka Geeky Geologist Pendants :)

I recently went to a rock and mineral show and was able to get these wonderful amethyst, citrine, and kyanite crystals. For the quartz points I...
Components: The first pendant is greenish kyanite with copper wire and can be worn either way, both sides are shown in the photos. The second pendant is an amethyst point. It has a handmade brass cage and accented by light blue crystals. It has an interesting cage design. The third pendant is a citrine point. It is in a loose and 'sloppy' copper cage. All of the minerals are natural minerals. The pendants are on hand crocheted ladder ribbon 'chains' that were chosen to enhance the colors of the minerals.

Pink Quartz Drop Earrings

I love these faceted quartz teardrops.
Components: faceted pinkish quartz teardrop (LB), blue and gold goldstone (LB), Padparadscha swarovski crystal, light tanzanite crystal (LB)

More Springy Earrings

Just playing with springs and coils again. Copper and Brass wire with accents charms I made from beads. Then one freshwater pearl design thrown in...
Components: The first one is copper wire with Czech glass (LB), the second one is copper and brass with glass beads and brecciated jasper (LB), the third one is labradorite with brass and copper, the fourth is lampwork glass with brass, and the fourth is just an 'extra' no springs, but I really like the Swarovski crystal with the mango colored freshwater pearl and dalmatian jasper (LB).

Purple Lampwork Bracelet

I adore these purple and white lampwork beads. I was inspired to try and design a bracelet that would highlight them.
Components: assorted purple crystal beads, dyed lilac turquoise, lampwork beads, metal spacers

Random Beaded Necklaces

I have a surplus of glass beads and never knew what to do with them.

I love the vibrant colors and the colors in the first ('marbled')...
Components: assorted glass beads, lobster claw clasps, black hemp cord

Springtime Ribbon Earrings

Crocheted ladder ribbon adds a light springtime flair to these earrings accented with a Czech glass button.
Components: Blue/yellow/green ladder ribbon, gladiola Czech glass button (LB)

Coral Bellflower Earrings

All of the cluster earrings on this page has inspired me to try a pair with these wonderful coral colored bellflower Czech glass beads.
Components: coral bellflower Czech glass beads (LB), cobalt blue crystal beads (LB), blue crystal beads (LB), tulip pink crystal beads (LB), copper and brass eye pins (LB), copper plated ear wire (LB)

Faceted Quartz Teardrop Earrings

These quartz teardrops are wonderful, I love the inclusions in the beads. The first pair has a beautiful yellow hint which I paired with the purples.
Components: Quartz (multi) Faceted Teardrop (LB) Yellow pair-teardrop, raspberry mocha crystal beads (LB), Dual Coated Cantaloupe/Grape Czech glass beads (LB), Czech glass mirror indigo (LB) Clear pair-teardrop, turquoise cloissone beads, crystal (LB)

Rosetta Lace Agate Necklace

I love these rosetta lace agate beads. I love the earth tones with the hint of pinks. I thought that the pinks in the leopardskin jasper...
Components: Rosetta Lace Agate (LB), Impression Jasper (LB), Mookaite (LB), Leopardskin Jasper (LB), purple w/gold accent table cut glass beads, crystal beads, black w/gold accent table cut round glass beads, copper color polyresin beads, copper wire, copper coated chain, black beading wire.

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