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Designs by olive penguin

Fuzzy Bracelet and Cotton bracelets

I've been experimenting with reclaimed cotton and silk 'ribbon'. I really liked the fuzzy texture of the black bracelet, and wanted to add a...
Components: reclaimed cotton and sari silk ribbon, assorted seed, crystal, Czech glass beads (LB), beading cord

Around and Around We Go

I liked the colors of these beads together. And I love the rectangle glass beads and how they are like little stained glass windows.
Components: assorted Czech glass beads, spotted feldspar beads, Rose Quartz, Moss Agate, brass beads, memory wire.

Stretchy Bracelet

I love the 2 hole flower beads from LB, and wanted to see what I could do with them. I've made many stretchy bracelets, but hadn't tried the 2...
Components: 2 hole metal beads, 2 hole black cherry flower Czech glass beads (LB), Green Aventurine, leopard skin jasper tubes, assorted Czech glass beads (LB), assorted crystal beads (LB), stretchy cord.

Rainbow Pearls

I've been collecting assorted colors of freshwater and shell pearls for a while now, and decided to make a colorful pearl necklace that resembled a...
Components: assorted freshwater pearls, shell pearls (black cherry, platinum, and navy-LB), assorted Czech glass rounds (LB), assorted crystals (LB), Tourmaline nuggets (LB), Black Onyx with MOP mosaic (LB)

Recycled Cotton Necklace

I was inspired by a crocheted ribbon necklace that I found at a resale shop that a local artist made. I love it because it is so lightweight and...
Components: Reclaimed cotton yarn, platinum and navy shell pearls (LB), crystal beads (LB), glass Czech beads, head pins, jump rings

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This piece is inspired by some recycled paper cord that I found. I paired it with recycled glass beads and scrap metal pieces. I was inspired by...
Components: recycled paper cord, recycled glass beads, aluminum wire pieces, clasp

African Inspiration

I've had this pendant for a while now, however, I'm not sure where it came from originally. It had a design on it that seemed like it could be...
Components: Sandcast tube and round beads, natural tube lacing, horn beads, bone beads

Spring Crocus

I was inspired by the purple crocuses blooming already. I wanted to make a crocus and was inspired by the stone/shell flower pendants from other...
Components: sari silk ribbon, wire, aluminum wire, Dogtooth Amethyst sticks (LB), African Jade sticks (LB), Fluorite sticks (LB), Emerald (LB), grape seed Czech glass (LB), gladiola button Czech glass (LB), tagua nut slice pendant (LB), hematite Czech glass ring, eye and hat pins, jump rings

Ring and Labradorite Earrings

Two more pairs of earrings I've made as gifts. Anyone I give earrings too always really like them and tell me that they get compliments on them....
Components: Ring earrings: shell rings, glass beads, Czech seed beads, head pins Labradorite earrings: crystal beads, Labradorite, cloisonne beads, head pins

Lava and Serpentine Earrings

I made these for a Christmas present for a family member. The dyed serpentine is sold as ruby and sapphire jade (not from Lima Beads). However, I...
Components: lava beads, ruby and sapphire jade beads, head pins

Crystal Earrings

My mom brought these crystals to me and asked me to make her earrings. I thought they came out nicely.
Components: smokey crystal beads, crystal rondelles, seed beads, head pins

Random Wire Bracelet

I had a variety of extra beads and decided to make a wire memory bracelet for a friend. I thought that the colors went together in a surprising way.
Components: Assorted Czech glass beads (blueberry green tea-LB), grey and purple glass cat eye beads, assorted freshwater (cream and light purple) and glass pearls, assorted gemstones (olive fire agate, obsidian, Labradorite chips, garnet chips, and serpentine, dyed shells), assorted crystal beads, assorted glass beads

Polymer Clay Flower

I made this as a decoration for a friend instead of giving her flowers. It can be an ornament or a pendant. The flower is purple with metallic...
Components: polymer clay, seed beads

Wooden Necklace

I was inspired by the gemstone sticks and some wooden beads which was a play on words. I think it has an exotic feel to the necklace.
Components: assorted painted glass beads, assorted wooden beads, bone beads, Tiger Eye (sticks LB), Blue Goldstone (LB), beading cord, crimp beads and clasp

Rose Necklace

I found these composite rose beads on day and loved them. I liked the different shapes and colors of the shell beads and how they added a unique...
Components: composite rose beads, dyed shell beads, metal beads, chain and clasp, beading cord

Ringed Kashmiri Beaded Necklace

I received these shell ring beads as a gift. It took me a bit, but I think I figured out a way to use them to showcase the shells and the kashmiri...
Components: black bead wire, shell ring beads, kashmiri beads, polyresin beads, Mayflower Jasper (LimaBeads), bone beads, crystal beads (LimaBeads), copper lantern beads (LimaBeads), Black Cherry Shell Pearl beads, 8/0 seed beads (transparent rainbow frosted medium amethyst and olivine-LimaBeads), crimp beads, Tiger Eye, toggle clasp

Ribbon Bracelets

Yes, more ribbon pieces...you can probably guess it's one of my favorites to work with because it's lightweight and really pretty. Here are two...
Components: Black and Purple ribbon bracelet: clay beads, glass beads, amphibole beads, lava beads, black obsidian beads, ribbon Purple and Green ribbon bracelet: clay beads, assorted crystal beads (LB), cloisonne beads, Olive Fire Agate (LB), assorted glass beads, composite rose beads, aventurine, Azurite/Quartz/Pyrite beads (aka mystery stone bead), ribbon I've included a few photos of the 'mystery' beads that my Mom once gave me and I haven't been able to identify, they aren't in focus, but the photos are meant to be more for colors since the focused photos had too much shine. The colors are cobalt blue (similar to azurite or lapis), specks of pyrite, and then the greenish yellow)---I'm now thinking maybe chrysocolla? As I tell my students on a regular basis color is the worse way to id a mineral, but in beads that's the primary clue. Looking at the beads the colors appear to be natural not dyed. Rereading this I can't help but say jokingly 'no I'm not a scientist or geologist in the slightest...no over thinking/analysis tendencies at all.' lol ;) Thanks for any ideas, I appreciate them.

Handmade Polymer Clay Bracelets

These are stretchy bracelets made with handmade polymer clay beads. I didn't know what category to post this in since I wanted to show my beads as...
Components: handmade polymer clay beads, stretchy cord

Stress Relief Keychain

This was inspired by a keychain I saw that was called a 'fidget', which was made with cord and pony beads. It acts as a worry bead keychain and is...
Components: handmade polymer clay beads, braiding cord, glass beads, and key ring.

Kashmiri bead necklace

I was able to get some Kashmiri beads a while back and loved these unique Indian beads. I wanted to make a necklace that would showcase the...
Components: Kashmiri beads, crystal beads (Lima beads), metal beads, marble beads, ribbon, and lobster claw clasp

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