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Designs by olive penguin

Multiple Strand Necklace

I wanted to create a piece with the beautiful ribbon from this site. I played with a couple options and thought that this highlighted both the...
Components: ribbon (LB), assorted Czech glass beads (LB), assorted crystal beads (LB), metal beads, assorted pearls (glass, shell (LB) and freshwater (LB)), Olive Fire Agate (LB), Blue Pearl (LB), Tourmaline (LB), shell mosaic (onyx) (LB), toggle clasp

Casual Bracelet

I like light weight bracelets that can be worn with just jeans. I was inspired by the leather bracelets that look like a ladder. I wanted to do...
Components: ribbon, paper jewelry cord, natural hemp cord, crystal beads, czech glass bead, and Shell Mosaic (onyx) beads, and a marble bead

Colorful Wire Bracelet

This bracelet is on memory wire. My first attempt at making this type of bracelet. I like the mixture of textures on the Czech glass beads and...
Components: China Chrysocolla oval beads, Labradorite beads, Czech glass beads, memory wire

Pearls and Magnetism

It is made of beading wire and magnetic hematite beads, so it is adjustable in size. It is 16 inches long, so it could be wrapped in several ways....
Components: Navy shell pearls, platinum shell pearls, olive rice freshwater pearls, crystal beads, magnetic hematite beads, beading wire, and crimp beads.

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