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Designs by C Strecker

Leaves of Silver

I got my inspiration on this piece from a design I saw online and then added/changed the design to fit my own style. It is pendant (yes I know...
Components: sterling silver, nickel silver, labradorite

This Ol'Birdie House

I love bird houses so I scoured bird house sites and choose a few styles that I will be making. This is the first in the collection.
Components: Copper, etchant, bronze wire

French au Coeur (heart)

This piece is made of brass and copper. I had to etch the design on both metals then sawed out the design on the copper piece. I made "nails" of...
Components: brass, copper, stazon ink, rubber stamp, ferric chloride etch, patina

Heart Aflame

I used a metal smithing procedure called repousse to make this heart. It is "pounded" out from the back side of the metal. It is made of copper....
Components: Copper, copper wire, Tourmaline, greek leather

Cobalt and Copper

I love doing piercing on metal. I saw this design in a Zentangle design for mandalas and thought it would make a beautiful piece of jewelry. I...
Components: Copper, copper chain, enamel

Simply Elegant Earrings

This piece was etched then twisted yellow brass was soldered onto the brass. Gold spacers and raku beads were added. The ear wires are made by hand
Components: brass, etchant, twisted yellow brass wire, gold spacers, raku beads

Asian Influence

I had these beads for some time and couldn't think of what to do with them. So I sat down with pencil and paper and just started sketching...this...
Components: Copper rod, copper wire, leather, glass beads

Silver Kyanite

Don't really know what inspired this one. I had the rolled nickel silver, the silver beads and the kyanite and somehow they all ended up together!
Components: nickel silver, sterling silver beads, kyanite rondels, and sterling silver wire.

A Flower for Your Thoughts Bracelet

I had made a few other bracelets using regular copper pipe and found it made good sturdy bracelets. I also like making flowers out of metal so I...
Components: copper pipe, brass, brass wire, copper wire

On Top of the World

I had the bead caps for quite sometime and didn't know what to do with them. Then recently I found a picture of some readymade earring in a...
Components: vintage brass bead caps, antique brass findings.

Shadow Birdie

I sawed two of these birds and planned a design but when I was putting it all together, this is the design that actually came out!
Components: Copper, patina, hand dyed ribbon, copper findings

Infinity Copper Bracelet

This bracelet is done with 14 gauge copper wire. Each link has been formed by hand, flattened and texturized by hand. The jump rings and joining...
Components: 14 gauge copper wire, patina

Swirls of Pearls

This piece was very time consuming as I had to make the "swirly" copper pieces between each pearl.
Components: Pearls, copper wire

Circle of Silver Pendant

I dreamed of a circle with different patterns applied to it. I wanted to put more segments on the circle but I ran out of room. The setting in...
Components: nickel silver, copper, enamel, patina, etchant.

Hexagon Earrings

I like different shapes of earrings and came up with this design. The metal is red brass; the "strip" down the center is rolled copper. The...
Components: red brass, copper

Copper Zia

I have spent a lot of time in Albuquerque NM and just love the area! Rich native american culture, turquoise, beautiful silver jewelry! This...
Components: Copper, etchant, turquoise

Knock, knock

This is a piece of copper that was patinaed by using the salt and ammonia method - which produces the blue color. I love locks and the little...
Components: Copper, copper keys, copper lock, patina

Bird on Branch

this turned out completely different than I envisioned. Don't know where I got so turned around! This was my first time making a "box" and I...
Components: Brass, brass wire, malachite chips, vintaj melon beads, brass chain

Bouquet of Crystal

I love the little bouquet-shaped pieces they are making. So I paired them with some crystals I the red!
Components: brass components, crystal

Vintage Red

I live vintaj brass and I had several pieces I needed to use. This is what I came up. This one I kept for myself!
Components: swarovski crystals, vintaj brass

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