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Kevin's Wire

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  • Just_Leafy
    On April 9, 2012 Just_Leafy said:

    Hey there, I feel silly but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to upload some of my jewellery photos. I am a featured beader (THANKS!!) and I wan’t to get some of my stuff up before the feature beaders moves on.

  • grama rose aka stormy
    On November 24, 2010 grama rose aka stormy said:

    Thank you so much kevin for all that you provide us beaders I have really come to find this site as a second home!! Have meet some wonderful people and you always go the extra mile to make us all so happy!!! Happy Thanks giving to you and the LIma team and of course your families also!!! D Snyder

  • Kevin
    On October 25, 2010 Kevin said:

    Who’s ready for Scream Week 2010?

  • No Photo
    On April 15, 2010 Debbi aka Sparkle Chick said:

    The new handmade chunky wire is gorgeous!
    The zoom feature is brilliant!
    I love being able to see the close up of each beautiful link right from the initial page.
    As always, thanks for being the best!
    Debbi/Sparkle Chick

  • Kevin
    On April 13, 2010 Kevin said:

    It has been a rough few days, but our servers are back up and we’re faster than ever. There shouldn’t be any further problems accessing our site. Thanks for your patience! The Easter egg hunt really killed us :)

  • sighlow
    On March 16, 2010 sighlow said:

    i just wanted to thank you for letting cathy w drop my beads off to me instead of mailing them. she is the whole reason i know about you and i am in love! if only you carried soft flex wire i would never need to stray

  • WireWrangler
    On January 17, 2010 WireWrangler said:

    Hi Kevin,
    You asked for feedback: re: LB site speed. Short version, YES,faster.
    Long version: I gave up the search feature, this only worked and then twitchy during my late night hours (early am for you). I can report that this feature is greatly improved, all over speed is noticeable. My internet is reasonably fast.
    Thank you.

  • Kevin
    On January 16, 2010 Kevin said:

    Does it feel like the web site is faster to anyone? That’s why we were down for a few hours this morning. We significantly upgraded our servers :)

  • K Campbell
    On January 15, 2010 K Campbell said:

    I have just spent 2 hours on this site and I am loving it. Been ill with many surgeries this past year; in saying that I left a job that had me in the craft world for 12 years so with all my sitting I have self taught myself beading and I am excited about sharing and getting real honest answers whether I can sell these or not. You all have such great comments and seems to care so much about your fellow beader Yahooo! I feel so blessed to see this site on Facebook :)

  • Linda Talbott
    On January 6, 2010 Linda Talbott said:

    You’ve got a great thing going at LB. I love it all ~ Linda Talbott

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