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Changing Seasons Fresh Picks

Posted by Ali on October 25 at 01:24 pm

This past week’s top picks are a great example of seasons changing.  Almost all of these picks are inspired by something outdoors – events, moments, favorite places, the weather, etc… 

The top 10:

Lunar Eclipse by Phyllis R

Lunar Eclipse by Phyllis R

Lunar Eclipse – This pick reminds me of midnight.  I love the addition of the chryscolla diamond. The turquoise-green color adds a bit of zip to the deep purples and blues. The blue rainbow fluorite is an excellent choice if you are looking for blues, purples and greens – very economical :) The Stampt Pewter Filigree Beads add a beautiful “mist” to the pick.


Sugar and Spice by links

Sugar and Spice by links

Sugar and Spice – Another name for this pick could be Fall Yumminess. Brandy opal and Mexican fire agate are 2 of my favorite Fall stones. The champagne CZ, muscovite and goldstone is like a touch of sparkly sugar. This pick was definitely craving that Vintaj Natural Brass Garden Trellis Filigree piece. I could just eat this up.



Cascade Rainy Days by beadaholchick

Cascade Rainy Days by beadaholchick

Cascade Rainy Days – Something about labradorite, moonstone, and impression jasper is so soothing, like the sound of rain, or the anticipation of a storm when you don’t have anything better to do than stay inside. I love that the larger impression jasper beads were used, showing off the cool pattern. The blue flash in labradorite is fantastic, but make it freeform or super sparkly with facets – just like drops of rain.

It seems that as we approach the inevitable cold, fall is still on our mind, but winter and the holiday season is beginning to take over.  Are you already getting catalogs and emails from retailers pushing “early” holiday shopping.?  I am. Kevin considers early holiday shopping to be the week before Christmas. While I think that is pushing the envelope, I have to say that this new trend of trying to get the Christmas season into consumers’ heads before Halloween seems greedy and bothers me. That’s my rant for the day as I sit at home without a voice (due to a cold from baby Payton).

Read the comments (or add your own)

  1. Kitty Chicky Cat
    Kitty Chicky Cat says:

    Ali, I hope that you and Paton get better soon!
    And ,YES!!!, seeing holiday stuff in stores so early really bothers me too (though I love Christmas and all the decorations that go with it)! They shouldn’t bring it out until after the holiday before it is over!

  2. Kitty Chicky Cat
    Kitty Chicky Cat says:

    Excuse me , I hope that you and PAYTON get better soon!:)

  3. CAS
    CAS says:

    Please add my wishes for a speedy recovery for you, Ali, and Payton.

    I HATE the pushing of the seasons by retailers. I was noticing Christmas stuff out at the begining of September. Unless it’s something I’m making for someone or something that I can only get at one time of year or in one place only, I don’t start my Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving.

  4. Kitty Chicky Cat
    Kitty Chicky Cat says:

    I love this new batch of favorite fresh picks.

    I like the name of Phyllis R’s pick, “Lunar Eclipse”, it brings up really cool images. Besides, you can never go wrong with purple and blue!

    My friend’s cats were named Sugar and Spice (those poor cats put up with so much!). Links’s pick looks exactly like the spice colored patches on their fur!

    I love Lalborite and Impression Jasper! The beautiful combination of beadaholchick’s pick really evokes “Cascade rainy days”.

    Cuban Queen’s “Along the River’s Edge” is just gorgeous! I love Picture Jasper, Impression Jasper, and Amazonite. The name really fits the piece and the color combination just draws me in!

    Haute Rawx’s “Angel’s Breath” is beautiful! It looks soft and ethereal. It makes me think of small white flowers in the snow.

    Gerdy M’s “Lima Lemon Lime” fits it’s name perfectly! I like the fun, bright colors.

    Perlemamma’s “Norwegian Winter” is beautiful! It brings up memories. I love the soft color combination.

    Jill W’s “Autumnal inspirations” says it all. I love the colors of fall!

    I love CAS’s play on words in “ “Snow” is a 4-Letter Word” (s-n-o-w 4). I love the filigree pewter and the green flecks in the Tree Agate look like grass poking through a thin layer of snow.

    I think that the combination of colors in Sandy S’s “Fae” is really cool! Any time you combine black with a bright color the effect is stunning.

    Sorry I let this get so long! I just got so excited!!! J

    Good job everybody on coming up with beautiful, inspirational combinations!

    Thanks to everyone at Lima for having such great beads and providing this awesome way for us to express ourselves! You’re the best!

  5. Kitty Chicky Cat
    Kitty Chicky Cat says:

    Oops!!! Typo! Labradorite

  6. CAS
    CAS says:

    Thanks so very much Kitty. I’m glad that you “got” the tree agate. I did mean for it to represent snow on grass, or, alternativly, snow on evergreen branches (take your pick). There is just something about the white on dark green that I like, maybe because it evokes Christmas.

    P.S. LOVE your “Leopard in the night” and “Lion”, too cool!

  7. Haute Rawx
    Haute Rawx says:

    To Phyllis R., I love” Lunar Eclipse”.
    The colors are so beautiful together!
    Makes me think back to when I watched the last eclipse here in the desert.

    To”Sugar and Spice” by links
    Sends me back to the Pacific Northwest where I grew up. We had many apple trees in our yard and lots of hot apple pie, hot cider, apple butter, apple sauce, apple crisp, ginger bread with whip cream… yummy stuff. Cranberries come to mind and maybe a glimpse of chocolate fudge with walnuts and of course, you have a cup of hot coffee with these!

    To “Cascade Rainy Days” by beadaholchick,
    You really nailed it. It does make me think of how the water looks on the pavement when it rains with the iridescence of oil mixed with rain water. The labradorite catches your eye along with the other stones you see a small patch of blue sky. The leaves are turning brown and falling. I think I can even smell the rain. Wonderful picture!

    To “Along the River’s Edge” by Cuban Queen. Wonderful choice of colors with these stones. Calm, peaceful, relaxing. Definitely inspiring to get me to bead one up! Great to wear, too it could go from casual to dressy very easily. I always like to see your new Fresh Picks . Thanks

    “Angel’s Breath”. Yes, I am Haute Rawx. I really like the soft blue colors of chalcedony. If I could really see an angel what would they really look like? I hope they have really cool wings so they can just glide on a breeze or do some really serious flying in the blink of an eye. They would have beautiful sheer luminous gowns that just kind of almost float in the air around them. You would be able to see through the fabric of the gowns and see the figure of their body. Their skin would sparkle as if they had been dusted with a very fine glitter. When they fly away, you would see them leave a very sheer trail of a wispy blue cloud, that is their breath………..

    To “Lima Lemon Lime” by Gerdy M.
    Great colors for the citrus fruit I love eat and grow in my yard. Fall and winter mean that the citrus is going to be ready to eat soon. I can smell the lemon or lime oil when you break the rind. Smells so good and when spring comes, the smell of the flowers put you in a trance for several weeks. No kidding! Nice and bright colors to wear and so much fun.

    To”Norwegian Winter” by Pearlemamma
    I know it has to be so cold in Norway in the winter. It has always been fascinating to me when you look into a large crack in a snow bank all the various colors of blue you see. I love your use of texture from a soft fluffy snow flake, to dirty snow and even dirty cracked ice. I love fresh snow at night with the light shining on it. It can sparkle like a field of diamonds. Listening to snow falling around you with that quite hush, seeing your breath as you breathe and that wonderful clean smell. That is what I see in your Fresh Pick. I look forward to your new ones . Thanks

    To”Autumnal Aspirations” by Jill W.
    I see maple leaves and aspens. Fig trees leaves turning yellow and dropping. My neighbors China Berry tree leaves yellow and still hanging on. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The pumpkins are ready to carve and it is just about Halloween. You have an acorn which makes me think of the filbert harvest and how wonderful they taste. Wonderful mix of color and texture for a fall necklace.

    To”Snow” is a Four Letter Word” by CAS
    Yep, sure is and looking at your pick makes me think of packing the snow into a nice ball to throw at someone. I do see the grass still peaking through. Guess I will have to let it snow more for a snowman. I like the Stamp Pewter Filagree because snow flakes are unique and beautiful. The white stones gives me a feeling of fresh snow that kind of crunches when you first walk it. Now that sounds cold. I think I need a cup of hot coffee…I really enjoy your fresh picks. Thanks!

    To”Fae” by Sandy S.
    Now this says Southwest like maybe Santa Fae. I just love this color combination. The turquoise donut is huge and really cool. This would be fun to wire wrap. Gives me all kinds of ideas! Thanks!

    Fresh Picks is fun and inspiring. They are all good! If you ever feel “stumped” with a color combination this is a great place to come. If you have a very unique bead and need inspiration you can play till your heart is content and I bet you will find a great combination. If you just bought a new outfit with some really
    far-out -there colors and need to whip up some jewelry, search the fresh picks. Thanks Lima beads!

  8. beadaholchick
    beadaholchick says:

    Thanks to Lima Beads for giving us a chance to get creative-thanks so much for all of your ideas & designs,I have so many in my favorite picks that I could spend a lifetime trying to use all the combinations!! I REALLY like the idea of giving us a chance to talk to each other, imagine what we could come up with. (kinda scary if you think about it!!)

  9. beadaholchick
    beadaholchick says:

    P.S-Haute Rawx-what part of the Pacific Coast were you in?? Seems like there is a whole bunch of us. Maybe b/c we have so many days to spend inside this time of year.

  10. CAS
    CAS says:

    Thanks Haute Raxw. I love alot of your picks too. Your “Angel’s Breath” is gorgeous, very subtle, and alittle haunting, like you’ve caught sight of an angel out of the corner of your eye, and aren’t sure if it was real.

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