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Cozy Favorite Fresh Picks

Posted by Ali on November 04 at 10:54 pm

The favorite Fresh Picks this week make me want to start a fire and find a blanket to get under. You can tell that winter is starting to make it into our minds and what could be better than being beside a fire with a great book (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), wearing a cozy cashmere sweater, drinking a hot coffee (or green tea) while a chilly nor’easter wind is blowing outside (Brrrrr!)?

I was curious about “Birch Beer” so I looked it up. Apparently it is a carbonated soft drink made from herbal extracts (usually from birch bark) with a taste similar to root beer, but mintier – sounds interesting!

These are the TOP 10 this week

A Midsummer Nights Dream

A Midsummer Nights Dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Cuban Queen

I Love the dark and luxurious night effect when the black and purple stones are combined with gold pearls and Stampt antique gold filigree balls. The touch of olive green pearls and fern cz adds that summery leafy feel. Just like Shakespeare’s play, there is that special touch of fantasy thanks to Green Girl’s pewter butterfly faery and romance thanks to the use of the filigree pieces in gold and pewter. Great contrast in shape and texture, love the splashes of sparkle! This pick definitely creates the right mood, I might actually have to go and read A Midsummer Night’s Dream now rather than the cliff notes like I did in school (sorry Mrs. V.).



Istanbul by Perlemamma

“Istanbul was Constantinople, now it’s Istanbul not Constantinople…” (They Might Be Giants). The name of this pick takes me back to high school, mostly because my friends had a band that played They Might Be Giants songs. Getting back to Perlemamma, I love, love, love that you used copper filigree pieces. They add that perfect aged and ornate look without the gaudy feel. The choice of tiger iron, Idaho plume agate, and African turquoise makes for a beautiful earth scape of rooftops and water – perfect!

Whale Pod in Puget Sound

Whale Pod in Puget Sound

Whale Pod in Puget Sound by Bonnie R

Nice job Bonnie! You can almost picture the whales surrounded by waves of gorgeous blue waters. I like how you chose stones to represent the whales that had interesting pattern – snowflake obsidian, black tree agate, and black water jasper. If I were making a piece for myself using this pick I might add one of the smoky agate druzy pieces, I’m a sucker for sparkle. :) There are so many of my favorite stones in this pick, I’m in heaven.

Read the comments (or add your own)

  1. beadaholchick
    beadaholchick says:

    Bonnie-I am a fan of all the water around the Puget Sound as well.In a way the colors seem to be calm & relaxing.
    CAS-I’ve added Birch Beer to my favorites, I wear alot of brown & tan & have a few pieces w/the same color scheme.
    Kitty-I really like the brass that you used,I’ll have to take a closer look-haven’t seen the leaf!!

  2. CAS
    CAS says:

    Good afternoon Cuban Queen (Ivy). I love your newest “fresh pick” “Greek Islands”. It so reminds me of a vacation to Corfu I took in the 1980′s. I have to say that your “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” went straight into my favorites as soon as I saw it. A lovely combo of colors.

    P.S. I like your new ID photo. Amazing night.

  3. Bonnie R
    Bonnie R says:

    I made Whales the day I heard on the news that a few members of the local Killer Whale pod were missing. The fish is maybe a little freindlier looking than the Whales but it does express the theme. That and I love the new Larimer, especially with Abalone. —The Snoq. Falls is really good –can almost hear the sound effects.

  4. beadaholchick
    beadaholchick says:

    Thanks Bonnie-we have alot of inspiration in this part of the country, don’t we?!

  5. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Wow, I really like all of these this week. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is downright awesome. Istanbul is the perfect Michigan fall pick and Whale makes me long for summer at the beach.

  6. No Photo
    Rachel says:

    I really like “Birch Beer!” Anything with Palm Jasper and Boulder Opal! Where can I find Birch Beer to try? Minty root beer sounds good…

  7. Bonnie R
    Bonnie R says:

    I love Cuban Queens combination of blue and dark olive green. They are colors I use when quilting but I use monochromatic stones when I bead. I especially like Prehnite (I have some faceted pieces that are to die for) and Apitite because of the natural blue color. I like combining the set faceted pieces with the beads in pendants. Makes sparkly dangles. though the small cabs can do the same dangle-tud as the fancy faceted gemstones.

  8. LoriEllen
    LoriEllen says:

    I love Istanbul. :) I added it to my favorites not too long ago.

  9. CAS
    CAS says:

    Birch Beer can be hard to find, but it’s worth it. Home-made is best, but there are companies that make it. One I know of is a company called BRIARS out of New Jersey, and it’s quite good for store bought. They also make Red Birch Beer, Orange Cream, Root Beer and a bunch of other very old fashioned sodas. They do have a web site.

    The best way I can describe the taste of Birch Beer is if you’ve ever had a REAL home-made Root Beer, it’s slightly stronger than store bought Root Beer with a minty after-taste.

  10. beadaholchick
    beadaholchick says:

    Orange Cream is one my faves-hmmm, that gives me an idea!! (Bet you can guess!!)

  11. CAS
    CAS says:

    Your “Orange Cream” went straight into my favorites, Beadaholchick. Nice to know that I provided “an idea”.

  12. Cuban Queen Crazy Chick
    Cuban Queen Crazy Chick says:

    Yeah, beadaholchick, I really like “Orange Cream”, too. The colors looks good enough to eat (or drink)!

  13. beadaholchick
    beadaholchick says:

    Thanks folks! See what Lima beads can
    inspire?? Even when we’re talking food and/or sodas!!

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  1. No Photo
    YOU say:

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