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Mystery Bead Part II

Posted by Matt on January 22 at 02:42 pm

We have a winner! Mademoiselle M had the first correct guess with Copper Green Opal Diamond 12mm. She wins a $25 gift certificate.


We’re going to give this another try. Since the last one was solved in the less than an hour, we’ve tried to make this one much harder. The “one guess per day” rule still applies, but for those of you who guessed in Mystery Bead Part I, you may also guess today for this new contest . If you’re not familiar with the last Mystery Bead post, you may be wondering what that blob is directly above. Well, it’s a zoomed in photo of a gemstone bead

The success of our How Many Beads in the Jar? post got us thinking about other ways to have fun contests and give our customers free stuff. In one of our brainstorming sessions, I came up with the idea that we should take a product photo from the website, find some way to make it unrecognizable, and have our customers take a guess at what it is.

We’ve taken a photo directly from the website and we’d like you to guess the EXACT product name. We’re not looking for the stone name like “African Opal,” we’re looking for the product name is appears on the our web site: “African Opal Flat Oval 14x10mm.” Here are a few other stipulations before you start guessing:

  • Guesses can only be submitted in the comments of this post. Customers who guessed on the first Mystery Bead, you get one more guess today (Thursday 1/22/09).
  • You can guess up to once per day.
  • If someone guesses the exact product name, we will announce it immediately. That person will automatically be the winner and the contest will end.


The Clues

We’ll show a new image at the top of this blog post each day around 12pm (noon) EST. Each day, the image will show more of the bead and be more in focus, making it easier to identify the bead. To give you an idea of the day to day progression of the photo, I’ve created an example (right). Since the last one was so easy to figure out, we’ve added another effect to make it even more difficult.

As you can see, not only have we zoomed in, we’re also blurring the image. As the photo progresses, we’re zooming out and reducing the blur on the image. By the way, “Imperial Jasper Puff Square 16mm,” is not the answer. :)

The Prize

The winner will receive a Lima Beads $25 gift certificate. The gift certificate can be used for absolutely anything in the Lima Beads shop and must be redeemed within 1 year. The winner will also be announced on the blog.

This one is a lot easier than the “How Many Beads in The Jar” contest, so it probably won’t last long!

Read the comments

  1. No Photo
    Danna j says:

    Fossil Coral (red) faceted round graduated 10-20mm

  2. Bonnie R
    Bonnie R says:

    Orange Botswana Agate Round 14mm

    I can see that your web site is getting slamed, it is taking a while to load the search pages. Its fun to guess.

  3. Atomic Toad
    Atomic Toad says:

    Blue Calsilica Jasper Round 12mm

  4. Mademoiselle M
    Mademoiselle M says:

    Andalusite Thin Pillow 20x15mm

  5. CAS
    CAS says:

    Golden Horse Jasper Puff Coin 12mm

  6. No Photo
    Pascale S says:

    I say Idaho Plume Agate Thin Pillow 20x15mm

  7. No Photo
    Trudy says:

    Crazy Lace Agate (red) Flat Oval 30 x 22mm

  8. No Photo
    T Petersen says:

    I’m going to guess Mookaite Cube 7mm.

  9. Snickers
    Snickers says:

    Rutilated Quartz Round 8 mm?

  10. CrazyBeadinSister
    CrazyBeadinSister says:

    Amber Diamond 7×9 mm

  11. No Photo
    Gisela R says:

    Idaho Plume Agate Flat Oval 30x20mm

  12. No Photo
    Alexandra F says:

    Fossil Coral (red) Round 10mm

  13. No Photo
    P Brett says:

    Tiger Eye.

  14. No Photo
    S Swaim says:

    Fire Agate Round 4mm

  15. Jennifer A
    Jennifer A says:

    Wooow I did it!!! :-) )) Thanks Lima Beads!

    Can not resist to give it another try. My 2:nd guess for today then:

    Yellow Opal Wheel 8mm

  16. Sandy S
    Sandy S says:

    Rhyodacite puff square 12 mm

  17. No Photo
    Justess D says:

    Red Aventurine Round 8mm

  18. MissEllie
    MissEllie says:

    Brandy Opal Horse Eye 12x8mm

  19. Meg M
    Meg M says:

    Marbled Coffee Jasper Round 10mm

  20. Ambo
    Ambo says:

    My guess is Golden Wooden Jasper Thin Pillow 16x8mm

  21. No Photo
    L Hedgecock says:

    Golden Wooden Jasper Rondelle 4.5mm

  22. No Photo
    Mikell S says:

    My guess is Natural Yellow Agate Flat Oval 30x20mm

  23. Shannon aka Silly Chick
    Shannon aka Silly Chick says:

    Maybe, Rainbow Amazonite Puff Coin 20mm?

  24. No Photo
    J Raines says:

    Red Line Quartz Flat Oval 30x22mm

  25. Genevieve h
    Genevieve h says:

    Mexican Fire Agate

  26. kcdesigns AKA sporty
    kcdesigns AKA sporty says:

    India Red Aventurine Round 8mm

  27. No Photo
    Dora H says:

    Conglomerate Jasper Flat Square 12mm

  28. Tammy Jo
    Tammy Jo says:

    African Brown Rhyolite Round 8mm

  29. No Photo
    Monnie M says:

    I think it’s natural carnelian puff square

  30. Gayle L elegance6com
    Gayle L elegance6com says:

    Oh fun! Another contest.
    Antique Soocho Jade Round 6mm

  31. BBoop
    BBoop says:

    Rhyolite Diamond 38mm

  32. Elizabeth H
    Elizabeth H says:

    What about rainbow aquamarine round 4 mm?

  33. No Photo
    Tracy K says:

    Dear Lima Beads, My genstone guess is that it’s a unakite polished stone.Thanks,this is fun!Tracy K.

  34. Bead-itudes
    Bead-itudes says:

    My guess is Brandy Opal Puff Coin 10mm

  35. Pamela C
    Pamela C says:

    Mexican Fire Agate Tumbled Nuggets 15-26x13x20mm

  36. No Photo
    Cindy M says:

    Monaco Agate Flat Oval 30x20mm

  37. Lise
    Lise says:

    My final answer: Hessonite Faceted Rondelle 2.5-3.5mm :)

  38. No Photo
    Theresa C says:

    Antique Soocho Jade Flat Teardrop 10x15mm

  39. Janice L
    Janice L says:

    Myster Bead II – Sunstone Faceted Rondelle 4.5-5mm

  40. No Photo
    Robert b says:

    I think it is Agua Nueva Agate Flat Oval 14 by10mm

  41. No Photo
    kohl says:

    Pietersite Puff Square 14mm

  42. No Photo
    Peggy g says:

    it looks to me like it is the Madagasgar Carnelian puff 12mm

  43. Serena P
    Serena P says:

    Golden Horse Jasper Horse Eye 30x25mm

    Trying again…thanks, this is a lot of fun!

  44. Talon Lady
    Talon Lady says:

    Rainbow Agate Round 12mm

  45. No Photo
    M Baars says:

    I think it is Mookaite Puff Square 10mm

  46. No Photo
    Jean G says:

    Fossil Coral (red) Round 10mm

  47. Jayne
    Jayne says:

    Today’s guess is brought to you by the gemstone bead: India Red Aventurine Round 10mm

  48. No Photo
    Kerri B says:

    Rainbow Agate Puff Coin 16mm

  49. No Photo
    Kathy O says:

    I think (hope) it’s chrysanthemum stone!

  50. No Photo
    Rhonda R says:

    I think it’s Carnelian round 14mm

  51. No Photo
    K Robinson says:

    My guess: Golden Wooden Jasper Thin Pillow 16x8mm

  52. Tootz
    Tootz says:

    I will guess Amber chips.

  53. No Photo
    K maki says:

    Antique Soocho Jade Round 4mm

  54. Carola
    Carola says:

    My Guess:

    Rhodonite w/Pyrite Puff Coin 12 mm

  55. No Photo
    maryb says:

    Copper Green Opal Puff Coin 10 mm?

  56. Lynn A
    Lynn A says:

    Copper Freshwater Pearl!

  57. Kitty Chicky Cat
    Kitty Chicky Cat says:

    Why didn’t you tell me about the first one?!
    I think it’s Copper Dancing Drops 6.5-8mm

  58. No Photo
    Debbi aka Sparkle Chick says:

    copper dancing button pearl 6 – 6.5mm

  59. No Photo
    DOG Chick aka Angela says:

    I think it’s red line jasper

  60. No Photo
    Kelly L says:

    Apple Jasper Thin Pillow 35x25mm

  61. No Photo
    S Montgomery says:

    My guess is Mookite

  62. Kat
    Kat says:

    Perhaps Golden Horse Jasper?

  63. Cyndi B
    Cyndi B says:

    I will try Agua Nueva Agate Puff Coin
    very interesting game… I love it.

  64. No Photo
    L Mazzella says:

    how about Yellow Zebra Jasper Round 2mm?

  65. Vibrant Jewels
    Vibrant Jewels says:

    Idaho Plume Agate Round 6mm

  66. Jayne
    Jayne says:

    Ok, I’ll try this one:
    Brazil Petrified Wood Round 6mm

  67. Monique C
    Monique C says:

    Here goes my guess is……
    Yellow Opal Round 8mm

  68. GENIE J
    GENIE J says:

    Antique Soochoo Puff Square 12mm

  69. No Photo
    Sari J says:

    Goldstone Triangular Briolette 13mm

  70. No Photo
    Dyann P says:

    My guess for the Mystery Bead II is Rainbow Soocho Jade Graduated Rondelle 7×9-15x19mm.

  71. No Photo
    Kimberly I says:

    I’ll say:
    Golden Wooden Jasper Thin Pillow 16x8mm

  72. oregoncoyote
    oregoncoyote says:

    How about Crazy Lace Agate (yellow) Flat Oval 14mm x 10mm

    Worth a try!!??

  73. No Photo
    Jeannes Gems - Gem Chick says:

    Antique Soocho Jade Puff Coin 10mm ?

  74. No Photo
    Patti C says:

    Artistic Jasper Octagon 50mm donut

  75. Isatis
    Isatis says:

    Crazy Lace Agate (red) Puff Square 14mm ??

  76. Mademoiselle M
    Mademoiselle M says:

    Copper Green Opal Diamond 12mm?

  77. Cathy H Chocolate Chick
    Cathy H Chocolate Chick says:

    Yellow Zebra Jasper round 2mm

  78. No Photo
    Eluna says:

    Pietersite Flat Oval 18x13mm

  79. No Photo
    maryb says:

    Black Leopardskin Jasper Puff Coin

  80. No Photo
    maryb says:

    Forgot to add 18 mm

    Black Leopardskin Jasper Puff Coin

  81. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    copper green opal thin pillow 18×13

  82. Tammy Jo
    Tammy Jo says:

    Yellow Conglomerate Jasper Horse Eye 19x12mm

  83. Matt
    Matt says:

    We have a winner!

    Mademoiselle M had the first correct guess with Copper Green Opal Diamond 12mm. She wins a $25 gift certificate.

    You may recall that Mademoiselle M was the winner of our “Guess How Many Beads in the Jar” contest.


  84. No Photo
    Mikell S says:

    My guess for today is Carnelian (natural) matte finish cone drop 5x10mm

  85. Mademoiselle M
    Mademoiselle M says:

    :O I must admit I’m really surprised, that was a semi-blind guess!
    Well, thanks again Lima Beads!!! :)
    **happy dance**

  86. No Photo
    Debbi aka Sparkle Chick says:

    Congratulations Jennifer A and Mademoiselle M!

  87. Audrey G
    Audrey G says:

    What a great way to get people to look closely at your site!! Also, I love the idea of the contest! I have no idea what this is, but I’ll be thinking about it. Thanks!

  88. No Photo
    Luv2bead - Little Chick says:

    Could you have a Mystery Bead Part III?

  89. Kitty Chicky Cat
    Kitty Chicky Cat says:

    Hay! What’s up with the blog? I can see the articles but nothing else. Nothing on the side margins shows up until I click on an article. It must be my computer!

  90. Helen K
    Helen K says:

    How about Peach Jade (nat.) Diamond 30 mm.

  91. No Photo
    Allyson d says:

    Guess the bead competition…..
    As you say it is not Imperial Jasper Puff square 16mm.
    Could it be Imperial Jasper Puff Square 14mm?

  92. No Photo
    Kelly L says:

    Imperial Jasper Puff Square 14mm???

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