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Part of your complete breakfast

Posted by Steve on June 29 at 11:47 am

We’ve talked before on the blog about the challenges of keeping the creative juices flowing (see my posts about beating creative block and being a night owl or an early riser). Everyone has a strategy, but one thing’s for sure: creativity is tough to come by when you’re tired, hungry, sluggish, or buried in the busyness of life. I’ve never been a big breakfast guy, but I’m experimenting with some morning meals to see what cooks up the best balance for my day.

breakfast bowlI’ve tried big breakfasts and small breakfasts. Bagels and English muffins? Check. Breakfast bars are stashed in my car (cereal bars, granola variants, and toaster pastries). I’ve combined the above with breakfast shakes, and I have a mug of coffee each morning. You’ll notice that all these things don’t require much prep work, and I prefer to eat in the car :) I’m going to be trying more fruits for the summer, and once in a great while I get a craving for the golden arches.

I’m convinced of two things. The more sugar, the worse off I am! The frosted pastries and sugar-suffed cereal bars are tasty, but they definitely don’t sustain me. Secondly, I need some consistency from day to day… random meals means random performance in my case!

What’s on YOUR breakfast menu? Let us know!

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  1. No Photo
    Luv2bead - Little Chick says:

    I’m also not a big breakfast person (I’m more lunch or dinner) but I eat a bagel (if we have some) or cereal (if the type I like is in the pantry) ;)

  2. Alice P
    Alice P says:

    I have to eat breakfast or I get weak and shaky by about 10 AM. But I only have buttered toast and a glass of OJ. Not a very healthy breakfast, I know, but I don’t want to put forth too much effort. Anything sugary such as cereal is out for me.

    I’ve been reading that things like peanut butter on toast or a bagel (whole grain of course–something I need to work on), or fruit on top of cottage cheese are both great ways to start the day.

    Soomthies are good too, but probably need to be paired with some sort of whole grain muffin or bread.


  3. CAS
    CAS says:

    In the winter it’s a bowl of cream of wheat or oatmeal and juice (cranberry, pomegrante, mango, NO OJ), in the summer a yogurt and juice. Every once in a great while I’ll have a “full” breakfast (eggs, toast, bacon) or a breakfast sandwich.

  4. No Photo
    Jeannes Gems - Gem Chick says:

    ok – I hate to admit this, but, during the school year my favorite breakfast is brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts (definitely NOT frosted. They do have nutrients and are relatively low in fat. I toast them and then eat them in the car during my 40 minute commute. This is after I have already had 2 cups of coffee at home.

    Weekends and school breaks I have non-fat plain yogurt mixed with fruit and low fat granola.

    And Steve, you’re definitely right about the sugar – on the days that I eat sugary cereal, I’m shaky and hungry again by 10.

  5. Violet
    Violet says:

    My husband and I love breakfast and don’t seem to function well without it. When I am home I fix a big breakfast. It varies between ham, bacon, or sausage, with eggs, and wheat toast or homemade biscuits (husbands favorite). Some sort of fruit, and coffee. Once in a while I’ll make pancakes or waffles.
    When I’m working, I’m a flight attendant, I tend to eat a lot of oatmeal and a piece of fruit. It’s easy to fix in my hotel room and so many times I’m leaving so early, nothing is open to grab a bite from a restaurant before I have to get on a plane. It can be a challenge eating on the fly, so I really enjoy my breakfasts at home.

  6. Shannon aka Silly Chick
    Shannon aka Silly Chick says:

    NOT a breakfast lover (even though I’ll eat pancakes for supper sometimes -yummmm)! However, in the last year or so I’ve been quite faithful about having yogurt with flax seed or blueberries mixed in! Flax seed sounds gross, but it’s really nutty and has omega 3 fatty acids as well as B6 – It’ll do ya good and help ya too (a southern thing :) )! HA!

  7. Steve
    Steve says:

    I love making breakfast sandwiches… but I usually have those at dinner–too hard to make when your eyes aren’t even open yet!

    And at least around Michigan, I have a hard time finding Pop Tarts that aren’t frosted… everyone around here must love the frosting!

    KPJEWELS says:

    Peanut Butter toast or sandwich and a nice cold glass of milk gets my day started. Now and again I have oatmeal (porridge, as we used to call it) and some fruit plus my glass of milk. I usually only eat 2 meals a day, but I will snack on yoghurt or fruit. Sweets and ice cream are my downfall and I wish I had more willpower to avoid them. I could stand to lose about 40 pounds.

  9. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    I don’t really care for breakfast. If I wake up hungry, I’ll steal a Clif Bar from Ali’s stash, but normally, I just grab a coffee. I don’t think anyone on the Lima team is big into breakfast, which is probably why we start talking lunch at around 10:30…

  10. Elaine aka Belly Chick
    Elaine aka Belly Chick says:

    If I have to work really early, I don’t have time for breakfast at home. But I can eat at work (I work as a cook in a personal care home), usually toast and coffee or toast/egg and coffee. But if I work the later shift or have the day off, I love Sunny Boy cereal or oatmeal…and of course coffee…many, many cups!! :-D

  11. WireWrangler
    WireWrangler says:

    Not a dietician but have worked extensively with diet in the health care field (diabetes and cholesterol). I’ll share a bit of what I have learned over the years. Apology for the length.

    Breakfast IS THE MOST IMPORTANT meal of the day. What is consumed at breakfast, basically, is available throughout the day, unlike the other meals. Our typical large dinner at the end of the day fuels our dreams for the most part.
    Having a little bit of fat, a bit more protein and some complex carbs gives you a better balance and staying power. The earlier posts have already recommended peanut butter. P.nut butter is fat and protein with a bit of sugar. Put it on toast (whole grain stays around longer than white) and down it with OJ and or low fat milk (again some protein and a bit of fat) and you have a relatively easy but sustaining breakfast. (As Alice P and 3K said very well.
    My own personal favorite is similar to what Violet has commented. We affectionately call ours a “4 banger breakfast”, consumed on days when we know it will be a long haul and we need tons of energy and we won’t be eating for a long time. It gets it’s name from the required 4 sausages, but also must have hashbrowns, 2 eggs, fruit juice and toast. Not healthy by a very long shot but it does stay with you all day long. (Lots of protein, lots of fat, in proportion to the carbs).
    Current nutritional literature recommends “Eating 5-6 meals or snacks a day, will help maximise glycogen stores and energy levels, minimise fat storage and stabilise blood glucose and insulin levels”. This is very effective if you have “low spots” during the day. How this works: You take your whole days allowance of calories divided into protein, carbohydrates and fats, then divide it into 5-6 snack/meals.
    This might be a better solution for you rather than trying to “do it” with one meal.
    Let us know what you do and how it works!

  12. No Photo
    DOG Chick aka Angela says:

    You are probably someone who needs protein like eggs, low fat sausage, cheese or cottage cheese with fresh fruit or possibly lunch meet for breakfast. Then snacks such as nuts, string cheese or yogurt. I have found that carbs make me crash!

  13. No Photo
    DOG Chick aka Angela says:

    Ok Steve, when is our next contest or sale? The Chickies want to know!

  14. Nicole m
    Nicole m says:

    I always need to have breakfast. I like my cereal but when I have both my girls on weekends I will make them french toast or pancakes. Only when I have a craving do I eat the sugary cereal, otherwise its the healthy type. I even put some fruit on it. Of course I need my coffee too, not a happy camper without it!

  15. No Photo
    Jeannes Gems - Gem Chick says:


    I can find strawberry or blueberry pop tarts unfrosted in most stores. But they’re too sweet for me. The brown sugar cinnamon are rarer – there’s just one store that carries them – King Kullen. Sorry to say they are just a Long Island chain.

    Shannon – I love flax seed in my yogurt!

  16. Steve
    Steve says:

    seashellsally, wow, thanks for the info! It makes sense hearing a little bit of the science behind it. I’m going to try out the PB toast and let you all know what I think.

    Angela, we can’t say specifically, but we’ve been talking about new ideas for contests in our planning meetings… so you’ll have some fun in the near future, I’m sure.

    Jeanne, we’ve got the brown sugar but it also has a frosting on the top… I will keep my eyes peeled for the Strawberry and Blueberry.

  17. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    I’m with Alice and Seashellsally.
    I HAVE TO HAVE BREAKFAST or I will crash. I usually have a bowl of Heritage Flakes cereal and Silk (soy milk). It’s a nice organic multi-whole grain cereal with enough protein to get me to lunch. To sweeten it I top it with a few raisins.
    On the weekends my husband and I will occasionally make homemade multi grain pancakes topped with our own homemade maple syrup. :-)

    I so agree with Seashellsally on the multiple mini meals/snacks, they keep me going. Get enough good protein in ratio to fat and carbs and it really helps keep the munchies away and you won’t crash.
    So people, EAT YOUR BREAKFAST! :_D

  18. Chicky Bear-Tara
    Chicky Bear-Tara says:

    Coffee! I usually try to eat a cup of yogurt or oatmeal when I get to work. I’m not much of a breakfast eater. My guts don’t like eggs unless they are boiled. Oatmeal usually lasts for awhile, but with yogurt, I usually need a mid morning snack. Raw almonds are a good thing to have around.

  19. No Photo
    Luv2bead - Little Chick says:

    Oh and fruit is great! ;)

  20. Valentine Chick
    Valentine Chick says:

    Try to eat breakfast…especially when school is out. More time in the morning…

    OK Steve~Please tell me we won’t be on search for seashells?!? I don’t know if us Chickies and our husbands can stand another week of searching through picks! LOL

  21. MaryJo K
    MaryJo K says:

    Always eat something…however, eat your fruit on an empty stomach otherwise it overrides the nutrients the other food has provided…plus it causes gas. Don’t forget your water.

  22. No Photo
    Luv2bead - Little Chick says:

    Oh so that’s why…lol

  23. No Photo
    POF Chick Nina says:

    Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Unsweetened cereal with fresh fruit and skim milk is my favorite.No meal is complete without coffee for me.
    That is the first thing I do,start the coffee,. Then the pets get fed and finally I get fed. In the winter we eat,made from scratch, Old Fashion oatmeal. The instant oatmeal tastes like and feels like thick glue( at least I think it does). My Grandchildren like it and it is easy to fix. My favorite meal to eat out is breakfast. Then I order pancakes or french toast. Oh boy this is making me hungry. Think I will go make a pot of coffee.

  24. Anita QoG Funny Chick
    Anita QoG Funny Chick says:

    I have to wait about a half hour before I can stomach food. Then I usually have a banana, 1 piece of whole wheat toast with honey & peanutbutter on it, OJ, & of course coffee!! Sundays we have the whole thing!!

  25. Cj w aka Slacker Chick
    Cj w aka Slacker Chick says:

    Protein, Protein, Protein. I work a retail job were my lunch can be anywhere from 11:00 to 2:00. A couple of cheese sticks, peanut butter and honey, yogurt and fruit,
    and my drug of choice, Dr. Pepper.

  26. cottagecharms
    cottagecharms says:

    Usually I have COFFEE, yogurt and a cereal bar or a healthy cereal like total or cheerios with fruit. I’ve been trying to eat smaller healthy meals throughout the day. I definately feel better and am losing weight :)

  27. Kitty Chicky Cat
    Kitty Chicky Cat says:

    I’ve heard you should eat within 30 min of waking to jumpstart your metabolism. Otherwise your body converts more of what you eat the rest of the day to fat! But don’t quote me!! I’m no expert!! I eat breakfast! I never skip a meal!!(AND I munch, “graze”, all day!) lol! Usually cereal but smoothies are a good way to wake up too! Except they do require preparation! The great thing about them is that you can have fruit that was harvested at it’s prime all year round! I like to add yogurt to mine! sometimes oatmeal with cinnamon and brown sugar is good (has staying power) and so it yogurt ‘parfaits’ with fresh fruit and granola cereal (usually Just Bunches), but I have to be in the mood. Also I sometimes add Ritz crackers with peanut butter and chocolate chips to any of the above, they also make a great snack! And usually tea! English breakfast blend with ½ a teaspoon sugar and lots of milk! o’ Steve, I know you want to avoid sugar but try adding chocolate chips to your PB toast! it makes mornings better! J

  28. ChickyD aka Debra
    ChickyD aka Debra says:

    I’ve got to have a great breakfast or I’ll be cranky with kids the rest of the day. Usually it’s oatmeal with fresh or frozen blueberries and walnuts. I’m eating it with fresh Texas peaches right now. Also breakfast tacos (I AM from Texas, you know)…whole wheat tortilla, eggs, and a little bacon. It will stick with you til lunch. Oh, and I’ve GOT to have a venti Earl Grey with just a dash of steamed nonfat milk!

  29. Gloria -Aussie chick
    Gloria -Aussie chick says:

    I think the average Aussie breakfast is quite different compared to what a lot of you eat, cereals are very big here. I’m one who also cannot go without breakfast, and I love it, specially if I’m sitting out on the deck in the sun with my husband. I usually get up and the first thing is to have my insulin injection, then I give the dogs their breakfast. I always have muesli flakes, unsweetened, soy milk and vanilla yoghurt spooned on top, I don’t drink coffee so it’s a cup of tea and that sees me thru till about 2pm when I have a snack. Being a diabetic I always have to take care if I do some energetic work during the day as then I have to eat lunch or a snack earlier.

  30. No Photo
    D D Mystic Chick says:

    I can’t eat first thing in the morning… need one or more cups of hot Salada tea (with skim milk & Truvia) …then it’s usually eggs (omelettes, eggsadillas, scrambled, etc.) or I make oatmeal pancakes topped with low sugar strawberry jam… key is to keep sugar & carbs to a minimum

  31. Shannon aka Silly Chick
    Shannon aka Silly Chick says:

    Never thought about fruit on an empty tummy, but it makes sense!
    Steve, now that we’ve had breakfast, what’s for lunch? :) :)

  32. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Mystic Chick, you forgot to mention Roxy’s breakfast of choice — Bugs du Jour or Bugs ala Carte, depending upon her mood that morning! ;-)

  33. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Shannon doesn’t care what’s for breakfast — as long as it has to be consumed with a big fork…… ROTFLOL

  34. No Photo
    kitty mom jb says:

    I eat at work – I’ve a stash of cinnamon raisin bagels and a jar of peanut butter and I bring in fruit from home. I eat half when I get in to the office with a banana (round 8:30 ish); the other half is eaten around 10:30/11:00 with some more fruit. I find I have more enegry and am not so hungry as I typically walk at lunchtime. I get hungry – but never that starved feeling.

  35. No Photo
    Sue B says:

    well i am the same way thats why I have yogurt almost every morning, yoplait so many kinds and it’s good for you.

  36. No Photo
    Clarith says:

    Good old oatmeal. It may be in the 90′s here in sunny and humid North Carolina but I just love it. Remembering growing up in California my mom made sure us kids left the house with something hot in our stomachs whether it was poached eggs on toast or cream of wheat. Very rarely a box of Captain Crunch or honeycombs could be found in the pantry.

  37. Shannon aka Silly Chick
    Shannon aka Silly Chick says:

    Chicky LE you know me too well! Have fork, will travel!

    SueB- Yoplait is my fav yogurt! Have you tried the new ones Pomegranite/blackberry and Raspberry/cranberry! Delish!!!

    Clarith (I absolutely love your name! It’s so beautiful) Nothing wrong with oatmeal! Especially when it’s cold outside – I’m already looking forward to fall! :)

  38. No Photo
    Clarith says:

    the origin of my name came from my family. My parents are British and my great-grandfather had a confectionary.
    Our family name is Clare-Smith so he called his confectionary Clarith. In turn I did the same when it was time to give my creations a name.

  39. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Breakfast is necessary if I’m going to function. I usually have Barbara’s whole grain shredded oats with blueberries and 1% milk. (Tried skim milk but it is too pale!) Sunday is French toast flavored with lemon extract, no syrup. Cashew nut butter on whole grain toast with fruit is the alternate breakfast. And let us not forget the tea. Apparently tea drinkers are in the minority but I can’t start the day with out a cup or two of Constant Comment or Lady Grey….or Darjeeling or Irish breakfast or….

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