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Holiday Hint #8: Handcrafted Gift Tags

Posted by Matt on December 08 at 01:17 pm

This post is part of a series for the 2011 Holiday Season… Follow along on the Holiday Page!

Give your handmade gifts the wrapping they deserve! Forget about the box and the paper, the tag is what can really separate your wrapping job from the pack. Using supplies that you already have at home, you can easily make handcrafted holiday gift tags for that special someone.

On the paper tags, I just cut out some shapes with nice, thick paper and covered them with varying combinations of alcohol ink, acrylic paint and stamps. The hardest part is waiting for the ink to dry before you can write anything on them. I used a refillable ink pen for the lettering, but a permanent marker would work just as well. To finish it off, use ribbon or hemp to attach the tags to your gifts.

As an alternative to the paper tags, consider picking up a few letter pendants from The Lipstick Ranch. I embellished this letter ‘K’ with a couple of wire-wrapped charms and some twisted hemp. The best part is that you can also use it as an ornament!

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