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Designs by Humblebeads

True North Pendant

True North points to knowing what your guiding philosophies are and having a clear direction in life. It's your gut instinct, your guiding light....
Components: Feather pendant, 32 x 14mm Art Metal blank, 30mm brass ring, 15mm Art Metal jump ring, 7mm gunmetal jump ring, 1 6mm glass bead, 3" waxed linen, 2" 19 gauge steel wire, 18" gunmetal chain

Totem Earrings

I found Tari's Inside the Studio post on Friday super inspiring. She shared her pin board of ceramic totems and that got my brain whirling around...
Components: 4 polymer clay spacers, 2 pewter bird beads, 2 6mm pyrite beads, 2 faceted brass beads, 2 15mm brass jump rings, 2 brass earwires, 2 2" copper headpins, 6 11/0 copper seed beads

Beach House Bracelet

I created this bracelet as a memento of my latest Bead Cruise. I made these little beach houses right before the cruise and when we pulled into the...
Components: Polymer clay Beach House, Sea Urchin ceramic bead, 8 8mm lampwork spacers, 15mm art metal jump ring, 10 6mm copper jump rings, 9 2" gunmetal eyepins, 18 4mm copper spacers, 6" 22 gauge steel wire, 2" 18 gauge copper wire

Wire Heart Pendant

For this simple heart pendant, gather together orphaned art beads and copper wire to add a little love to someone's day this week!
Components: 5" 18 gauge copper wire, 8" 22 gauge steel wire, polymer clay disk, lampwork round bead, lampwork spacer, polymer clay wobble spacer bead, 15mm arte metal jump ring, 13 4mm copper spacers, 28" gunmetal chain

Little Village Pendant

This pendant adds an economical and stylish touch with a few links of vintage chain highlighted in the front of the design. A cluster of beaded...
Components: House Bead, Pewter Bird Charm, 3 Czech glass flowers, 6 4mm glass crystals, 4" Vintage chain, 18" gunmetal cable chain, 1 15mm brass jump ring, 6 7mm brass jump rings, 2 6mm brass jump rings, 6 5mm brass jump rings, 3 2" brass headpins, 6" 22 gauge steel wire

Orchid Butterfly Heart Pendant

Luscious orchid silk ribbon provides an interesting design and adds lots of texture when creatively knotted. With Radiant Orchid being Pantone's...
Components: Heart Pendant (Humblebeads), 2 12mm brass jump rings, 5 Czech glass flowers (Dream Girl Beads), 5 1" brass headpins, 1 Butterfly button (Natural Touch), 2 30" lengths of sari silk ribbon

Spring Forest Earrings

Spring Forest Earrings
Components: 2 Tiny Flowers Charms, 2 12mm brass jump rings, 2 6mm brass jump rings, 12 7mm brass jump rings, 12 peanut seed beads

Spring Forest Bracelet

Spring Forest Bracelet
Components: Tiny Flowers House Bead, 4 glass flowers, 6mm yellow faceted glass bead, 10 4mm copper spacers, 12 peanut seed beads, 12 7mm brass jump rings, 7 6mm brass jump rings, 4mm brass jump ring, 5 2" brass eyepins, Hammered brass ring (Vintaj), Leaf toggle bar (Nunn Designs)

Rustic Bird Ornament

Rustic Bird Ornament
Components: Bird Pendant - Lipstick Ranch, Tree House Bead - Humblebeads, Waxed Irish Linen, 8 glass size 11/0 seed beads, 6mm brass spacer

Winter Forest Ornaments

Handcrafted, woodland motif ornaments which goes nicely with the birds, nests, pine cones and snowflakes that we've been collecting and making over...
Components: Original white Sculpey polymer clay, Holly cookie cutter, Roller or pasta machine, Large rubber stamps, Black Stayz On ink, White glue, White fine glitter6" steel wire 21 gauge, 12mm polymer clay disk, 14mm beaded bead, 10" sari silk ribbon

Wire Nest Ornament

Wire Nest Ornament
Components: ceramic rounds, silk ribbon, 20 gauge steel wire, 20 gauge craft wire

Winter Forest Bracelet

Welcoming winter with my ode to a winter walk in the forest
Components: Polymer clay Winter Branches House bead, Polymer clay Berry Wobble bead, Pewter owl toggle clasp, 12 wooden wobble 25 x 10mm beads, 2 pyrite 6mm round beads, 29 bronze glass seed beads 11/0, 10 brass 7mm jump rings, 2 brass 2x2mm crimp beads, 10" beading wire

Entwined Wreath Pendant

Entwined Wreath Pendant
Components: Nest Pendant, Pewter Bird Charm, Seed beads in various sizes and colors (size 11/0 & 8/0 were used), 26" 22 gauge steel wire, 3" silk ribbon, 5 links of large oval chain, 1 18" finished gunmetal chain, 6 4mm gunmetal jump rings

Peacock Garden Bracelet

Peacock Garden Bracelet
Components: Peacock Cuff Connector 2 2 3/4" of Arte Metal Chain 4 7mm gunmetal jump rings, 2 4mm gunmetal jump rings, 12 3mm faceted brasss beads, Leaf toggle clasp, 6" 22 gauge steel wire

Frosted Leaf Earrings

Frosted Leaf Earrings
Components: 2 leaf charms, 10 5mm brass jump rings, 10 3mm brass faceted cubes, 2 7mm brass jump rings, 2 15mm brass jump rings, 2 28mm brass kidney earwires

Harvest Owl Earrings

Inspired by this month's Art Bead Scene challenge I created these Harvest Owl Earrings for today's tutorial. These simple earrings use a petal...
Components: 2 Petal Headpins, 2 Vintaj Arte Metal Owl Charms, 2 Copper Earwires

Woodland Leaf Earrings

Woodland Leaf Earrings
Components: 2 disk beads (Humblebeads) 2 Vintaj woodland leaf pendants, 4 copper 5mm spacers, 2 brass 10mm jump rings, 2 brass eye pins, 2 brass round loop ear wires

Autumn Ornaments

It's humbling to accept when change is out of our control. Autumn is always a gentle reminder to me that I must embrace change and let go. I can...
Components: White polymer clay, Leaf and alphabet rubber stamps, 2" cookie cutter or round metal tin, Toothpick, Acrylic rod or smooth glass cup, Acrylic paint - 2 autumn colors + raw umber, Paint brush, Waxed linen Wooden beads

Willow Leaf Pendant

Willow Leaf Pendant
Components: Willow Leaf Pendant, Czech glass leaf, 6 glass beads, 15mm Arte Metal jump ring, 8mm copper jump ring, 2 4mm copper jump rings, 8 links from a chain (make sure your chain links can open and close.), 1" copper headpin, 6 1" copper eyepins, 18" gunmetal chain, 3" 21 gauge steel wire, Pendant length: 22"

Sly Fox Pendant

This sly little guy is a project you can whip in less than an hour. It's a cute gift or something trendy to wear while you are out hunting autumn...
Components: Humblebeads Fox Bead 36.5 x 25 brass oval connector 32mm brass leaf charm 15mm jump ring 3 12mm wood beads 4 3mm brass faceted nuggets 2 7mm brass jump rings 1 5.5mm brass jump ring 1 4mm brass jump ring 2 2" brass headpin 2 30" lengths of waxed linen