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The Design Gallery

Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

Designs by knjns0

Whimsical Bird House Necklace

This is another necklace using Jangles pieces. They just inspired me to make light, carefree pieces! I love the look of the Brazil Freeform...
Components: Jangles Ceramic Bird House pendant, Jangles Woodland Bird Nest and Jangles Woodland Turquoise Bird, Brazil Amazonite Flat Freeform Diamond drops, Amazonite chips, Tierra Cast gunmetal hammered toggle clasp.

Copper Sun Pendant Necklace

I love Patricia Healey's designs and the Copper Fiery Sun pendant spoke to me. I am a Leo so these are definitely my colors. The pendant is from...
Components: Patricia Healey's Copper Fiery Sun pendant, 16mm Rust Sponge Coral beads in brass or copper cages have 10mm copper rounds encased in either copper or brass cages, 8mm Rust Sponge Coral rounds, 8mm copper beads, copper Heishi spacers and a handmade copper hook clasp.

Flower and Bee Necklace

This is my salute to spring and summer using Jangles pieces which I love! Everything used with the exception of some small beads came from LB!...
Components: A handmade gunmetal chain from LB, Jangles Ceramic Flower and Vine, Jangles Woodland Bird Nest and Jangles Woodland Turquoise Bird all from LB, and small beads form my bead stock.

Frog Lampwork Sterling Silver Necklace

I have had these frog lampwork beads for quite some time - just didn't know what to do with them. Then I had an epiphany!
I pictured this frog...
Components: Deep red and green frog lampwork barrel beads, Czech antique red picasso beads, green jasper beads, small green antiqued beads and small deep red matte glass beads. The leaves are handmade with sterling silver wire that I hammered. The frog is wired on to the large leaf to look like he is resting on it. I made a smaller leaf for the clasp.

Carnelian and Copper Necklace

I saw these Carnelian beads on LB during the Crossword Puzzle days - love Carnelian! I needed beads that would compliment the Fire Agate teardrops...
Components: Faceted Carnelian combines with copper puffed coin beads, copper keishi spacers, copper colored crystal rondelles and a hammered antiqued clasp. I wire wrapped the Fire Agate teardrops and highlighted them by having them dangle in the front. I think the copper beads and crystals soften the effect of the Carnelian beads and pull this design together.

Leapordskin Jasper Pendant Necklace

I love this Leapordskin Jasper pendant and was looking for some beads to go with it. At first I thought I would wire wrap the pendant, but then I...
Components: 62X42mm Leapordskin Jasper pendant, 16mm Zebra Onyx rounds, 8mm Apple Jasper rounds, 6mm and 10mm copper rounds and 16mm corrugated copper rounds. Wire wrapped Zebra Onyx rounds used for bail and clasp.

Malachite Pendant Necklace

I've had the deep teal agate slab for some time and was looking for just the right beads to compliment it. Teal is one of my favorite fall and...
Components: Made with Malachite beads, blue green crystals, teal freshwater pearls and corrugated sterling silver beads. Handmade sterling silver clasp. The teal agate is lightly wrapped with sterling silver wire as I did not want to take away from the beauty of the piece.

Ghanaian Figure Pendant Necklace

The Ghanaian figure inspired this necklace. I love the Czech face mask beads and think they enhance the theme. The necklace is opera length so it...
Components: Ghanaian pewter figure, 10mm and 6mm bone beads, brass spacer beads and handmade clasp using brass antiqued wire. Definitely a one-of-a-kind necklace!

Halloween Spider & Pumpkin Earrings

These earrings were made for a challenge on 1000 Markets called "Creepy and Crawly". I wanted to share with you as Halloween is coming up. I HATE...
Components: The mother spider is a ceramic coin. The sterling silver ear wires have a smaller web from which she hangs. The baby spiders are sterling silver and dangle from her larger sterling silver wire web. The pumpkins are the alternate earring. They are made with a large orange Czech glass bead and a green teardrop. Again the web is made with sterling silver wire. Enjoy!


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