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Designs by JC Hamm

The forever necklace!

I called this the forever necklace because it took me that long to make!!! I've lost my mojo, so to speak!! I started this before Christmas and...
Components: 16 gauge wire, howlite and red tigers eye.

Redo Pendant

This is a redo of a pendant for my friend. I just wasn't happy with the first try. (pic#1) So after 3 failed attempts and a lot of lost wire.!! I...
Components: !8 gauge copper wire, 24 gauge, and Howlite beads.

Bollywood Style Earrings

Playing around with the wire this weekend, saw this design on pintrest, but she had done macromae on hers and I'm not good at that, at all!!! So...
Components: 18 gauge copper wire, glass seed beads, Howlite Turquoise, and crystals. wrapped with 30 gauge wire.

Heart Of Hearts Suncatcher

I love making hearts, but I have trouble getting them right. I'm pleased with the way this turned out. I also took 2 more photos of the crochet...
Components: Copper hearts, hammered and patina. Then wrapped in 18 gauge copper wire.Glass beads with tiny copper daisy spacers.

Sunday Afternoon

Wire wrap of a stone my friend brought back from Nevis. The other ids a very long crochet necklace, with handmade copper wire clasp. I used Gun lue...
Components: 30 gauge wire for crochet necklace, with Fresh Water Pearls and Lapis Chips.The clasp has glass pearls. Ran out of FWP. 12 gauge wire for clasp. It's been a creative day!! :D

#2 Crochet Bracelet

This is my second attempt at the same design.This one is a little big so it doesn't fit as nice. I love the colors with the copper wire, but I'm...

Copper Crochet Bracelet

I had done the crochet a year ago and could never figure out how I wanted to attach a clasp. I saw on Pinterest this am a framed one. So tada!! I...
Components: @8 gauge wire for the crochete with glass size 6 and 8 seed beads.16 gauge wire for the frame.

Triple Trees and Sun Witch

Another bit of wire creations I've been playing around with this summer. I'm going to try wire weaving next!!!! Hope I can do it, I've been...
Components: Amber colored wire(14 Gauge) and 24 copper wire. Bottom tree with Gold stone, the witch has citrine chips in her skirt and the top tree with carnilen chips.

Copper Wrap

I had some left over wire, so played around till I came up with this and used 30 gauge wire to string on the beads, like a wrap bracelet. Next...
Components: 16 gauge wire, 24 gauge to attach the Turquoise donut then 30 gauge. Glass beads and amber topaz.

Summer wire fun

I've been having fun playing with wire. The first is a Starfish Suncatcher.The second is my Sun Witch Suncatcher and last is a Tree Of Life...
Components: Copper wire, glass beads, and Garnet.

Beaded Fish

Our local bead shop owner found some beaded fish online and thought it would be something I would be interested in making. So here are my versions...
Components: Glass beads and #6 sead beads and 16 and 12 gauge wire.


This is just what it is called, twisted wire. I was trying to do some swirls by hand, and I just kept going.I liked how it turned out, although not...
Components: 14 or 16 gauge copper wire and crystals. 24 gauge for attaching the crystals.

Kumihimo Fringe!

I love the look of the long necklaces with beads hanging off a fringe.So I thought I would try it with kumihimo.
Components: twisted rainbow colored rope and brass beads and glass beads.

Tree Of Life

I still love making these.
Components: Emerald glass chips, amber wire and 22 gauge wire for the tree.

Amber Wire Water Fall

I'm having a hard time deciding if I should keep this or put it in the store to sell.I love the color of the wire with the turquoise. I really had...
Components: Amber Copper Colored Wire, and Turquoise. Handmade connections and clasp.

Carnelian Heart

The first one is a amber 14 gauge wire heart with carnelian chips and 2 agate stones. I felt it needed something next to the heart pendant and I...

Tree of Life and Kumihimo

Peridot, Blue Topaz,and Moonstone.Amethist donut for the kumihimo braid.

Coral and Copper!

This was once a necklace I made my sister years ago,it was too short for her so she did'nt wear it.I took it apart and restrung it.Last time it was...
Components: 20 gauge square wire and apatchie and glass beads.16 gauge wire for the clasp.

Got the Blues

I saw this in a Jewelry mag and love the design , so tried it out.I'm happy with the way it turned out.
Components: Howlite chips and spears. Copper Chain and glass and ceramic beads.

Copper Rainbow Chicklets

I found the dyed quartzite at micheals discount section, they remnd me of chicklets!! I made the clasp from 12 gauge wire.I hammered it and patinad...
Components: 12 gauge copper wire, 20 gauge square copper wire, patina, howlite chips and dyed quartzite.