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The Design Gallery

Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

Designs by JC Hamm

A Ray Of Sunshine!!!

I started out making the earrings first, then thought I should make a set, so started the pendant.The pendant looked like something was missing so...
Components: 18, 28 and 24 gauge copper wire.Tigers eye and Butterscotch Amber. ( was told that was the name of this amber??)I made the toggle casp(18 gauge)

Set up at Multi Vendor Store

Jewelry and Suncatchers
Components: Lots of copper!!! :D Gemstones and Glass Lots of pretty beads :D

Wire wrapped Tree

I used to go to this great gallery and I saw these trees that was on display there and had always wanted to try to make one.So I finally (years...
Components: Agate stone, 24 gauge copper wire, howlite and turqouise chips.

"Lovein Purple"

Once I finished the necklace, I though I'd try and make bracelets for my daughter in-law.I love the colors and how they look together.
Components: Seed beads, fire line.Silver safety chain and lobster clasp

Sister's Christmas Surprise

This is for my sister for her birthday and christmas.I started this sometime in April.( what can I say....slow!!) I took a class and had started it...
Components: Amethyst, seed beads. Copper cones, chain and clasp

Christmas cont....

Just continued...........

Decorating with wire.

Stockings and Stars.The stockings are all sold already.They were a special order, as well as 6 of the stars. needed to try something diffrent as...
Components: 16 gauge aluminum wire (copper colored) and 24 gauge with glass beads and crystals

Tree Cuff

Playing with the copper my husband found for me.I tried another bracelet and incorporated a tree of life in it.
Components: I think this is a 16 gauge wire, (he got it from old house wiring cord), 20gauge squarecoppere wire, 24 gauge copper wire.The stone I belive are unikite(spelling?)

Tree Of Life ..........again!!!

I promice I will not subject you to anymore of these.This is the large one, 8in brass ring.
Components: 24 gauge wire and arylic leaves.silver bird.


I decided to increase the size and make suncatchers.I've been accepted to a Multi Vendor Store, on Oct 1st.There are others selling their jewelry...
Components: Brass rings, 24 gauge wire, glass chips and a gemstone that I forgot the name of!!

Second Try Copper Cuff

i wanted to try another cuff, but everytime I started a new one, I just could'nt get it right.So I gave up.Well today I thought I'd have another go...
Components: 12gauge wire and 22 gauge. Glass beads.and wooden round beads.

Color Loaded!!!!!!!

I have wanted to try and make a copper bracelet ever since I saw "Little Round Chic's" bracelets. This is my first try and I hope to get better....
Components: 12 gauge copper wire, 24 gauge wire and glass and crystal beads.

Hammered Wire Earrings

I have'nt made much in the last few months, but now it's been great,I guess I needed a break cause my mind is so full of new ideas. I wanted to be...
Components: 12 gauge wire with glass beads.

Tree Of Life

This was my last piece of 14gauge wire, and just could'nt waste it, so another tree.
Components: 14 gauge wire / freshwater pearls, 24 gauge wire.

Necklace Scarf

Trying something different.I attached a necklace to the end of my can wrap a couple of time for either a shorter necklace or wrap once...
Components: Glass pendant, I wraped with 24 gauge silver wire and crystals. also some silver ball thingies!!! Bead caps and beading wire.

A couple of Full Moons

The copper one I hammered it on my anvil, I like the way this one turned out.The secound one I did out f some wire that was given to me, I think...
Components: Both trees are glass bead chips.

More Wire Crochet, (can't stop!!)

More necklaces for Ladies Night in May. Also 2 more Tree Of Life Pendants. The last one I was going to do another tree but it did'nt look right,...
Components: Dyed Howlite, tigers eye, mother of pearl and gemstone chips.

Tree Of Life

Here is a few pieces I've been doing for a ladies night in May.I took a class in making The Tree of Life, so I thought I'd make a few pendants to...
Components: Citrine, torquoise, green glass chips, silver lined glass beads and fresh water pearls.24 gauge gold wire, 24 gauge copper wire and silver wire and 14 gauge wire.Necklace Howlite and silver 30 gauge wire. Toggle clasp.