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Designs by JC Hamm

Wood Be Mine!!!

I took apart a necklace I had made last year.I have always love the beads in this.well it did'nt sell so I remade it and decided I wanted to keep...
Components: Wood beads and acrlyc( I think) beads.Black beading cord.

Ocean Waves

I've had the Lapis chips and the agate slabs for a long time.I just could'nt figure out what to do with either.
I played around for the last 3...
Components: Lapis chips, Agate Slabs, copper beading wire&copper sead beads. 20 gauge square wire.

Hippie Days!!!

Used up some beads I have had for quite awhile.I always oved the necklaces we used to wear ,back in the day!!! :D.
Hippie beads.
Components: small wood beads and shell chips.18 gauge wire for the earrings and again wood and shell chips.

Daisy Chain

I had got the silver daisy a couple of years go and used to wear just on the end of a chain.I thought I'd use it to create something that would...
Components: red howlite and turqoise howlite and silver tubes with silver daisy pendant.

A Ray Of Sunshine!!!

I started out making the earrings first, then thought I should make a set, so started the pendant.The pendant looked like something was missing so...
Components: 18, 28 and 24 gauge copper wire.Tigers eye and Butterscotch Amber. ( was told that was the name of this amber??)I made the toggle casp(18 gauge)

Set up at Multi Vendor Store

Jewelry and Suncatchers
Components: Lots of copper!!! :D Gemstones and Glass Lots of pretty beads :D

Wire wrapped Tree

I used to go to this great gallery and I saw these trees that was on display there and had always wanted to try to make one.So I finally (years...
Components: Agate stone, 24 gauge copper wire, howlite and turqouise chips.

"Lovein Purple"

Once I finished the necklace, I though I'd try and make bracelets for my daughter in-law.I love the colors and how they look together.
Components: Seed beads, fire line.Silver safety chain and lobster clasp

Sister's Christmas Surprise

This is for my sister for her birthday and christmas.I started this sometime in April.( what can I say....slow!!) I took a class and had started it...
Components: Amethyst, seed beads. Copper cones, chain and clasp

Christmas cont....

Just continued...........

Decorating with wire.

Stockings and Stars.The stockings are all sold already.They were a special order, as well as 6 of the stars. needed to try something diffrent as...
Components: 16 gauge aluminum wire (copper colored) and 24 gauge with glass beads and crystals

Tree Cuff

Playing with the copper my husband found for me.I tried another bracelet and incorporated a tree of life in it.
Components: I think this is a 16 gauge wire, (he got it from old house wiring cord), 20gauge squarecoppere wire, 24 gauge copper wire.The stone I belive are unikite(spelling?)

Tree Of Life ..........again!!!

I promice I will not subject you to anymore of these.This is the large one, 8in brass ring.
Components: 24 gauge wire and arylic leaves.silver bird.


I decided to increase the size and make suncatchers.I've been accepted to a Multi Vendor Store, on Oct 1st.There are others selling their jewelry...
Components: Brass rings, 24 gauge wire, glass chips and a gemstone that I forgot the name of!!

Second Try Copper Cuff

i wanted to try another cuff, but everytime I started a new one, I just could'nt get it right.So I gave up.Well today I thought I'd have another go...
Components: 12gauge wire and 22 gauge. Glass beads.and wooden round beads.

Color Loaded!!!!!!!

I have wanted to try and make a copper bracelet ever since I saw "Little Round Chic's" bracelets. This is my first try and I hope to get better....
Components: 12 gauge copper wire, 24 gauge wire and glass and crystal beads.

Hammered Wire Earrings

I have'nt made much in the last few months, but now it's been great,I guess I needed a break cause my mind is so full of new ideas. I wanted to be...
Components: 12 gauge wire with glass beads.

Tree Of Life

This was my last piece of 14gauge wire, and just could'nt waste it, so another tree.
Components: 14 gauge wire / freshwater pearls, 24 gauge wire.