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    A Groundwater on “💜Moonstone💜”:
    “Thanks so much, everyone! You are all so lovely and sweet :) The grey…” read »

  • T thornton
    T thornton on “Labradorite Mist Dragon”:
    “Love the Misty look. Like a lake in Scotland.I love the thought you put into it.…” read »

  • T thornton
    T thornton on “Spring Birds”:
    “I am in love with these. Couldn't be any more perfect. Your an amazing artist. Keep…” read »

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    Robert J on “odalisque”:
    “you really should try something of the sort, just take it a step at a…” read »

  • Fresh Baked
    Fresh Baked on “Easy Does It”:
    “A modern, simple, and effective way to show off a beautiful bead or stone!…” read »

  • Fresh Baked
    Fresh Baked on “Beaded Hairpins”:
    “Great to share this time of year with proms and weddings!…” read »

  • kye
    kye on “Finally”:
    “I wondered what you were going to do with that beautiful focal. You certainly did it…” read »

  • Maggies Mom
    Maggies Mom on “Spiral Dance”:
    “Another gorgeous work of art!…” read »

  • Maggies Mom
    Maggies Mom on “odalisque”:
    “I can't imagine even attempting this! Intricate, ornate, gorgeous, beautifully done!!!!…” read »

  • Maggies Mom
    Maggies Mom on “Finally”:
    “Love it!…” read »

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    Robert J on “whirlpool”:
    “Thank you all for the complements. Sophiebug I don't try to see the holes when I'm…” read »

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    Robert J on “Spiral Dance”:
    “Good, I am glad it is helpful. remember to not over twist the square wire…” read »

  • Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary on “Patina Queen”:
    “RockyD, just saw your note...the leaves are from Lima--#42368--but they are out of stock right now.…” read »

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    Robert J on “odalisque”:
    “no, each step really is simple. there are only so many ways one can…” read »

  • kye
    kye on “whirlpool”:
    “Beautiful! Love the gradated pearls inside the spiral. Such a nice touch.…” read »

  • Rocky D
    Rocky D on “Patina Queen”:
    “Were did the leaves come from. If you don't mind me asking?…” read »

  • Sophiebug
    Sophiebug on “whirlpool”:
    “More "ooh" and "ahh"! Forget about finding needles to accommodate those seed beads-my eyes would not…” read »

  • Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary on “Beaded Hairpins”:
    “Nice idea. Really like the ones with the red pearls--they have a oriental touch to…” read »

  • Crystal Canary
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    “Sometimes simplicity has a lot to say! You could create a hold variety of pieces,…” read »

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    Sophiebug on “odalisque”:
    “Wow, this is so gorgeously intricate. And there's no earthly way I could ever come close…” read »

  • Sophiebug
    Sophiebug on “Finally”:
    “This is beautiful, especially the PC focal. Love the colors!…” read »

  • Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary on “Finally”:
    “I just love that you made so many of the components. I especially like all…” read »

  • Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary on “odalisque”:
    “Robert, you are so funny, I'm chuckling now...surely not simple. Beautiful design with such intricate…” read »

  • Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary on “Spiral Dance”:
    “The square/spiral wire combo holding the cab is amazing! Including the instructions really helps all…” read »

  • Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary on “whirlpool”:
    “Robert, this is so beautiful! I really like the pearls and tiny seed beads wrapped…” read »

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    Crystal Canary on “Spring Birds”:
    “All of YOUR support is a tremendous comfort. Sometimes we can feel so alone in…” read »

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    Annabel on “Finally”:
    “Love the focal. Gorgeous bracelet. I really like the multi-strand components. Just lovely.…” read »

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    “Another beautiful design. :) …” read »

  • C Ferguson aka Annie
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    S KatollakaSue on “Beaded Hairpins”:
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    S KatollakaSue on “Easy Does It”:
    “Wonderful, simple everyday piece! Could be some lucky buyer's signature piece!…” read »

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    S KatollakaSue on “whirlpool”:
    “Wow! Copper, pearls, tiny seeds - what's not to love? A fave!…” read »

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    Robert J on “whirlpool”:
    “20/0 seed beads are antiques, mine were made in the 1800's. Greasy is the…” read »

~ Picture Jasper ~

About this design:

These are the 1st jasper beads I have purchased. I was inspired after seeing all the beautiful jasper in the other womens designs on this site ;).

Made this for my sis's birthday. She likes chunky bracelets.

I was also inspired by one of Deb's pieces where she made 2 different size simple loops on a bead. Thanks Deb! I really like the look ;)


Picture Jasper box clasp, Picture Jasper 8 mm rounds, black crystal, silver plated chain and artistic wire /silver.

Additional Images:

Read the comments (or add your own)

  1. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    NICE!! That clasp is pretty darn awesome. So is the entire bracelet. Also than Lorelei Eurto for the different size loops. I saw it in a necklace she made.

  2. Granny Nancy
    Granny Nancy says:

    Wow…..gorgeous. I’d love something like that.

  3. No Photo
    Beadaholic1 says:

    Very pretty…great design! Your sister will love this!

  4. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Love, love, love picture jasper! Great clasp and definitely a great design. :)

  5. Peggy3
    Peggy3 says:

    Thank you everyone :)

  6. Beadzilla aka Wanda
    Beadzilla aka Wanda says:

    Just love that clasp! Gorgeous piece, I’m sure your sister will love it!

  7. Gail Layne
    Gail Layne says:

    Striking! That clasp is pretty awesome too as are your photos. What kind of camera did you use?

  8. Peggy3
    Peggy3 says:

    Thank you Wanda and Gail.

    Gail I used my Iphone. Not sure how they would come out since I took them outside on a cloudy day.

    My sister did love it. Yay. but I need to make it one link bigger for her. does anyone else deal with sizing issues. I’ve made bracelets for women who have teeny tiny wrists and say 71/2″ wrists. i’m, always adjusting ;)

  9. SquirrelGirl aka Angela
    SquirrelGirl aka Angela says:

    Beautiful bracelet! I love that clasp, I’ve never seen anything like it. I love how you paired the earthy picture jasper with the black faceted beads. It’s just stunning!
    I’ve had to do some size adjustments for custom orders and I found it to be a lot easier with some simple paper forms I’ve made in different sizes. That way I can wrap the bracelet around it to easily see how it will fit that size wrist.

  10. franny
    franny says:

    very nice!….also elegant, but could be worn anywhere, anytime…..caught myself extending my arm to the PC screen to admire it on MY wrist!…fits perfectly!LOL!

  11. Peggy3
    Peggy3 says:

    Thank you Angela and Franny :) .

    Thanks for the tip Angela- seems pretty simple. The size of the bead needs to be taken into account too, right? sigh, I drive myself crazy sometimes. ha ha

    Franny – when I read “extending my arm”….. that me crack up. Thanks ;)

  12. Laud
    Laud says:

    What a good idea to put picture jasper with black! I’ve found that the paleness of the stone needs a little something extra, which you’ve found with the high contrast. Good one!

  13. Peggy3
    Peggy3 says:

    Thanks Laud. I agree about the contrast

  14. Chicky Zee aka Alice
    Chicky Zee aka Alice says:


  15. Asia
    Asia says:

    Fantastic :D

  16. Old Beaded Lady Chris
    Old Beaded Lady Chris says:

    Love this !!! What a stunning bracelet with that picture jasper cab as your focal. Love the black
    crystals giving the jasper beads more detail.
    Just beautiful!!!

  17. Fresh Baked
    Fresh Baked says:

    Beautiful piece of Jasper! And your design is perfect for it with the bit of contrasting black. I’m sure your sister is doing a happy dance!

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