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  • kye
    kye on “Easy Does It”:
    “This is such a different style from your previous bracelet. I really like this simplicity too.…” read »

  • Becca W
    Becca W on “Spiral Dance”:
    “this is exquisite! I can't imagine how much time and patience this took, and you are…” read »

  • No Photo
    Robert J on “copper blue”:
    “and the last one. …” read »

  • No Photo
    Robert J on “copper blue”:
    “got the antiquing done and some size reference pics. as always 5thew antiquing looks darker…” read »

  • No Photo
    S KatollakaSue on “Fish on”:
    “Your fish is wonderful! I really like the combination of the hefty dark chain, the abalone…” read »

  • No Photo
    S KatollakaSue on “Pretty in rustic pink”:
    “Love the dark chain with the gorgeous pink opal!…” read »

  • No Photo
    S KatollakaSue on “copper blue”:
    “What an interesting piece! The three views are so different that it almost looks like a…” read »

  • No Photo
    A Groundwater on “Starfish with Love”:
    “Love this. I can never tire of this type of bracelet! :) …” read »

  • No Photo
    A Groundwater on “💜Moonstone💜”:
    “Thanks so much, everyone! You are all so lovely and sweet :) The grey…” read »

  • T thornton
    T thornton on “Labradorite Mist Dragon”:
    “Love the Misty look. Like a lake in Scotland.I love the thought you put into it.…” read »

  • T thornton
    T thornton on “Spring Birds”:
    “I am in love with these. Couldn't be any more perfect. Your an amazing artist. Keep…” read »

  • No Photo
    Robert J on “odalisque”:
    “you really should try something of the sort, just take it a step at a…” read »

  • Fresh Baked
    Fresh Baked on “Easy Does It”:
    “A modern, simple, and effective way to show off a beautiful bead or stone!…” read »

  • Fresh Baked
    Fresh Baked on “Beaded Hairpins”:
    “Great to share this time of year with proms and weddings!…” read »

  • kye
    kye on “Finally”:
    “I wondered what you were going to do with that beautiful focal. You certainly did it…” read »

  • Maggies Mom
    Maggies Mom on “Spiral Dance”:
    “Another gorgeous work of art!…” read »

  • Maggies Mom
    Maggies Mom on “odalisque”:
    “I can't imagine even attempting this! Intricate, ornate, gorgeous, beautifully done!!!!…” read »

  • Maggies Mom
    Maggies Mom on “Finally”:
    “Love it!…” read »

  • No Photo
    Robert J on “whirlpool”:
    “Thank you all for the complements. Sophiebug I don't try to see the holes when I'm…” read »

  • No Photo
    Robert J on “Spiral Dance”:
    “Good, I am glad it is helpful. remember to not over twist the square wire…” read »

  • Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary on “Patina Queen”:
    “RockyD, just saw your note...the leaves are from Lima--#42368--but they are out of stock right now.…” read »

  • No Photo
    Robert J on “odalisque”:
    “no, each step really is simple. there are only so many ways one can…” read »

  • kye
    kye on “whirlpool”:
    “Beautiful! Love the gradated pearls inside the spiral. Such a nice touch.…” read »

  • Rocky D
    Rocky D on “Patina Queen”:
    “Were did the leaves come from. If you don't mind me asking?…” read »

  • Sophiebug
    Sophiebug on “whirlpool”:
    “More "ooh" and "ahh"! Forget about finding needles to accommodate those seed beads-my eyes would not…” read »

  • Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary on “Beaded Hairpins”:
    “Nice idea. Really like the ones with the red pearls--they have a oriental touch to…” read »

  • Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary on “Easy Does It”:
    “Sometimes simplicity has a lot to say! You could create a hold variety of pieces,…” read »

  • Sophiebug
    Sophiebug on “Spiral Dance”:
    “Again, just wow! I'm going to try the spiral-love the look of it!…” read »

  • Sophiebug
    Sophiebug on “odalisque”:
    “Wow, this is so gorgeously intricate. And there's no earthly way I could ever come close…” read »

  • Sophiebug
    Sophiebug on “Finally”:
    “This is beautiful, especially the PC focal. Love the colors!…” read »

  • Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary on “Finally”:
    “I just love that you made so many of the components. I especially like all…” read »

  • Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary on “odalisque”:
    “Robert, you are so funny, I'm chuckling now...surely not simple. Beautiful design with such intricate…” read »

  • Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary on “Spiral Dance”:
    “The square/spiral wire combo holding the cab is amazing! Including the instructions really helps all…” read »

  • Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary on “whirlpool”:
    “Robert, this is so beautiful! I really like the pearls and tiny seed beads wrapped…” read »

  • Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary on “Spring Birds”:
    “All of YOUR support is a tremendous comfort. Sometimes we can feel so alone in…” read »

  • Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary on “Spotted Necklace”:
    “OK....this is totally the look I'm trying to achieve, but sadly never do! I'm in…” read »

  • Annabel
    Annabel on “Finally”:
    “Love the focal. Gorgeous bracelet. I really like the multi-strand components. Just lovely.…” read »

  • C Ferguson aka Annie
    C Ferguson aka Annie on “Finally”:
    “I loved the dandelion focal when you showed it previously, but seeing it in the finished…” read »

  • C Ferguson aka Annie
    C Ferguson aka Annie on “odalisque”:
    “Another beautiful design. :) …” read »

  • C Ferguson aka Annie
    C Ferguson aka Annie on “Spiral Dance”:
    “Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your process.…” read »

Green-Eyed Lady -- Sugarloaf

About this design:

This has been 6 months in the making. It started as a backup for a wire-wrapped malachite/azurite pendant purchased at our local Arts & Jazz Festival. The stone is cut 90 degrees against the striations, giving it a bubbly look, with druzy. I found the beads and clasp at the Int'l Gem & Jewelry Show, and it then became an either/or design. The clasp was made by Adriana Spencer from San Antonio. Her friend makes the cabs & she sets them. This one looks like diachroic, but close inspection leads me to believe it is plastic slivers under resin. Either way, I love it. Check out Yes, I strung every bead, and those emeralds have microscopic holes. (PITA) This one is mine, all mine. (Too expensive to sell, anyway.)


2mm & 3mm faceted emerald rondelles, 4mm malachiate rounds, SS/glass handmade clasp, Blue Moon bell caps, malachite/azurite pendant wrapped in SS, Beadalon 7-strand flex

Additional Images:

Read the comments (or add your own)

  1. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    WOW! I don’t blame you for wanting to keep it. A truly spectacular necklace. :)

  2. FaeryGoth Chick
    FaeryGoth Chick says:

    amazing Bev…

  3. No Photo
    Jeannes Gems - Gem Chick says:

    Amazing is definitely the right word.
    I can see why you’d want to keep this one!

  4. sunny chick
    sunny chick says:

    Gorgeous and a keeper for sure! :D

  5. Lyric Chick aka Bev
    Lyric Chick aka Bev says:

    Thanks Chickies!

  6. No Photo
    Lynda aka DivaChick says:


  7. No Photo
    Copper Penny says:

    Enjoy wearing it, it will look fabulous it is a real statement piece.

  8. Wemai Coffee Chick
    Wemai Coffee Chick says:

    This is a stunning piece! Great work!

  9. Jewelry by Shannon
    Jewelry by Shannon says:

    This one is incredible! Love all the components and that clasp is great. Thanks for sharing … enjoy wearing it!! SLS

  10. Harmony on Strings
    Harmony on Strings says:

    love the malachite and emerald together..a great necklace

  11. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Bev, this necklace is stunning! I love that clasp and the pendant you originally were going to use is gorgeous, too! :D Enjoy wearing this beauty!!!

  12. NY Bella
    NY Bella says:

    Wow! This is stunning! A keeper for sure! Enjoy it!

  13. Lyric Chick aka Bev
    Lyric Chick aka Bev says:

    Thanks to all. Sadly, I don’t get much opportunity to “dress” any more. At work I wear a uniform, steel toed boots, safety glasses, earplugs, and to top it all off….a “lunch-lady” white bonnet (think laboratory research). NO nail polish or jewelry allowed. :( Wonder how it would look with my yoga pants???? LOL

  14. Dragons Chicky
    Dragons Chicky says:

    I’ll bet it would look wonderful with your yoga pants! It is truly a wonderful piece!

  15. Beadlady3 aka Cindy
    Beadlady3 aka Cindy says:

    Amazing! Fabulous! Spectacular! Malachite is one of my favorite stones. I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of wearing this gorgeous piece!

  16. Cuban Queen Crazy Chick
    Cuban Queen Crazy Chick says:

    Another beautiful piece, Bev!

  17. Steph
    Steph says:

    Very beautiful, love the mesh of color. Is keep it too.

  18. MoonBell
    MoonBell says:

    You’re definitely going to get noticed in that piece! It’s great! At least set a very high price that you would part with it for (that you would be happy that it sold for and be able to replace it).

  19. Mahala RockChick
    Mahala RockChick says:

    These are so cool! I absolutely love the druzy wrapped pendant!

  20. Daisy Chick - Dawn
    Daisy Chick - Dawn says:

    I love the whole piece! Wear it proudly in a stunning sundress and hat when you go to your next gem/art show! Who knows someone may want to buy it off your neck! Sounds like you are very attached to it and i wuold keep it. You are right some pieces you will never get the investment or time out of it! I say keep it!

  21. Lynn g
    Lynn g says:

    They are all so beautiful, looks like a lot of work.

  22. Cotopaxi Chickie Sue
    Cotopaxi Chickie Sue says:

    This is so lush and fabulous! With all the work you have in it, I don’t blame you for keeping it! Besides, it’s a great testimony to your detailed work – you can at least wear it at shows! Wow…..

  23. Chickie Nonnie T
    Chickie Nonnie T says:

    So Gorgeous!

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