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fresh picks

Fresh Picks by Faithful Chick aka Faith

“Christmas Delight”

“This Chicks No Old Fossil”

“Blue Skies Clear up / Sunny”

“Botswana Agate”

“Pretty Chalcedite”

“My ~ "Out of Africa" ~ Bea”

“Aqua Fetish Lately :P LOL”

“Faithful Chick I Want These”

“Oh I Made a Rainbow! :P”

“Pick Me Up,Posie Woes for Me”

“LeopardSkin & Celtic Pride”

“Oh My Rosey Posey Agates”

“Upsy Daisy”

“Turquoise Again”

“The Navigator"Solomon's Mine”

“Happy B-Da RockiesMomForever”

“Where there is Fire there is”

“Bonnie Blue Bells”

“Smokey Summer New Growth”

“Black Beauty”

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