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2012 Pantone Fall Colors

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The colors are in! Read and comment about Pantone's selections on the blog... will you be using any in your designs? We've hand-picked hundreds of products that coordinate with this year's colors. Shop them all below!

Fresh Picks inspired by the Fall Pantones

Check out these fall-inspired Fresh Picks created by beaders from around the world. Want to add yours? Just design a Fresh Pick, and choose "Fall Pantones 2012" as the seasonal promo on your My Fresh Picks page.


6 Picked 11/11/12

“Berry Blush & Co.”

12 Picked 10/24/12


32 Picked 10/22/12

“Spartan Pride”

9 Picked 10/19/12

“Come Fly with Me”

4 Picked 10/19/12

“Still Good Advice”

13 Picked 10/12/12

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REMIX the Colors!

Pantone Color REMIX!

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