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“A Girl And Her Tools”

Description from Deb Harding: Who knew jewelry making could have SOOOOO many cool tools??? In the words of Tim The Toolman.... "Arrrrr..Arrrrr..Arrrr!!!! More power!!".

I love me some tools now. I was the merchandising sales rep for tools in Lowe's for several years and then worked in tools itself. Some guys don't like it when you know more about tools than them lol. Funniest memory: I had to set up a jobsite tablesaw display on a slanted stand. With my drill held between my knees I lift the saw up to the stand, put my shoulder against it to hold it there, then take my drill and screw it to the board with 3 inch wood screws. I see this guy watching me with this weird expression. He comes over, looks at me like I'm some kind of goddess and says "There is nothing hotter than a goodlooking woman with her own tools who knows how to use them." Too bad he was only in his 20's.


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  1. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    OH I forgot…yesterday I got to use a mini chop saw. Like a baby miter saw. Blade was the size of a silver dollar. It was awesome!!!! I used it to saw some long carved wood beads into 3 pieces so I would have MORE beads. Instead of 7…21!!!

  2. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    Love, love your story Deb! :-D
    You could give lessons to those of us that would love to learn these skills!
    Great pick!

  3. Frida
    Frida says:

    Ahhhh coool pick :D Great story ;)

  4. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Oh I don’t have the tools in this pick yet. They are on my wish list of things to get as I improve. I wish I had that Big Kick though. The whole vintaj aesthetic appeals to me. All tje jewelry on their website is so unique.
    Now if you’re talking about regular tools I could teach you stuff about drills, circular saws and nail guns.

  5. foxhill designs vt
    foxhill designs vt says:

    Deb, you are awesome! I also love using tools. They are just so fun. :)
    Great pick!

  6. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Well thanks Jolene. Tools are fun aren’t they?!?!
    And thank you Frida.

  7. Frida
    Frida says:

    Yes they are as long as they behave ;) My dad got me (or I haven’t got it yet) a soldering iron for christmas :D I have used some of his but they don’t really fits me. So now I can pick my own :) Have built some stuff for my birds as well. Great way to practice with tools.
    Butane torch is next on my jewelry tool list I think.

  8. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    I’ve got a soldering iron….somewhere…from when I used to do stained glass. Wasn’t very good at it, glass cuts you, soldering iron burns you so I gave that up.
    Don’t set yourself on fire!

  9. Frida
    Frida says:

    Åhhh Deb you should maybe retry again? No I will try to not set me or anything on fire. Haven’t burned me on the iron yet…

  10. puppychick  labratbecky
    puppychick labratbecky says:

    You guys are hilarious! I can just see Deb hoisting the big boy tools (that guy was dead on, btw! :) ) and then Frida welding bird accoutrements together! I would love to come and take lessons! Hubby is no slouch but he wants me out of the way while he is cutting his fingertips off (twice!!!) I am afraid of big old circular saws so that little one sounds nice. :)

  11. Frida
    Frida says:

    :D :D LOL Becky! those circular saws are scary, specially the old ones. I have a electrical sticksaw the cricular I haven’t dared to try yet… Hammer is a good tool and screwdriwer :P

  12. Frida
    Frida says:

    … ohhh your hubby should by a saw that not cut his fingers so easy…

  13. Frida
    Frida says:

    buy no by gaahhhh

  14. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    No that baby circular saw is the bomb!!! I want one. It belongs to my neighbors and they got it to cut trim and stuff for dollhouses.
    Becky when the guys came and put my privacy fence up all tje batteries totally died on their drills. I let them use my Hitachi hammer drill while their batteries charged up. LOL they said it had too much torque for them.

  15. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Actually Frida he should use the guard and keep his fingers out of the cutting path. Never in front of blade!!!!

  16. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    I’m.sorry I mean its a baby miter saw duh on me.

  17. Frida
    Frida says:

    A tiny cicural saw sounds cute :D

  18. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    We had one Lowes once it was about 1/4 scale. Used for masonry. Hitachi…I wanted it.bad!

  19. Frida
    Frida says:

    Deb is a pearl n Hitachi Gal ;) Awesome combo!
    My dad has a loooooot of tools so I can almost find what I need there but it aint the same as having ones own.

  20. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    yes if someone were to draw a caricature of me I would be wearing camoflauge board shorts and a bikini top, a tool belt slung low with a drill in one hand a board leash attached to.a bodyboard on the other wrist and a pack of little hooligan Chihuahuas at my feet with their big sister Pitbull guarding us all.

  21. Frida
    Frida says:

    :D :D Hahhahahah LOL actually you read my mind because that was almost exactly the picture I got in my mind when reading the comments here ;) + a big necklace with big pearls. And some drooling 20 years guys looking hihihihihihihi :P

  22. Frida
    Frida says:

    Ohh now it’s sleepy time! Good Night Deb and all friends :)

  23. Asia
    Asia says:

    :D Hilarious !!!

  24. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Durn I forgot the pearl necklace!!!
    Night Frida.

  25. puppychick  labratbecky
    puppychick labratbecky says:


  26. Blooming Ideas
    Blooming Ideas says:

    Being a mixed media artist first and a beading dabbler second …it is nice to have so many of these tools already that I can also use for jewelry making. A wonderful pick! :)

  27. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Well I’m lucky that I had all the different pliers at least 3 times over. I wish I had a lot.of the other tools.
    thanks :)

  28. No Photo
    beadswithbooks says:

    Loved the story…It almost made me want to learn how to use some of the tools in the basement :-) Just checked with my husband about that mini chop saw…told him we needed one.

  29. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    HAHAHAHAHA — I just love these conversations! 8)

    What a great pick, Deb — hope it makes POD! :D

    I have a jeweler’s butane torch & it is so much fun to use! Hammers & other items around the house are fun to experiment with, too. :D

  30. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    The mini chop saw was at a store called Harbour Freight. It is for craft woodworking such as dollhouses and models. It is the bomb. I want one and not just because I have a fasination with tiny things.

    Actually I’m a little nervous about the torch Lynn…lol.

    Thank you.

  31. Blooming Ideas
    Blooming Ideas says:

    Very fortunate indeed to have all the pliers 3x’ over. :-D Harbor Frieght is a great place to go. I was introduced to that place by my friend who is also named Deb…talent must run in the name. :) You are sure to have all sorts of fun with the torch. I agree playing with fire made me a little nervous too. I just love how I can change the patina of certain metals.

  32. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Ooooooh didn’t know it would do.that….now I want one. Another addition to the wish list. :D

  33. Medieval Momma
    Medieval Momma says:

    Your pick is going in to my faves! Loved the conversation! Now I’ll have to look for a drill and a mini saw and…

  34. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Make.sure you get a drill.with a good.warranty.and.has plenty of RPM’s. I dont recommend Black.&.Decker.or DeWalt. The batteries on those 2 are the first things to go. I like Hitachi, Bosch, Makita.

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