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“BAD Bus Company, BAD! BAD”


Description from Mommykat Bubbly Chick: So again yesterday one of the busses comes home from the special needs school missing a child! I cannot believe the stupidity of a staff member & teacher for not putting the child on the bus or calling me & saying hay so & so, he is still here at school.
I am amazed by the total lack of compassion that would allow a bus driver to leave a special needs child, the bureaucracy of the bus company in telling the driver it was ok to leave the child and then passing the blame & denying all responsibility.
The school distric for continuing to employ such a company, and the Superintendant of Special needs for failing to follow protocal.
Protocal stipulates in all three IEp/ISP's that I be called if a child is not on the bus unless they have been notified by myself personally. This protocal was put in place after the last time this happened.
One single phone call would have advised me a child was still at school needing transpotation. Instead a non verbal child gets off bus alone. He of course cant tell me where his brother is. Much Chaos & Buttkicking folllowed.

This morning the idiot owner of the bus company actually said to me & I am quoting " you dont have any idea how hard it is to transport special needs children" UGH!!!!! I was on hold yesterday for over 3 hours, and had 3 phones going at the same time. Juggler, thy name is Mom!
I am so frustrated!


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  1. No Photo
    Jeannes Gems - Gem Chick says:

    Your frustration has produced a lovely pick Lorrie.

    I can’t believe the idiocy of the bus company. And that the owner actually said that to you the mother of 3 special needs children. And where is the school’s responsibility in this? Someone has to be responsible for making sure the child gets on the bus. We have attendance lists at our school and the bus monitor notifies the bus driver if a special needs student is not getting on the bus. I hope you get satisfactory closure on this.

  2. Mommykat Bubbly Chick
    Mommykat Bubbly Chick says:

    Jeanne, I have no feeling of resolution at all. The protocal is (in my mind) completely invalid if not followed! It is so sad that it happened, and this is the third time this year since January!

    Thank you for listening! No one I spoke with yesterday had any sympathy for the oanic of finding your child missing, or the anger that no one was accepting responsibility for their part in things!

  3. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    GAH!!!!!!!!! 8O
    The stupidity of the people you are dealing with leaves me speachless, angry and very sad. Lorrie I am so sorry you have to deal with such mindlessness. Hopefully things will change in the near future and give you peace of mind. ….and give those folks a compassionate heart and a BRAIN!

  4. sunny chick
    sunny chick says:

    Oh Lorrie, I cannot begin to imagine the panic you felt when your child was not on the bus, or the frustration while you waited on hold for three hours. This is inexcusable of the school and the bus company.

  5. No Photo
    Chicky Zee aka Alice says:

    Oh Lorrie better you than me that idiot need to be punished where is their heart.People never take in considersation maybe it could have been their own that this could have happen to and you see the table turn. Keep the faith LOL!

  6. Mommykat Bubbly Chick
    Mommykat Bubbly Chick says:

    Thank you Ladies for understanding! I really appreciate that! I needed that so very much this morning!
    Thankfully my child eventually was brought home safe- hopefully this mistake will not be repeated. Certainly, no one wants to deal with angry me again! 8O

  7. AllureofGemsGlamJulia
    AllureofGemsGlamJulia says:

    What happened to you is inexcusable ignorance!
    They should be penalized for such accidents
    at least monetarily ! And for sure they should give you an apology!

    So sorry, sweetheart…

    Hugs, Julia

  8. Mommykat Bubbly Chick
    Mommykat Bubbly Chick says:

    Thank you Julia!

  9. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Oh, Lorrie — I can only imagine how worried, upset, angry, & frustrated you must have felt! So glad to hear your son is OK, though it must have been confusing for him to have been left behind at the school. The driver deserves to be fired, in my opinion. Let’s hope this outrageous behavior never happens again!!! Hugs to you!

  10. Mommykat Bubbly Chick
    Mommykat Bubbly Chick says:

    Lynn! Thank you so much!!!!!! it was quite the ordeal; not the least of it was me loosing my temper all over the superintendant of special needs for the school district! Very eventful day

    The driver was apparently followinf orders from the owner of the company. I wish there was an alternative transportation- I am so saddened by the one currently being used

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