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“Bu Yang Huan Wu”


Description from Elis Mom: With Miss Dixie's spinal injuries, we have been embarking on different treatment modalities. The latest is accupuncture and Chinese Herbs. Whilst she protests the placing of the needles, she settles once it is done...Still hard on Mom...but done out of love...Second treatment completed, and maybe some improvement seen. She sleeps well tonight. Still saving for a cart. Hope to have it soon!


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  1. J Yee smart chick
    J Yee smart chick says:

    Elis mom, my good wishes for Dixie’s recovery go to you and your family, sending lots of love your way!!

  2. Frida
    Frida says:

    Thanks for the update on Dixie. Hope the axccupuncture gives her som relief and that you soon can afford her wheels. How much are those carts, if you don’t mind me asking? Hugs to you :)

  3. No Photo
    Chicky Zee aka Alice says:

    Best wishes for Dixie’speedy recovery , Great pick!

  4. Asia
    Asia says:

    Good luck to Dixie, believe or not I am a supporter of accupuncture, keep as updated :D

  5. foxhill designs vt
    foxhill designs vt says:

    Susie, I hope Dixie’s treatments are successful and she continues to improve.
    By the way, this pick is beautiful. Love the combination of earthy colors. A fav. :D

  6. puppychick  labratbecky
    puppychick labratbecky says:

    Hugs, gentle ones, to Miss Dix!! and to her mommy! Beautiful pick! Hope the treatment helps!

  7. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    Thanks for all the hugs!
    Frida, the cart I would LIKE to get is $485. The one I will most LIKELY get is about $350.

  8. NY Bella
    NY Bella says:

    Fab pick! Sending good wishes to your Miss Dix!!

  9. puppychick  labratbecky
    puppychick labratbecky says:

    Susie–you can pimp it out!!! Dixie and her ghetto sled!!! :)

  10. Laud
    Laud says:

    Aww…hope the acupunture helps. Lovely pick, by the way–lots of my favorites in here.

  11. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    Becky, you KNOW I’m gonna pimp it out! It’s gonna have feathers, and tassles, and rhinestones, and…..Hey! Do you think I can get her some “spinners”?

  12. Frida
    Frida says:

    Ohh so much money they cost. Miss Dix should have a nice one, of course pimped. Hmmm could we help in some way? bead for Miss Dix to get her wheels?

  13. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    Frida, you are so kind!

  14. OK Jacki
    OK Jacki says:

    Susie, So sorry to hear of Miss Dixie’s continuing challenges. It is so difficult to watch our fur babies age & struggle, but I think we all appreciate your dedication to her comfort & well-being. Accupuncture can be a great thing – I have had some success w/ my autoimmunce problems thru accup. I’m a believer. Hugs for you and Dixie. Perhaps we need a Fresh Pick challenge for how to bling out Miss Dixie’s Chariot! :-)

  15. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Poor Miss Dixie. This is the conversation I missed so now I understand. My advice here is if you have a charge card (I don’t so I don’t know) use it. Then you can pay it gradually. I don’t normally advice using them…I’m a believer in paying for it. But I wish I had one right now. I just had to spend $180.00 I cant afford because all my cats caught this cold and gave it to Momma Precious and her babies. I still don’t know if tje babies are going to make it. And now Binky, the other pregnant Momma I took in, is at this moment having babies.
    This makes me feel bad that this bill is hard for you Susie. A person as generous as you should not have to worry about being able to help her furbaby.

  16. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    Thanks Deb. I don’t have any credit cards either, or I’d certainly use it here. I am blessed that my vet has an automatic debit program, so all of the payments for Miss Dix’s vet bills are preset. I have a few more months till the bills are paid, then I can save in earnest for Dix’s cart. They say it’s best to get them into one ASAP, as they take to it easier, but, Dix is an amazing little soul. I think she’ll do OK once we have it.

    I hope your little ones do OK.

  17. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Susie, this is such a lovely pick to share Dixie’s health issues. How did she injure her spine? Thoughts & prayers are heading your way! :)

  18. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    Thanks Lynn. Apparently Corgis are prone to intervertebral disc disease. The discs collapse, and cause nerve damage. She’s had a few good days lately, but tonight she seems to have slipped backwards, and seems unwell. I hope tomorrow is better.

  19. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Susie, I’m so sorry you & Dixie are going through this. I’m keeping you both in my thoughts & prayers. Hugs to you, dear friend!

  20. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    Thanks Lynn. Not much improvement tonight. New problems to deal with actually…I’m having a hard time keeping up.

  21. Chicky Red-haired Grammy
    Chicky Red-haired Grammy says:

    Susie, what sort of cart is needed for Miss Dix? Might there be a handyman somewhere in your area who can fit her out for far less than hundreds of dollars? Baby doll baby carriage wheels etc? I am not minimising the issue at all, just trying to find the quickest means of relief for Miss D. Eli must certainly miss his playmate!
    Luvnhugs to you all, my friend.

  22. Lois D
    Lois D says:

    I am so sorry about Miss Dix, but she is lucky to have such a caring “Mom”.
    Have you contacted this organization already?:

    They may be able to help with a loan of a cart, although as you know from first-hand experience, they say a custom fit cart is best. I apologize if you have this info. already – just trying to help. Have been doing rescue work for all types of animals for years. It’s like beading…it’s in your blood :) Best regards, Lois

  23. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    Hi Merilee. I understand completely what you are saying. I’m looking into dog wheelchair rentals, used chairs, etc. Even contacting the schoolboard to see if the shop class will take on the project of building a chair. I was hoping for wheels with bearings. I’ve read the baby carriage wheels don’t work well….

    Lois, my local Corgi rescue has 4 carts, all in use. Have an app to Corgi Aid. Just waiting…

  24. Chicky Red-haired Grammy
    Chicky Red-haired Grammy says:

    May your wait be short … congratulations on Miss D’s weekly favourites!

  25. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    Thanks, Merilee! Hugs to you!

  26. J Yee smart chick
    J Yee smart chick says:

    Elis mom, congrats to you on this fab Pick for miss Dix being a fave of the week, how is she doing???

  27. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    Thanks, Joyce! After a long week and a half of skin issues, UTIs, and daily baths, Dixie is settling down. She’s much more happy and relaxed. Even able to walk a few steps here and there. She goes for another accupuncture visit on Friday.

  28. Granny Nancy
    Granny Nancy says:

    I think acupuncture, by the right person, can be so helpful. I have a chronic illness whereby I was most of the time. I had accupuncture for back pain but it didn’t help because the only answer was surgery. But in working on other symptoms I was experiencing I realized the dizziness I’d been experiencing for years, was slowly going away. Only when I overdo does it feel like I might get dizzy again. I feel sick to my stomach first. When that happens, I slow down. It occured a lot after my hubby passed but gradually with a lot of rest I’m so much better.

  29. Granny Nancy
    Granny Nancy says:

    And congrats on this being a weekly fav. By the way, is TheChickiesJewelry up for business yet? Or have I spelled it wrong?

  30. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    Update on Dix. She is SOOOOO much better tthe last 2 days! Like night and day. Walking just a little bit. Reality is she will need the cart, as she won’t get back to where she was. But it’s so good to see her feeling good!

    Nancy, glad you are better.

    TheChickiesJewelry is not up and running yet…hope it will be by this time next week.

  31. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    Update on Dix. 3rd treatment yesterday. Bribed her with lots of cookies during the placement of the needles, so she didn’t really notice them.
    Unfortunately, her skin issues aren’t quite resolved…so she’s back on Pred, and off Rymadil….and not moving very well. Hope to have things back under control in a few days….

  32. puppychick  labratbecky
    puppychick labratbecky says:

    Hang in there, Dix!! And you, too, Susie!

  33. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    Thanks, Becky!

  34. Granny Nancy
    Granny Nancy says:

    Is Miss Dixie on a special diet? I’d like to order her some homemade treats. There’s a young lady on Etsy who is autistic and made dog biscuits. I buy her homemade dog biscuits and would like to send a few to you for Miss Dixie to try.

  35. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    Nancy, you are too kind! Dix is on a raw diet, but most home made cookies are fair game. Thank you!

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