MAKUstudio Raku Blue Bird Focal Bead (piece #9) 35x18mm

MAKUstudio Raku Blue Bird Focal Bead (piece #9) 35x18mm
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Item # 39493
Measurements: 2.5mm hole, 10.6mm thick

From the Artist...

“Raku is fragile, please handle with care. Keep your raku in an air tight container or zippered bag when storing. Do not swim or leave your piece in water. Keep your piece out of direct sunlight, as it will affect the glaze. I wash my pieces very well, but on occasion you will see some ash residue that will rub off from the parts that are not glazed. This will come out of your clothing with no problem, but if it concerns you, you can paint clear nail polish on the back of a pendant.”

  - Mak