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Mookaite Graduated Stick Drops 5-6x15-57mm

Mookaite Graduated Stick Drops 5-6x15-57mm
Mookaite Graduated Stick Drops 5-6x15-57mm View the Strand Variance
Mookaite Graduated Stick Drops 5-6x15-57mm See a Full Strand
Mookaite Graduated Stick Drops 5-6x15-57mm Glamour Shot!
15-16" strand
Item # 55674
Beads per strand (approximately) 73

More about Mookaite

Mookaite gemstone beads come in warm, rich tones of burgundy, pink, purple, and golden yellow interlaced with creamy beige and white. The beautiful colors in these gemstone beads remind us of autumn leaves in Michigan - pass us the apple cider and donuts, please! The name Mookaite is derived from the location in which it is mined - Mooka Creek, in Western Australia. Our mookaite gemstone beads are of great color and have wonderful polish, you won't be disappointed!

Mookaite is a member of the jasper family. Jasper is a combination of chalcedony and quartz, and has been used in jewelry and decorative arts for thousands of years.

Mookaite is said to be a healing stone that also encourages action. This includes encouraging exciting yet grounded adventure - on a spiritual or earthly plane.

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