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“Need Your Advice...Please :)”


Description from Breezy Chick aka Bree: I would really appreciate some advice. I've been looking at designs on line and being a total beginner I have many questions on how these designs come together.
1. Jump rings... what is the difference/purpose of opened or closed jump rings?
2. Connectors... if I were to use connectors as a focal point in a necklace, how would I keep the necklace from looking scrappy with all the crimps everywhere holding the connectors in place or is there some other way? (same question for the jump rings).
3. Leather....I love the look of necklaces that have the precious stones/metals at the front/centre of the necklace and the back half is leather thong. Would you use a jump ring to connect the string of beads to the leather and how do you make this look tidy? Also what kind of crimps would you use on leather?
4. Sterling Silver....I want to use sterling silver beads & findings in my pieces... does anybody recommend a site that sells sterling silver beads and findings? Would love to get my hands on some sterling silver cones also... any recommendations?
Thats it for now, I'm sure there will be more questions to come. Thanks for taking the time to read all my questions. :-) Hope they make sense.


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16" strand $13.70 OUT OF STOCK
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  1. No Photo
    Faithful Chick aka Faith says:

    I guess welcome is in order. This is exactly how I felt a few weeks ago. Still finding new things about this site. I know 1 thing beading is definitely adictive and rather expensive, but extremely fun. I am not the one to ask but I did post my first piece a few days ago. What fun. Questions sound familiar enough to me. Lots of help from these girls. Thank heavens. Lots of good people here Lima Beads is so addictive

  2. No Photo
    Faithful Chick aka Faith says:

    Gorgeous pick by the way, didn’t mean to leave that out. I just get so carried away over everything Lima Beads. LOL

  3. Breezy Chick aka Bree
    Breezy Chick aka Bree says:

    Thanks Faith… we’ll get through this together… lol. Am going to go and have a look at your piece now :-)

  4. Elaine aka Belly Chick
    Elaine aka Belly Chick says:

    This is a beautiful pick….a fave!!! I will leave the advise to those ladies that have been beading longer than I have but I will be back to see what they have to say about your really good questions! :-D

  5. Anita QoG Funny Chick
    Anita QoG Funny Chick says:

    Well let me try; 1.Some jump rings don’t open, so you wire wrap or use a junp ring that opens to attach something else. (jumprings are used for connecting other things) 2. I would use jumprings to connect the links to cord or chain, and, if it’s cord, crimp the cord end, if it’s chain the jumpring, connects both link & chain.
    3. There are backs that can be glued on, so you can run a cord through them, or jumpring.
    4.I’ll leave that info in a note in the Garden, I don’t want to step on any toes.
    Hope this helps Bree.

  6. Leigh D
    Leigh D says:

    Hey Bree – no problem – I wish I would have had folks to ask these questions of when I got started beading.
    1) open jump rings are for attaching eyepins/headpins etc to loops – closed jump rings are used most often for the hoop side of a clasp 2)connectors – the way I have found is to “hide” the crimp with crimp covers – that way u are not looking directly at the crimp – the crimp covers look just like a round bead when closed 3)leather – there are special cord ends for “terminating” the ends of leather so that you can attach a clasp. As far as attaching a string of beads to the leather – fold the leather at the end to form a loop and string the stringing wire through – you can use metal wire of your choice to wrap around the leather to hold the “loop” as is.4) sterling – I do alot of shopping on ebay and at local bead shows for my sterling – however here lately I have started using lead free pewter b/c sterling prices are insane – hope this helps some

  7. Sandra Martinez
    Sandra Martinez says:

    I suggest you take a beginner course at your local bead store…or Michaels…ask Chicky Harriet…she has taught at Michael’s. I would be glad to put it into words but after a wordy 1,000 word explanation….you really would want to tear your hair out….and probably get more confused…..

  8. Anita QoG Funny Chick
    Anita QoG Funny Chick says:

    Sali Jo, She lives in Australia, I don’t think they have a Micheals. LOL………………… Hey… I could be wrong!!!!

  9. Sandra Martinez
    Sandra Martinez says:

    OPPSSSSSSSSSSSS! My bad…or should I say bead….Australia surely has bead stores!!!! Go ask the Aboriginals…they have been using beads for zillions of years…..opps…sorry…my ignorance is showing….

  10. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Hey Bree. I’ll toss my two cents worth in also. Check your local bead store or local book seller for books on basic beading. Look through the books for information on stringing and finishing. DON’T let your self get caught up in all of the fabulous designs and techniques for the more advanced beader. I did that when I first started beading and had no idea what I was looking at or reading about. Confusion. Despair. Cursing. :D

    I’ll do a little checking on line for some basic books and get back to you on what I find. Between the books and the Chickies you’ll be making progress before you know it.

  11. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    BTW I forgot to tell you your pick is great. I love the black and green color combo.

  12. Breezy Chick aka Bree
    Breezy Chick aka Bree says:

    Thank you all so much, I really appreciate your input… I think your right little round chick… I have been focusing on (or dreaming about) elaborate designs and I don’t even know my basics…lol… but they are so beautiful…. focus Bree…I was hoping I’d just skip the basics and get straight into the fancy stuff :-) Will take your advice on board. As for books, I went to the local book store and ended up walking out with nothing as there were so many choices, I became overwhelmed and confused… so thank you so much for looking into that for me. Thanks Anita, Leigh and Sali Jo also… all that info is great… and yes Sali Jo.. I know, I know, I know… I should take some classes, will ask Santa Clause to grant that wish for me.

  13. No Photo
    Chicky Zee aka Alice says:

    Hi Bree Check local bead shop for books on basic beading.I purchase my periciou metals from a vendor Great pick by the way .Check your email.

  14. Breezy Chick aka Bree
    Breezy Chick aka Bree says:

    Thanks Elaine :-)

  15. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    Bree! I love your honesty! I sat befuddled looking at the fancy filligree metal tubes on LB for weeks before I asked what we use them for. I agree with Sali Jo about classes. I learned at the chain craft store she references – a local vocational tech school may also offer beginner classes in the evenings – and a lot of bead stores have classes – they fun – and you can learn by watching the other ladies and asking them questions, too – I have noticed right here on the LB and in local shops, that beading gals are very generous with sharing their knowledge and skill. I learn better by watching than from books, personally, but that’s just me. One tid-bit I would add, is that when you get home from your class, set aside time and practice what you just learned right away, while it’s fresh in your mind – a day or two later and you may forget little details. I would love to answer your questions, but at times, I’m still finding my way thru this too. Good luck – and more importantly, have fun! :)

  16. Breezy Chick aka Bree
    Breezy Chick aka Bree says:

    Thanks Alice and Smokey Rose… so glad I found LB and all of you… this is great!!!

  17. Elaine aka Belly Chick
    Elaine aka Belly Chick says:

    Another small suggestion…when I was stumped about something, I went to the local library were I found some good books for beginners that were helpful. That way, you’re not putting out a lot of money for books, just borrowing them!! :-D

  18. Breezy Chick aka Bree
    Breezy Chick aka Bree says:

    Off to work now, will check in again on this in 10 hours….. thanks all.

  19. Aqua Chickie Cat
    Aqua Chickie Cat says:

    Well, I say go with what appeals to and suits your learning style. For example, I learn much more in much less time if I throw the rules of order out the window and learn and do what interests me most at the time. Schoolin’ and rules of order paralyze my creative energy.

  20. No Photo
    Faithful Chick aka Faith says:

    Oh boy where to start huh? Here I’ve seen so many of your gorgeous picks that I just assumed you had been at this for a long time. Well I must say your first 2 creations are wonderful. I hope you can find time and a live bead shop. The one I found in Gainesville, Florida was really helpful. If you cannot find a place to take classes or to have a helpful sales clerk check out your local book store or on line for beading books. I bought my first book tonight. It has some wonderful things in it. Lots of discriptive pictures on bead caps all findings which are the things used besides beads to make things and tools also. Keep asking questions. It is a good way to learn and as they said remember to label because your stash of beads will soon be too many to remember. LOL. Good Luck and we’re learning together, as you say.

  21. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Did a little checking on line for beading books. I found a couple that sounded like they might be what you are looking for. With great good luck they will be available at your local book seller. A quick look through should let you know.

    Getting Started Stringing Beads by Jean Campbell
    Do Easy Beading by Liz Thornton and Jean Power.
    I found these two titles on the Barns and Noble on-line web site. Amazon probably has them too.

  22. Happy Chick aka Harriet
    Happy Chick aka Harriet says:

    OK, my turn. :D I read through these and, as usual, I am so impressed by the friendly and generous people who are here at LB.
    I did teach at the local Michaels Store, but they no longer give lessons. There is always so much out there to learn that I encourage you to get a good grasp of basics, and practice, practice! Try to get a beginner lesson at your local bead shop if possible. There is little that works better than seeing things in person and having the opportunity to ask questions. If that is not an option, let us know. There are probably some good instructional DVD’s out there.
    I have found the “Bead Style” magazine to be a good source. They list basic info and do a good job of showing how to use techniques. You can find this at :, or your local bookstore. I find them at “Barnes and Noble” all the time.
    A good beginner book is “The Impatient Beader” by Margot Potter. It was published by North Light Books in 2006. She starts with beginning level projects and takes you through increasingly more difficult levels. There is lots of good information. You might be able to find this one through a local library, or even online.
    One last thing: I love the closed, or soldered jump rings for attaching my beading wire to either chain or strands of other material. They will not accidentally pull open with stress and wear, so once your beading wire is passed through and crimped you have a secure hold. Then you can attach leather, as mentioned above, through the other side of the ring, or open a loop of chain and attach there. I have also done this with ribbon.
    I just like knowing the ring is secure, especially when working with a sterling jump ring which often seems a little soft if it is not very thick. They do make stronger rings, which are usually labeled “heavy’.
    Feel free to message me if there is anything else I can help with. We are very glad you have joined us here at LB.

  23. Breezy Chick aka Bree
    Breezy Chick aka Bree says:

    Thank you all so much, all that info is very much appreciated and will be put to use. Lol…. Harriet, “The Impatient Beader” is me all over. Thanks Little Round Chick for looking up those titles for me, am going to try and get my hands on one of them. Thanks again all.

  24. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    Best of luck to you Breezy! I really can’t add much more than what the other Chicks have already said. I’ve actually picked up a few tips from them myself! :-)
    Don’t give up, Keep beading! But it sounds like you’re already hooked! ;-)
    Love this pick!!!!

    Thanks LRC for the book titles!!! :-)

  25. Valentine Chick
    Valentine Chick says:

    Welcome and my advice is to definitely use these colors together b/c they are fabulous and certainly take all of these chickies pieces of advice. LOL

  26. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Hi Bree. Have we overwhelmed you with advice? You obviously have the desire and I would say from looking at your pick you have a good eye for color. Just remember the K.I.S.S principle…Keep it simple sweetie. (Usually that last S is for “stupid” but that is too insulting for a Chicky.) :)

  27. Happy Chick aka Harriet
    Happy Chick aka Harriet says:

    Absolutely right LRC! Chickies would never be that rude! ;)
    I never meant to write a book for Bree last night, but when I looked it over, I thought it all made sense enough, so I submitted it anyway. Of course, it was getting late, and I can go on, and on, and…oh, dear..getting late again. ;)

  28. No Photo
    Cotopaxi Chickie Sue says:

    Bree, I love your pick! I was going to give you some info too, but I agree with the other Chickies here that it is best to work with the books listed above. The beginning of these books usually explain what all these components are, as well as how to use basic tools. LRC gives great advice – the KISS approach is always best! Good luck to you! :D

  29. Breezy Chick aka Bree
    Breezy Chick aka Bree says:

    Lol… I will keep the KISS principle in mind LRC when my new shipment of beads arrive. By the way Harriet you are very good at explaining things and everything you said made perfect sense. Everybody has been so helpful… I’m sure I will be referring to all the comments above in the near future. Thanks Sue, Valentine Chick and Mary also.

  30. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Bree, first of all — this is a beautiful pick! Second of all — I’m not sure what to add to all the excellent advice you’ve already received from the wonderful ladies above! There are so many great books out there and I made the mistake of buying too many of them when I first started out (KISS, Lynn!) — got carried away by the beautiful photos, etc. Good idea to see what your library might have to offer or what someone else could recommend (see above comments). “BeadStyle” is a fabulous magazine for all levels of beaders — I love it and their website, which is free also to nonsubscribers. There are a couple of features on the site for subscribers only, but most of it (including free patterns/designs, tips, etc.) is free!!! :D Lots of other sites have great tips/designs for free. is a great one for those. You have to sign up, but it’s free. Then each Mon, Wed, & Fri, they send you an e-mail with beading advice/tips and a pattern/design on Fri’s. You can log on anytime to get free patterns or ask for advice from the staff or other beaders. Of course, if you have a local beading shop, that is a great place to go for advice/classes. I’ve learned a lot just by hanging out there and making new beading friends in the process. Next thing you know, we’re working on a project and swapping ideas! :D

    Of course, you can always come here to the Garden where you will find the most wonderful beaders in the world, right? :D

    Did I say I didn’t think I had anything to add? ROTFLOL

  31. Chicky ChaCha
    Chicky ChaCha says:

    Hi Bree—believe it or not there are a lot of things you can find by just googling in on the internet. Try that first before you maybe have to go out and buy a lot of things. Stringing is a very nice beading magazine that has lots of earring and bracelet and other samples of put together pieces and that sometimes helps BUT and I say BUT you are so good at your fresh picks you have a very natural artistic ability already—you will do great. All of the other advice is wonderful but I KNOW how much money I have spent over the few yrs (very naughty Chacha) I have been beading and just throwing in my version of some “lean” beading. I wish I could say the same thing about my unlean body.

  32. Chicky Bear-Tara
    Chicky Bear-Tara says:

    For once, I have some advice…If you want to use open jumprings, as a ring for a clasp, or to add a stringed beaded section, there are some little things that you can add called string thimbles. Put this on after you slide the crimp bead on, but before you crimp it. It makes a nice, thicker,curved end and helps to keep the wire loop from slipping through the open jumpring end. Go to “” and look up cable thimble.

  33. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    FYI, Bree, what Tara refers to are also known as wire guardians, depending upon where you get them. :D

  34. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Sorry, submitted too soon…

    Chicky ChaCha is right about “Stringing” being a great magazine, too. If you are interested in wire work, “Step by Step Wire Jewelry” is a great one for all levels.

  35. Breezy Chick aka Bree
    Breezy Chick aka Bree says:

    Thanks Tara, Mary and Lyn, didn’t realize there were so many options. I have been spending alot of money on beads lately Mary, so free internet lessons sound good to me. Now I just have to pry myself away from the Lb site to do so… lol.. maybe tomorrow. Off to bed now ladies, thanks again.

  36. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Good night, Bree! Happy Bead Dreams!!! :D

  37. Violet
    Violet says:

    How exciting Bree , that you are starting the wonderful world of
    beading and designing jewelry… sounds like you are hooked like the rest of us…. can’t add much more but maybe a couple of things…. when I started learning… I bought inexpensive beads and craft wire for practice…. it’s much cheaper when you make a mistake… especially since silver is so expensive right now…. you don’t want to be throwing ruined silver crimps or wire in the trash….. Once I learned the techniques…. I moved on to silver….
    Also, check out the local college for jewelry classes…. they are usually advertised as adult education… but anyone can take them…I am still in a class that is through the local college… but held at the community center…. it’s free…. and very helpful…. lots of new projects and techniques each semester….. it’s a lot of fun and the teacher is amazing !!!
    Good luck with your new adventure… keep us posted on the books you find helpful and any classes you find to take…..
    Oh yeah, and love this and your other picks !!!! You will do great…. I just know it !!!!!!!!

  38. FaeryGoth Chick
    FaeryGoth Chick says:

    Nothing much to add here, since it has been raining tips here :-) I wish you luck Bree, I am also new at this and it is indeed addictive and a bit expensive because I only want to work with gemstones and quality material but that is my own choice. I am sure you will make beautiful designs because your fresh picks are always gorgeous, no doubt the designs will be too!

  39. Harriet aka BeadVizChick
    Harriet aka BeadVizChick says:

    Hi Breezy: I have read over most of the suggestions made earlier and I really can’t add too much else. I do have a couple of ideas for you. If you google “Interweave Press” they are the publisher of about as many books on beading and crafts that you can possibly imagine. I subscribe to several beading mags and check out many tutorials that are given free online by other beading vendors. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to send me a message. I have also taken quite a few classes both at beading retreats and at my local beadshop. I wish you much luck. It is definitely a process which will evolve for you as time goes on. ENJOY the ride! Harriet M.

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