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“Needing Comfort”

Description from EPBCornell: It's been an up & down day. I began the morning feeling like crying for no reason. Found some cheer here.
I miss my kitties, Enzo & Cedric, always good for snuggling & purring in my company to love me back, following me around the house. I love my dog, my champ, Ace, but he is mistrustful of snuggling-- doesn't like to be held at all. He even has a hard time letting his guard down to nap on the bed with me. You'd think he'd trust me after 9 years of nothing but affection & treats. I know he loves me back, he just doesn't express it as comfortingly as my kitties did. There is something extra special & comforting about the affection shown by a cat. I feel for everyone who loses a dear kitty. You never forget a great cat. Although this is true of our dear pups, too. The love & meaning all our furbabies add to our lives is immeasurable.
The birds are here for their gentle sweetness and nurturing nature, nesting & caring for their young.
Flowers for finding comfort in nature's beauty and the kind gesture of sharing it with others.
Felt & fibers because I want to curl up in a blanket.
The gemstones are chosen for their metaphysical properties as much as their soft colors. (Other stones to consider for calm, comfort & positivity: chalcedony, Australian chrysoprase, China chrysocolla, druzy, tourmaline, hemimorphite, larimar, charoite, tourmalinated quartz, zebra, kambaba & dalmatian jaspers, obsidian, pietersite, peridot, rhyolite, agate. The meanings are marginally different to tailor to the specific challenges to meet.)
The cross, of course. Pray for comfort. Sometimes I just forget to ask & turn to Him when I need it.


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  1. SilverCords aka Judy
    SilverCords aka Judy says:

    This is a beautiful, comforting pick! Sending warm thoughts your way for better days ahead. BTW, I love that sun-mist hand dyed ribbon . . . it spoke to me as well!

  2. Chali-o
    Chali-o says:

    This makes me think of a hug and I can almost smell my Grandma’s quilt. It had light colors and was on the spare bed. My sister and I would stay the night with her. Thank you for the memory.

  3. dolllady aka Pam
    dolllady aka Pam says:

    Beautiful comforting pick. I know what you mean about forgetting about prayer until I was in a horrible mess. I love a block and a half between 4 of the major major streets in my area of the city. One of my major down days, I decided that every time I heard sirens of first responders I would pray for the responders and the people waiting for their services. To my surprise it helped me feel better and less anxious.

  4. No Photo
    MH says:

    Liz- This is a gentle and lovely pick. When I lost my 20 yr old cats, Katty and Sampson, I felt broken. My doctor said “You have to get something that will love you back.” I got Thena and Snow. No two cats have the same personality and I didn’t stop loving Katty and Sampson. My heart just gained more room to include Thena and Snow. Liz, I think you are aching to have cats and need to find some, kittens or rescue cats. (I’ve heard that most kittens are born in June- it’s a good time to find some.)

  5. No Photo
    C Magill says:

    This is a beautiful pick and so meaningful…..we lost both our dogs within 3 weeks of each other in a January . It was devastating, because our pups did support me emotionally. My parents also lost their dog a week before us; my parents set up a bird feeder….and it really did bring them a huge amount of joy…..I have one of these Gaea hearts… have inspired me to use it today! My thoughts and heart will be with you….

  6. EPBCornell
    EPBCornell says:

    Thank you all, for your kind thoughts and sharing your memories & experiences, the warm ones & the harder times when you needed comfort, too. Today is beginning a better day. Thoughts & prayers are working! I hope you are all doing well today, too. Sending you all thoughts & prayers for a good day.
    MH, about having cats again: unfortunately, my husband has said never again. He likes things neat and did not appreciate litter box trackings (which seemed to happen whatever mat we put down– which Cedric sometimes peed on) or the many tiny claw marks in the leather sofa from them jumping up, or tears in the sheets or quilts from jumping on the bed. They did get better about clawing up the corners of the furniture. Dave also just isn’t the cat person that I am. He came to appreciate aspects of my cats and admitted they had great character, albeit were inseparably bonded to me and more guarded with him, but he spent more of his time growing up bonding with dogs and is more a dog person. So while I would love to have kitties again, I’m afraid it’s a no-go. It would require circumstances beyond our control to get Dave to accept another cat in his house.

  7. Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary says:

    It is hard, no doubt; and it can be even harder to put our feelings out there as you have. Thank you for reminding us, for letting us remember all the love & affections our beloved pets have given us. May your heart be lifted by the good memories that you hold dear to it & all the good friends we have here on this site that help us through our rough times.

  8. Granny Nancy
    Granny Nancy says:

    My 2 best snugglers were 2 dogs that lived to be 16. I cried my heart out when we left NY and traveled to N. Carolina and left them in the care of my son. But I had all those wonderful years with them. There’s nothing like coming home from a horrid day at work and having 2 furbabes come racing to you so excited to see you as if you’d been gone for a week. They were too old and sick to put them thru the moving horrors and my #2 son loved them as though they were his. So that helped. I had some affectionate cats thru the years but those 2 dogs, a lab mix and a basset/golden retriever mix were the loves of my life.

  9. EPBCornell
    EPBCornell says:

    CC- Thank you for your kind support & reminder of friendship to be found in our (somewhat unusual in formation, endlessly wonderful in character) community.
    Oh, Nancy, your 2 dogs sound like they were wonderful loves, and heartbreaking to leave behind, even knowing it was best for them. Ace, a basset/lab(?) mix has the same heartwarming greeting, wiggling and jumping with joy to see me, taking the edge off whatever mishaps or demoralizing nonsense occurred for me at work. I will be devastated when his time comes. Even his quirks and what may be less desirable mannerisms are dear to me. I wouldn’t trade him for the world, not for enough money to live out the rest of my days in worry-free comfort. Truth. I never had a dog before & had no idea how we would understand each other & bond, but Ace has won my heart overwhelmingly. No more or less than my Enzo & Cedric, especially sweetest, special Enzo. They are all indelibly inscribed on my heart, imprinted in my psyche. I know it is the same for you with your special snugglers, the two dogs especially, but your other dearest furbabes, too, heart stretched like MH said, making room with each new love to inscribe, growing even with the scar tissue of every loss.
    I’ve been trying to take my sad feelings of missing the ones I loved who loved me back so well who have passed, and turn them to gratitude, to thanking them for having been so good to me, turn the sadness into an expression of love given in recognition of the goodness of the one I’m missing. I believe of people that there is something of their soul that doesn’t die with the body. I have had an experience inexplicable by physics after the death of someone dear to me, and I believe in life after death (and reckoning for sin or salvation by accepting Christ, gift of God’s grace). I only hope some essence of our dear loving pets survives the grave, too, and can feel the thankful love I try to send them when I’m missing them. (I admit I send messages and love to the people I’ve lost when I’m missing them, too, hoping they can hear me. It certainly helps me feel better to keep sharing with them, though they may have carried over to greater things than the happenings of my life on this world.)

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