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Non-Identical Twins

I’ve always resisted symmetry in my jewelry, so I’ve been thrilled to see the recent emergence of asymmetrical earrings in fashion.

My goal with the 5 earring designs below is to show that each earring in a pair can be different, but still look balanced hanging from your ears. I definitely found designing these earrings more difficult than designing a standard pair of matching earrings, but it was way more fun! Earrings are usually simple. If you put the same exact components on each side, they’re perfectly balanced. When you take away the matching components, you have to pay careful attention to the weight, color, and texture of each side. You’ll want to make sure you have a nice selection of similar (but not identical) components to choose from. I used everything from feathers and ceramic birds to sparkly crystals and wire. I also incorporated some ribbon. I love the texture it brings to a design and have been addicted to using it in everything lately. I’ve been wearing matching earrings all my life, so I can’t wait to put these non-identical twins into my ears.

Check out the earrings below in the Design Gallery!

Natural Disco Earrings

Swirling Seaform Earrings

Floating Feathers Earrings

Whimsy Bird Earrings

Brush Strokes Earrings

Read the comments (or add your own)

  1. Alice P
    Alice P says:

    I love these! My hubby doesn’t ‘get’ asymettrical jewelry, but my customers do! The Whinsy Bird Earrings are so sweet!

  2. No Photo
    J Derby says:

    I’ve been doing asy’s for so long now, I’m thrilled when someone else does it, too, so I don’t think I’m ready for the asylum alone!!!

  3. No Photo
    JoAnn M says:

    Great idea….now I know what to do with those odd number of beads left over from other projects

  4. No Photo
    D Nester says:

    I love asymetrical also! These are one of my favorites that I made!


  5. ScarletBegonias
    ScarletBegonias says:

    very cool!

  6. No Photo
    H Boyd says:

    I’m just beginning to get into asymetrical. My daughter is always a little sceptical when I tell her it’s meant to be like that, when she tries to even it up. I think I may be too modern for her.

  7. No Photo
    sewcreative says:

    I love these !! I made a pair using resin, and earrings with small round frames.
    I had an blue egg pic on one side and a bird on the other. Just in time for Spring.

  8. S Crowell
    S Crowell says:

    I love these design ideas. I have 3 peirced holes in left ear and one in right and have not worn matching earrings for a VERY long time. It drives my sister crazy, ha! I get LOTS of comments on my earrings (good way to showcase and get sales). Great post.

  9. jrkrbrown0419
    jrkrbrown0419 says:

    My ears are pierced 7 x’s (one in upper ear cartillage and 3 on each ear where they are supposed to be LOL). I usually mix up the earrings not because I want to just because my hair is long, if I don’t have my glasses on I can’t see what I’m doing and because I like to be different from everybody else. Here’s to mixin it up!!!!WOOOOOOOOO

  10. Laurel p
    Laurel p says:

    I love this idea!

  11. No Photo
    Brenda O says:

    I have worn different earrings for a while…a lady in Savannah, Georgia told me once I was a piece of Art….LOL..

  12. Crazy Basenji Lady
    Crazy Basenji Lady says:

    I love it! I made a lovely pair of earrings for my sister-in-law. She brought them back to me complaining they didn’t match. Just took them and let her pick from what I had made to replace. Some people don’t understand art.

  13. C Zwick
    C Zwick says:

    These are all brillant! I have not matching sets all ready to put together when I saw these. The new old trend “Wabi-Sabi” this fits right in. And they speak to me. I love not being ordinary! Thanks for all the inspiration you provide!

  14. S Gibson
    S Gibson says:

    I’ve always had a “thing” about earrings having to match — my new idea is for those BOLD enough to wear ONE spectacular EarUno — check out htpps://www.gibsongrafe.com/t/EarUno

    Attachment Attachment

  15. No Photo
    T Lehr says:

    I have always loved this idea! It really resonates with me. Interesting to see how it affects other people. Some notice and others do not! Just another little way to show our UNIQUENESS! Art is in the beholder!

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  1. No Photo
    YOU say:

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