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Tips & Techniques

Get tips and techniques to become a better beader at Lima Beads.


Preparing and Using Resin

About this Tip:

The following instructions will help you complete a basic resin project using LimaStudios Crystal Clear Resin. Our resin is self-doming, jeweler's grade, very safe to use, and it stays clear! Most of all—it's fun and anyone can do it, so give it a try!


The products featured in this tip are listed below.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1:
Dispense a minimum amount of resin (part A) into a measuring cup. Dispense an equal amount of hardener (part B) into the same cup.

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Step 2:
Mix the two parts together. Stir evenly until the mixture is clear (may take several minutes). Stir slowly and avoid whipping. Stirring too quickly will create an excess of air bubbles. Once mixture looks even and clear, let it stand for 5 minutes. You'll have about 30 minutes to work with the resin.

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Step 3:
Hold the cup over your bezel and pour slowly, using a stick to help manage the flow. Fill the bezel almost to the top. Overfilling may cause the resin to overflow as it dries. You can always add more later if it's not high enough.

Allow your completed project to sit and dry for 24 hours on a level surface. Resin fully cures in 3 days.

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Read the comments (or add your own)

  1. No Photo
    V Parker says:

    Have you placed photo on wood and used resin?
    String beads around edges of picture. Beautiful.

    About my order the beads are really nice.
    Thank you

  2. No Photo
    RonnyJ says:

    I’ve been wanting to use resin in a project for some time, and finally got eveything together. If it comes out like I think it should, I’ll post a picture of it.

  3. Kate
    Kate says:

    @ R Hunter: We’d love to see it on the Design Gallery! :-)

  4. Evangelina
    Evangelina says:

    I’m a little confused. You put the chatons/other small gems in first? Then you pour the resin in? So the gems are on the inside, right? Can you put metal charms inside and pour the resin in? What other materials can you put inside it?

  5. No Photo
    Alma y says:

    i need a book on setting my grandchildren pictures in resin.love the idea

  6. daisymae
    daisymae says:

    When you are making a piece with resin, if you need to add more resin to even out the piece when can you add more resin? After the 24 hours or does it have to fully cure to be able to add more resin to it?

  7. Trish W
    Trish W says:

    Does anyone know how this resin holds up against ice resin?

  8. No Photo
    Otis l says:

    comment se servir de la résine pour mettre sur du papier aquarelle Merci Louiselle otis

  9. K Hueschen
    K Hueschen says:

    HI! I really love this way this looks when its done, smooth and glossy, like glass! I made some pendents this past summer and they turned out great! Last week, I tried this with a double sided photo pendant, and some other pendants and after one week, they are still tacky. Is it possible I didn’t mix it right, maybe not enough harder ?Is there anyway to fix it? I thought maybe I could mix another batch and try to go over it. I am wondering, can I add just a thin layer of hardner to the top?

  10. RozMichele
    RozMichele says:

    Does anyone answer all these questions?

  11. No Photo
    Moogie says:

    If you ask customer service directly, they’d answer in a day or two. If information like this was presented a while back, it doesn’t seem like anyone checks for new comments. Of course, I have no idea, it just seems that way since it has happened with other tips.

  12. No Photo
    I Goldshmid says:

    I have a small blue stone, unusual shape, and several small opals, no-holes. I bought a round bezel to set all these stones in. Question: Do I put resin inside the bezel, then set the stones and then cover with resin, and let it dry???

  13. No Photo
    R pinto says:

    I want to dispense resin into small jewelry molds to look like real jewels, is there a special bottle dispenser to do this?

  14. No Photo
    Moogie says:

    Please try using customer service to ask your questions!

  15. No Photo
    C Dallara says:

    How do you use resin with an open frame and transfer sheet?

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  1. No Photo
    YOU say:

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