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Rejuvenating Gilders Paste

About this Tip:

Does your Gilders Paste look dry and cracked? Try this simple solution to get it spreading like new.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1:
It is not uncommon for your Gilders Paste to become dried out and cracked. This does not mean that the Gilders Paste is unusable, it just needs a little love.
Step 2:
This is what it looks like if you use it when it is too dry. The coverage will be thin and inconsistent and It'll probably crumble as you try to work with it.
Step 3:
You can either rejuvenate all of your Gilders paste or a small amount. I am showing you a small amount using the lid.
Step 4:
Add a drop or two of mineral spirits to the lid.
Step 5:
Begin knifing the Gilders Paste and mineral spirits together with the art palette knife or a popsicle stick. You can add more mineral spirits if needed or more Gilders Paste until you get a nice creamy consistency.
Step 6:
Spreading the rejuvenated Gilders Paste onto the opposite wings, I am really able see and feel a difference.
Step 7:
Once the dragonfly has been buffed, it is easy to see that it is worth the extra minute to rejuvenate your Gilders Paste.

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Read the comments (or add your own)

  1. No Photo
    trinkets says:

    Is there any other common household product you could use to soften the gilders paste?
    Baby oil…something like that?

  2. Beadlady3 aka Cindy
    Beadlady3 aka Cindy says:

    Don’t use oil. I found this on another website – “Do not use any oil base cleaners/solvents such as Turpenoid Natural. The oil content of these type of cleaners/solvents will not allow the Gilders Paste to dry and will remain wet or tacky for days to weeks. If you have accidentally used this type cleaner/solvent leave the tin open until completely dried out and then follow the suggestion for rejuvenation above.”

  3. No Photo
    S Wagner says:

    Cindy excellent advice! Thank you

  4. No Photo
    D Weintraub says:

    Wish I had read this before I bought Turpenoid natural as suggested on another website. It was quite expensive. Since I haven’t opened it I may be able to return it for a refund. Thanks for the tip.

    I can say what not to use. Mink oil is not a good idea. It made the Gilder’s Paste a nice consistency but it won’t set. I have a piece that has been sitting for about a month and is still wet. I saw on yet another website that clear nailpolish works. I may give that a try. Just take a little of the Gilder’s paste and put it in a separate location. Don’t use the tin, just in case it doesn’t work well. No commitments that way!

  5. V Smyder
    V Smyder says:

    Thanks so much for the advice! Glad I came here to look before I went and ruined my dried gold paste. Will look for a small bottle of mineral spirits to fix it right up so I can keep using it and my other Gilder’s pastes.

  6. No Photo
    L Carbine says:

    Plz keep in mind that not all mineral spirits are created equal. I purchased a brand of mineral spirits from Walmart named Klean Strip after I read to use mineral spirits and not turpenoids. I even researched the chemical properties of turpenoids vs. mineral spirits & learned that they are both by-products of petroleum, but the difference is the turpenoids have not been completely de-oiled and the mineral spirits have been de-oiled. Well, guess what? The mineral spirits I used was very oily & it ruined my gilders paste. It would not stick to anything & it would not dry completely. What brand should I use? Or should I just use turpentine?

  7. V Smyder
    V Smyder says:

    The mineral spirits I purchase come directly from a craft store, such as AC Moore or Michaels. I know you’d like to save a bit of money by going to Wal-Mart, but you just cannot be certain you are getting the correct mineral spirits to use. If you go yo a craft store, or, if you’re lucky, your LBS, they will have the correct type of mineral spirits for you to use. The brand that I swear ny is called Mona Lisa Odorless Mineral Spirits. They don’t smell nearly as nasty as regular mineral spirits, and they work great.

  8. V Smyder
    V Smyder says:

    I apologize for all the fatfingering in my comment above. Laptops- gotta love ‘em!

  9. Louise at JewelryTreasu
    Louise at JewelryTreasu says:

    I have tried Gamsol, which is supposed to be a brand name of odorless mineral spirits, but not used the palette knife; just mixing with a brush. My results are a bit of grainy and thin tinted Gamsol. It does seem to be drying but is not like the original Guilders Paste. Anyone else have tried this?

  10. No Photo
    H Cousins says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I have been looking for what to do with my Gilders Paste and was about to throw it out! You’ve saved me bunches!

  11. No Photo
    C Lamorte says:

    Alas, I’ve tried Gamsol too, with the same poor results – grainy, thinly tinted Gamsol. Sounds like the Mona Lisa Odorless Mineral Spirits may be the best. Anyone know where to find this Mona Lisa Odorless Mineral Spirits ? I find “Mona Lisa Paint Thinner” on Amazon and listed at local retailers – is this the same thing?

  12. No Photo
    B lantz says:

    I have used Guilders paste for other home projects and was recently considering using some I have to patina some jewelry pieces, however the paste has a super strong odor. I am concerned with that staying on a piece. Is there a way to neutralize that or does it just take along time to go away? Also, I was afraid of it rubbing off on clothes. The things I’ve used it for are things you don’t touch or handle.

  13. No Photo
    Moogie says:

    GP dries nice & hard & should not rub off. But you can also apply a top coat sealer which could take care of any smell too. But I have found the smell goes away. For sealer, I have used the matte Vintaj glaze. You can also use a couple of thin coats of a matte spray such as Krylon. But don’t use Ren Wax, I’ve read that it will liquify Gilders & make it smear. If you go to the GP website, there’s lots of helpful info there.

  14. No Photo
    Wax-It says:

    Anyone have a recipie to make your own Gilting Wax. I’ve tried mixing mic powder with clear wax and mineral spirits but it rubs off and does not dry hard like name brands do

  15. No Photo
    B H says:

    I’ve been using GP for several years, with no sealer, and the smell goes away fast. I’m allergic to everything, so I’d notice. It’s strong while using it, like shoe polish, but not once it’s dried for a day. I can also say that the product, used on jewelry, lasts years longer than I thought it would. I thought it would last a few months, and here it is years later and it’s in great patinaed shape.

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