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“Scaly winter skin needs ...”


Description from Chicky Red-haired Grammy: ... help! Slathering with heavy lotion, including Aquaphor, helps for only a day or so. I put it on heavily after I shower but I don't shower everyday as it is too hard on my hair and skin, especially with our water here. Generally my fat intake is relatively modest so... Perhaps I need to start taking fish oils again?

Ironically, my skin was usually good while we were living in our first flat. Good skin, bad lungs. If it isn't one thing, it's another.


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  1. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Gorgeous pick….looks more attractive than dry skin…lol.

    If you can find Bio-Oil it helps. I put it on with aquaphor on my face. I also use Baby Magic Creamy Baby Oil. Its only available at now as far as I know. Slather it on as soon as you get out of shower and again before you go to bed. I have very dry skin, especially my legs….I feel your pain or scales…lol.

  2. OK Jacki
    OK Jacki says:

    I agree with Deb. The pick is lovely. I battle w/ the dry skin thing in winter also, so I feel your pain. I go with Avon’s Skin so Soft. It is an oil, but comes with a spray. As soon as out of shower, spray and pat dry. And, use as often as you can. It’s been around forever, but seems to do the trick.

  3. Chicky Red-haired Grammy
    Chicky Red-haired Grammy says:

    Thanks ladies. S-so-S keeps mosquitos away, too. None here right now. As I am unlikely to find an Avon rep over here or attempt to find one, I will look for Baby Magic Creamy baby oil – perhaps on Amazon.

  4. Chicky Red-haired Grammy
    Chicky Red-haired Grammy says:

    OK, I have found both The Baby Magic Creamy Oil and the Bio Oil on line at Amazon UK. Which of these 2 products has the least amount of scent? Deb, you use Aquaphor on your face? Doesn’t it clog or pores? And do you put your SPF 30+ facial moisturiser over the Bio Oil on your face?

  5. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    I’m using aquaphor because I was having issues with my eyelids getting red and itchy. Pharmacist recommended it. Baby magic does have a scent in comes in several I think. Mine is fresh baby…not too strong. Bio-Oil has a scent also but its not perfumey. Its highly recommended for aging skin and to help get rid of scarring. It has really helped the alligator look I had on my bustline from over exposure to sun. That combined with tea tree oil is said to help with precancerous type skin.

  6. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    I have only been using the bio- oil and aquaphor on my face. My make-up has spf in it. If I’m home I’m not outsude long enough to need it. I don’t wear a 30 anyway.

  7. Cathy H Chocolate Chick
    Cathy H Chocolate Chick says:

    I am a pharmacist (here’s a trick I learned in school) try using the aquaphor, but don’t dry yourself. Put the aquaphor on and massage into WET skin. This way, you are locking the moisture in – not out!

  8. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Merilee, dry skin has never looked so pretty as it does in your fab pick! LOL ;)

    Cathy’s tip about putting moisturizer over wet or damp skin is a great one. I even do that on my face.

    I’ve used Bio-Oil & the scent is very light. I have to be careful, as strong-scented anything gives me a migraine. :( I’m currently using Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturizer. It’s sold in the lotion section & comes in a pump bottle (mine is 21 ounces). The price is reasonable, it lasts a looooong time, & the scent is heavenly! I use it all over, just not on my face. My face, ironically, tends to be oily. Sigh.

    Aveeno has a lot of great lotions, too. Some have oatmeal added, as it’s supposed to help with dry skin issues.

    Good luck with your skin, Merilee! BTW, I have to wear SPF 200 — OK, it’s really 30 — LOL — my skin is very fair & burns easily. 8)

  9. Blooming Ideas
    Blooming Ideas says:

    Even though your scaly winter skin caused you to pick this pick… it’s terrific! :)

  10. NY Bella
    NY Bella says:

    I don’t mean to laugh, but I couldn’t help it when I saw your title!! You describe my skin every winter. I could dip myself in oil and it would still happen. Invariably, as soon as the weather warms up, my skin gets back to normal!
    I love your dry skin (pick, that is)! It’s so pretty!

  11. Frida
    Frida says:

    Mary Kay extra emolient one of the stuff that helps me. I’m out a lot working with water my skin aint pretty always… Love the pick!

  12. Chicky Red-haired Grammy
    Chicky Red-haired Grammy says:

    Thank you all for your suggestions. I should have asked sooner! Lynn, I also use SPF 200, even on cloudy days here in London and at least 30 on my arms and legs in the summer and wear a hat. Too many bad sunburns when I was a wee lassie; okay, even as an adult. Thin, sensitive skin made even more so by years of steroids. I will try the Bio Oil first as it seems to have the least amount of scent. No migraines but my lungs complain. Will let you know my progress.
    Thank you also for your lovely compliments.

  13. No Photo
    beadswithbooks says:

    Your title and desciption made me LOL. I’m feeling your pain. Aquaphor on a wet or damp body is a great remedy(per dermatologist and podiatrist.) Your pick?
    rather sscaly :)

  14. Eeka Mouse
    Eeka Mouse says:

    Love the pick! Laughed at the title! Now feeling itchy…

  15. Julie Shane
    Julie Shane says:

    I love all the fossilized stones. Yep, dry skin here too. When I have the time to take a bath (rather than shower) I poor Johnson’s Baby Oil in my bath water. It does “separate” because it’s oil and water, but I rub it into my skin while I’m bathing.

  16. foxhill designs vt
    foxhill designs vt says:

    Fabulous pick! Wish my winter skin looked this good. ;)

  17. Asia
    Asia says:

    LOL, what a title, have the same problem in Canada due to dryness and cold + I’m allergic to everything, one would think that in British wet climate you should not have this problem, BTW, love the pick :D

  18. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    Love this pick Merilee!

    And Wow, what a conversation!
    Being an old backpacker, our motto was always “hydrate or die”! Hydration begins from within. So drink, drink, drink that water ladies! It will help keep skin moist too. ;-)

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