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Sizzix Standard Cutting Pad 8 3/4"x6 1/8"

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The special size of these Cutting Pads helps to create the perfect Sizzix sandwich when die-cutting eye-popping edges. These see-through Cutting Pads allow for easy die-cutting of On the Edge dies in the BIGkick machine. Simply sandwich the die and material to be cut between the Cutting Pads and roll through the machine.

Constructed of high-quality polycarbonate plastic, these pads will last for thousands of cuts. All Sizzix Cutting Pads are meant to be used on both sides. When both sides of the Cutting Pads are worn out, then it's time for replacement!

Item # 20370

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Using the Vintaj BIGkick™ by Sizzix

The Sizzix BIGkick machine is great for embossing and etching your Vintaj metal blanks.

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