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“Soooo Hard...”


Description from Frida: I should be 'owling' over my books, and I have some other stuff I should do... SWE has a studdy system that makes it possible to be a student for many years, my self ca 7 years at university... Not full time all the time, redone one course etc... Ohhh must sound like a terrible student... Anyway, the system makes it possible to studdy in some diff ways. One of my older brothers are also a long-timer, lost track on how many years he is up to. My bad consious is getting worse, esp as I have a professor that really helps me and understand my whitdrawls etc, feel so obligated and I also want to do stuff. But it seems like I always think I will manage doing sooo many things at the same time. + a hectic life whit other prob...
I know I gonna make it, but I wanna make it now.
It felt like I needed to write this. I'am so stressed... 'bout so many things...
Hugs n Love to you al


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  1. Daisy Chick - Dawn
    Daisy Chick - Dawn says:

    Oh Where to start my goodness, you seem to need a shoulder to help with the burden. We all go thru times that are over welming. I make a list of priority. What is the most urgent thing I need to do first. Let everything else follow by whats next of importance. Scratch of the items off your list and it will give you a sense of accomplishment. Don’t be afraid to say no if you are too busy. Learning this word and how to use it can free you up when you just can not spare the time. Once you realize you need to keep putting one step after the other it will get better. When I was taking classes I sometimes just took time for myself. It was like a vacation and I actually studied better. I just adore this pick and I am putting it in my favs. At least stress hasn’t affected your creative abilities. Have you ever tried Yoga?

  2. No Photo
    Helen G aka tea chick says:

    first of all, lovely pick! I love the soothing greens, hope they can help you. Yoga is great, and deep breathing practice is also very effective at helping you to calm down- just 10 minutes of simple deep breathing lowers blood pressure, helps you feel centered and focused. As the days get longer (especially in Sweden!) it helps with providing energy, but perhaps it can also make you feel a bit manic. I have depression, but sometimes my “good days” get me into trouble, because I feel like I should do more volunteering for my daughters’ school, scouts, etc. and then in the temporary burst of energy I sign up for more than I can handle. Then it comes time to show up for the obligation and it’s a bad day and it’s really hard to drag myself there- I dread being with people, just want to curl up in a ball at home. Dawn is quite right about saying no and not feeling the slightest bit guilty – you can’t do everything and you shouldn’t have to try.
    Thanks for writing and sharing this- we understand you and love you just the way you are!

  3. Goldie H
    Goldie H says:

    Very pretty pick! Actually, quite lovely! As for advice…what they said. :) It’s always nice to just sit back and relax. :D

  4. Daisy Chick - Dawn
    Daisy Chick - Dawn says:

    Hang in there Frida! You should be sleeping now as I believe that Sweden is 6 or 7 hours ahead of me. (I am in the Chicago Area)at least I hope you are sleeping. Things will look better in the morning. Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning. Things will look much better tomorrow when you are rested. Sounds like you need to pamper yourself a little. WE are all our own worse critics….. harder on ourselves than anyone else. Forgive yourself, love yourself, and pamper yourself. Once you take time for you giving to yourself the other things won’t seem so impossible. All of us love you. WE will cheer you on!

  5. Bonnie R
    Bonnie R says:

    Can I ask you a question way off the subject? I have a Swedish grandfather and my mother (his second child), said his name was Johann Andrason Der Hanson.
    Does this sound right for someone described as a “Black Swede”? And yes i’m probably spelling it wrong. They didn’t let her speak Swedish in Grade school so she lost all of her vocabulary. They changed it when they came to the US to Farm. Does any of this sound correct?

  6. Daisy Chick - Dawn
    Daisy Chick - Dawn says:

    I have never heard of a Black Swede. I am part Swedish. I am German too and it sounds like it could be that too. I have been doing some research on genelogy and it is not unheard of for spellings of names to be changed. Sometimes it is language misunderstanding. Sometimes a name is not easily pronounced in English so a name would be shortened or changed. If you can find out where this person entered the country or Census record can sometime help with answers. Be prepared to try different spellings. My Aunt wasn’t allowed to speak German either in school.

  7. Daisy Chick - Dawn
    Daisy Chick - Dawn says:

    I forgot BR if you know what town your relative lived in Sweden you may be able to back track from there. Sometimes church records have alot of info, cemetaries etc..

  8. No Photo
    RubberT aka Plucky Chick says:

    Gorgeous pick!!! So sorry it is overwhelming for you at this time!! Keep us posted on how you are doing!!!

  9. Anita QoG Funny Chick
    Anita QoG Funny Chick says:

    This is a beautiful pick!! First, just take care of yourself !!! Then go from there!! If your not well, then nothing else will be!!!

  10. Frida
    Frida says:

    Hi, everybody thank you soo much for your comforting words!

    Meditation I do sometimes, real yoga I haven’t tried… Would be goof to do meditation and yoga regulary.

    Helen G, I feel you! Me aswell having the deppression….

    BR It is tricky questions :) First I think his name where Johan Andersson (Der sounds german?) Hansson or Hanson could be both swe or german. Buy the way ‘Der’ sounds a bit like Dutch.
    It can be (me speculating) that he where child to slaves (dutch). Most prob dutch. But swe has it ugly slave/race hist. aswell…
    Moreover swe has (the worlds oldest) record. So if one want to know her/his family hist. one can find much much info!
    Think this is very exiting!!

  11. Frida
    Frida says:

    “Black Swede” I have to check, like Dawn said… But it can be that it’s right…

  12. No Photo
    Chicky Zee aka Alice says:

    First of all this is a lovely pick .Take care of yourself ..

  13. Frida
    Frida says:

    Thank you Alice dear!

  14. J Yee smart chick
    J Yee smart chick says:

    Frida, I’m very glad to see your comments about being a student yourself for several years at SWE, what are you studying if I might ask? It’s great that you acknowledge your feelings of stress, very healthy to do so! and then consider what works for you in coping with stress, you have already done the most difficult, just admitting you’re feeling stress!
    then, what works for you to keep yourself going, and to re – energize yourself when needed? what activities do you like to do that nourish you?
    This Pick is absolutely gorgeous, by the way, the deep greens and lighter ones are simply stunning together!!! 8)

    I have been a student at Antioch University for several years, here in Seattle – i began in fall 2007, and am now looking back over several years of study.

    So, hang in there Frida, and many thanks for sharing with us!

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