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Tips & Techniques

Get tips and techniques to become a better beader at Lima Beads.


Using Rubber Stamps and StazOn

Using Rubber Block & Peg Stamps

1: Apply ink to your stamp. Gently press your stamp into the ink pad 2-3 times. If you press too hard, you might fill in the detailed crevices in your stamp, causing you to get a “muddy” image.

2: Stamp it! Don’t rock your stamp back and forth to apply the stamp. Simply press straight down and pull straight back up.

3: Dry and clean. Allow 3-5 minutes for the ink to dry, otherwise you may smear your design. Use the StazOn cleaner to remove the ink from your stamp before putting it away.

Using Sheet Stamps

1: Apply ink to your stamp. Gently press the ink pad onto the stamp, covering the area you’re going to use. If you press too hard, you might fill in the detailed crevices in your stamp, causing you to get a “muddy” image.

2: Stamp it! Lay the piece that you want to stamp on your table. Holding one end of the stamp firmly in place, roll the stamp onto your piece. Once in place, apply slight pressure.

3: Dry and clean. Peel the stamp off of your piece using the same rolling motion as when you applied the stamp. Allow 3-5 minutes for the ink to dry, otherwise you may smear your design. To clean your stamps, a baby wipe works best, but you can also use StazOn cleaner with just a little bit of warm water. Stamp cleaner is not necessary but can be used if desired.

Create a background pattern

Another way to add depth and texture to your designs is to layer stamped images on one another. I wanted to create a textured appearance on this owl blank like tone-on-tone fabric. I chose to use a border stamp and the StazOn copper metallic ink. One stamping did the trick!

Basic stamping on a metal blank

StazOn ink is perfect for stamping designs onto metal pieces like tags or blanks. Since I was stamping just a single design, I opted for a colored ink that would complement the gold tones. Purple was my choice for the pictured piece.

Apply StazOn directly to your piece

One technique is to apply color directly to your tag prior to stamping. Simply press your piece directly onto one or more StazOn ink pads to coat it with color. The pictured piece uses several different inks to prepare the base layer. Wait for the ink to dry after each application, then stamp your image using jet black or another dark color.

Stamp on a gemstone pendant

StazOn can also be used to stamp images onto gemstones! Larger gemstone pieces that have flat smooth surfaces to work nicely for stamps. I chose a pendant that didn’t have a pattern that would compete with the stamp design, and my ink of choice was black to keep it simple.

Stamp on a painted surface

To create this look I used acrylic paint dabbers to color the surface and waited for the paint to dry. Then I buffed off portions of the paint to allow the copper to show through. Finally, I stamped the design with alternating colors. It is best to allow the ink to dry between each stamping, and to clean the rubber stamp before moving to the next color.

Combine multiple stamp designs

For this piece I chose 2 rubber stamps that had similar characteristics and worked in a single color–jet black. I stamped the grass first, then decided where to stamp the bird. Combining stamps is a great way to mix-and-match images into a scene that tells a story.

Complement a stamp with a subtle metallic background

Looking to add some more texture to your designs? Try using metallic ink as a base and then stamping a bolder design on top. For this piece, I started with a botanical design and began stamping using StazOn metallic copper ink. I waited for it to dry completely so I wouldn’t accidentally smear anything while trying to stamp the bird. Voilà!

General Rubber Stamping Tips

  • Put a pad of paper, magazine, or a mouse pad underneath your stamping project. This gives a cushion-like base and makes better impressions.
  • If you see a circle or edge around your peg stamp image, it means that you are applying too much pressure on your stamp. Fine line drawings need only gentle pressure or it will distort the image and you will not see the detail. It is a good idea to test your stamp and your ink on a scrap piece of paper before stamping on your project. If you want a richer look, you may need to re-ink your pad.
  • To get a lighter shade of color with the second and third impressions, don’t re-ink your stamp each time. Also, for a less mechanical look, rotate the stamp slightly in between impressions. These two tips will give your artwork a more natural look.
  • To re-ink a pad, put two or three drops of ink on the pad and rub it in with the nozzle of the refill bottle until you see the ink is absorbed.
  • To make a wreath shape, I start by stamping at the North, South, East and West points. Then just fill in between with the remaining images.
  • For borders, I normally start with the larger images, leaving space in between for the remaining images and fill in as needed.
  • All of these peg stamps are designed with placement lines to help you place your images accurately. If you look at the base of the stamp, close to the rubber, you will see the vertical placement line. This line indicates the position of the image. In the case of a leaf, sprig or branch, the placement line is most often located at the stem. Just turn the line towards the other images, such as a flower, and you will get perfect placement every time.
  • It is best to store your stamps out of direct sunlight. With a bit of care, they should last for years and years.
  • When the photopolymer (clear) stamps appear to lose their cling, simply rinse with warm water, and air dry. The cling will come right back and they’ll adhere like new!
  • The photopolymer stamps can be used right out of the package, but you may want to condition them by rubbing your fingers over the surface or simply by stamping a few test images on scratch paper first.

Ready to try?

If you’re ready to start stamping with StazOn, check out the following items:

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  1. Jane MS
    Jane MS says:

    What exciting new products and ideas!

  2. M Flesch
    M Flesch says:

    Great ideas! I need to try this out.

  3. No Photo
    taranicoletreasures says:

    These stamps are really really COOL!!!! I love Lima Beads!!!! I wish I had $1000 dollars to spend on this website. Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to win the $500 dollar gift certificate. girlygirltara I love making jewerly!!!!!


  4. No Photo
    DMarie says:

    Do you have to seal this in any way?

  5. No Photo
    Jody S says:

    A couple years ago, I looked all over for stamps like these and couldn’t find them. Looking for some beads, I stumbled across these stamps. I found the beads I was looking for too. Can’t wait to see what else I might find here at, Lima beads! OH WHAT FUN I AM GOING TO HAVE. Thank-you.

  6. No Photo
    meganbeads says:

    I love the idea that I can layer color and graphics(the stamps), It gives it just another dimension!

  7. Kris
    Kris says:

    If I’m not making something, I’m thinking of making something!

  8. No Photo
    Betsie C says:

    i can’t wait!

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  9. No Photo
    Betsie C says:

    Could someone there either remove my pic of the two larger flowers in my pic above or tell me how to edit my comment? I didnt mean for that one to get on here. Thank you!

  10. Blue Jeans 501
    Blue Jeans 501 says:

    Do alcohol inks, such as the ones from Ranger work on these metal blanks as a background coloring also? I have all my leftover inks from when I stupidly decided to try cardmaking instead of making jewelry and beading. Guess you all know which one won out!

  11. Ali
    Ali says:

    @ L Abellera
    I wouldn’t use the Ranger alcohol inks with our Stazon Ink pads since they are solvent based and the alcohol inks should not be used with anything solvent based.

  12. handychick
    handychick says:

    Should the piece be coated with a sealer after stamping and if so what kind?

  13. Kate
    Kate says:

    @handychick: sealer is not necessary with StazOn… just let the ink fully dry and you should be all set to go!

  14. Robin Alayne
    Robin Alayne says:

    Would I be able to apply enamel & fire over this ink?

  15. Tootz
    Tootz says:

    Stamping gives a new way to make your jewelry very personal and very much your own.

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