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Using The Magic Finding

The Magic FindingThe Magic Finding is a small, versatile finding that you can use as a multi-strand divider or a connector. It has 7 small holes for threading beading string, headpins, wire, and other inserts. Pair it with special Omega inserts to make a quick-and-easy loop, and crimp it for a tight fit with the Magic Finding pliers.

It’s easy to learn the basics, but the creative possibilities are endless. Check out the ideas below to spark your imagination.


Use it as a Multi-Strand Divider

Magic Finding Multi-Strand DividerOne way to use the Magic Finding is to connect several strands of beading wire for a multi-strand design. The Magic Finding is a great replacement for multi-strand spacer bars if you want a sleeker look. Plus, you only have to crimp it once!

Here are the two most common ways to use the Magic Finding to connect multiple strands in your design:

Multi-strand design with a single strandSingle-strand Method: Weave a single strand of beading wire back and forth through two or more Magic Findings. Since there are 7 holes in the Magic Finding, you can weave back and forth several times.

Multiple strands and the Magic FindingMulti-strand Method: It’s easy to connect multiple strands of beading wire to the same Magic Finding. Using this method, loop each individual strand back through the Magic Finding before you crimp for a secure fit.

When you’ve assembled your design, crimp each Magic Finding with the Magic Forming Pliers to finish off your piece. For more information on using the Magic Finding in your multi-strand designs, watch the following video:


Use it as a Connector

Insert any combination of string, wire, headpins, Omega inserts, and other stringing material or findings, and the Magic Finding becomes a very flexible connector. From there, it’s easy to attach clasps, chains, earring hooks, jump rings, headpins, pendants, and more.

Magic Finding ConnectorsAs you can see, the Magic Finding makes it easy to choose a perfect connector for your design. You can use one or more Magic Findings in combination–the sky’s the limit! Here are a few ideas for creative connectors using the Magic Finding.

Idea #1: Connect a Clasp

Magic Finding ClaspUsing the special Omega insert, the Magic Finding is easily connected to a clasp in your design. First, complete your design and thread your beading string through the Magic Finding. Next, hook a clasp onto an Omega insert. Finally, insert the Omega piece into opposite holes in the Magic Finding. Crimp with the Magic Finding Pliers, and you’re done!

Here are some examples of the Magic Finding to connect a clasp:

Magic Finding Clasp Connectors


Magic Finding HeadpinIdea #2: Hook a Headpin

Here’s an idea that really takes advantage of the 7 holes in the Magic Finding. Start with just the Magic Finding and a headpin with a bead attached. Insert the headpin through the center of the Magic Finding, and use a pair of round nose pliers to make a loop with the end of the headpin. Next, string a beaded design that loops back and forth through the Magic Finding like the pictured design. Finally, crimp with the Magic Finding Pliers, and you have a unique pair of earrings.

Here are some other designs with the Magic Finding used in earring designs:

Magic Finding in Earrings


Magic Finding BailIdea #3: Build a Bail

Since there are 7 holes in the Magic Finding, you can insert up to 3 Omega inserts before you crimp. An Omega insert on one side of the Magic Finding can be used to connect a pendant to your design, and two Omega inserts on the opposite side can connect to your stringing material. Crimp with the Magic Finding Pliers, and it’s an instant bail! Be sure to follow the instructions below on crimping the Magic Finding, since crimping all three of these inserts can be tricky.

Check out some additional ideas for using the Magic Finding as a bail in your design:

Magic Finding Bail Ideas


Crimping the Magic Finding

Crimping the Magic Finding must be done with the special Magic Finding Pliers. It’s a 2-step process to get a nice, round, secure crimp:

Step 1: Place the assembled Magic Finding into the larger hole of the pliers. Crimp the finding, then rotate the finding 90 degrees (a quarter turn) and crimp again. Repeat 3 or 4 times until the pliers’ jaws are completely closed.

Step 2: Repeat the same procedure using the smaller hole in the pliers. When you’re done, the Magic Finding should be well rounded, and the jaws of the pliers should be fully closed.

Watch the following video demonstrating crimping with the Magic Finding Pliers:


Crimping an Omega Insert

Omega Insert CrimpingWhen using an Omega Insert along with the Magic Finding, keep these tips in mind. First, make sure the Omega is fully inserted into the Magic Finding so the ends stick out. Keep 1/8″ to 1/4″ of space between your assembled Magic Finding and any adjacent beads on the strand so you have room to crimp it with the pliers.


Magic Finding Omega CrimpingWhen applying crimping pressure with the Magic Finding Pliers, you may need to apply pressure to the Omega Insert to keep it fully inserted in the Magic Finding. If the Omega slips out any any time, stop and press the insert back into the Magic Finding before proceeding. This will ensure that the insert stays in the proper position during your crimp.


Magic Finding Omega Crimping DirectionFinally, always begin your first crimp with the Omega Insert parallel with the jaws of the pliers. After the first crimp, it’s OK to rotate it 90 degrees and continue the crimping procedure outlined above. Keep in mind that you should begin crimping only after all your components are attached to the Magic Finding.


Tips, Tricks, and FAQs

How many strands can the Magic Finding hold in a multi-strand design?

The Magic Finding has 7 holes, so it can hold anywhere between 1 and 7 strands.

What is the largest beading string that will fit through the Magic Finding?

.021″ is the largest size that will fit.

What is the maximum thickness of metal wire that will fit?

You can use 22 gauge wire as long as the tip is cut flush and the wire is straight.

How do I avoid getting marks on my Omega Inserts when crimping?

Make sure that the Magic Finding is centered and well seated in the concave holes of the pliers before you crimp.

I’m having trouble crimping with Omega Inserts. Any tips?

  • Always start by crimping the Omega Insert in a parallel position.
  • Make sure your pliers are fully closed when you finish crimping the finding.
  • Make sure you keep about 1/8″ to 1/4″ space between your beads and your Magic Finding with an omega insert assembled in it when you crimp your finding.

Can I add any strands to the Magic Finding after crimping?

No, make sure that your Magic Finding is fully assembled with all strings and findings in place before crimping.

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  1. No Photo
    Crazy Basenji Lady says:

    Top of my wish list!

  2. Steph
    Steph says:


  3. Tootz
    Tootz says:

    The system looks very simple and easy to work. What material is the findings made of? I think I would like to us it. Sandy

  4. No Photo
    Stacie says:

    doesn’t seem right at the begining. You thread thru the finding, come back thru another hole and then just cut the thread? How is it secured? It will just slip right out.

  5. No Photo
    Jeanne P says:

    I agree with Stacie and had the very same thought.
    You will need to remake the first video to
    clarify starting a necklace using the finding.

  6. No Photo
    D Lugar says:

    Can the magic finding be covered with a crimp cover?

  7. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi Stacie and Jeanne, I see what you’re saying about the string possibly coming undone while you’re making your necklace. I spoke with a member of our team about it, and she told me she likes to leave a little extra string and clip it, so it doesn’t feed back through the hole.

    D Lugar: I’m not sure if you can find a standard size crimp cover that will fit the Magic Finding. I know the ones we sell aren’t large enough. Also, the Magic Finding is designed to crimp nicely using the special pliers so you wouldn’t normally need to cover it.

  8. Karokat
    Karokat says:

    Really cool product!

  9. No Photo
    Gabriel s says:

    Hi Stacie, Jeanne and Steve

    The actual holes on the Magic Finding are small enough so the beading wire does not come loose when stringing.

    You can permanently secure the beading wire by crimping The Magic Finding into a round bead shape using The Magic Finding Pliers. Therefore you don’t need to cover it with a crimp cover. See the second video at the bottom Stacie and Jeanne

    The actual holes on the Magic Finding are small enough so the beading wire does not come loose when stringing.

    You can permanently secure the beading wire by crimping The Magic Finding into a round bead shape using The Magic Finding Pliers. Therefore you don’t need to cover it with a crimp cover. See the second video at the bottom of the page.

  10. M Heimerman
    M Heimerman says:

    This looks great. However, the cost is too high. I could bite on the expensive tool, but the price of each finding is too high. For gold-filled it will add almost $5 to the cost of a necklace or pair of earrings.

  11. No Photo
    Tazzie says:

    I agree with M Heimerman about the cost, especially if you are making pieces for resale. Those components alone would kill profit. I have checked several other sites and there isn’t any difference in the cost. The findings are just too expensive. I don’t mind investing in the tool but can’t afford the findings.

  12. Mustard Seed Beads
    Mustard Seed Beads says:

    I agree with the ladies above the findings are to expensive :o ( but they are a fantastic idea.

  13. No Photo
    qltldy10 says:

    For resale, maybe not, but for those of us who are just having a good time and have trouble with crimp failures- don’t you hate that?!?- it may be a saviour!

  14. No Photo
    Gabriel s says:

    It’s actually a lot cheaper to multi-strand with the Magic Finding. All you need is 2 Magic Findings in your design and you can make a 7-strand design. Traditionally this would have taken 14 crimp beads plus 14 crimp covers, plus a very expensive multi strand clasp and or several jump rings. Also with the Magic Finding you get a much more solid hold and a cleaner look than the traditional method.


  15. No Photo
    Snowball says:

    The Magic Finding is great idea but to small.

  16. Lesa C
    Lesa C says:

    I make a lot of feather earrings for sale on my studios. Are the holes in the magic finding large enough to put a feather shaft into. I have a multi feather earring that I am currently having to glue the two feathers together so they don’t move when when I wrap them together. Once the glue is dry, I wrap and make loops to hang beads and chains. Then, I thread some of the wire through a cone bead cap to cover all the wrapping. A normal crimp bead isn’t large enough to put two feather shafts into. How large are the magic finding holes? I would love to use this on my multi feather earring. The time I would save on wrapping and gluing the feathers would be worth the added expense of the finding!

    Attachment Attachment

  17. No Photo
    Olga A says:

    I feel that both the findings with the inserts and the crimping tool are expensive. even though the pliers are a one-time expense, the cost is still too high. What am I to do with my other pair of crimping pliers? What will I do when a new finding comes out with its new tool/applicator? I understand that things must change, but I am a hobbyist and single mom and I must think about my pocket too.

  18. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Hi Lesa! I asked one of our designers and she felt that the holes are large enough to accommodate the feathers that she has worked with in the past.

    Regarding the price of The Magic Finding – we can only work with the price we receive from the manufacturer. This is why it’s relatively the same price everywhere you look. I’m sorry we can’t offer it for less. After all of this feedback, we definitely would if we could :)

    It’s definitely a premium product. They’re selling very well and I think the people purchasing them like the convenience, versatility, and durable quality. If you’re an experienced beader and can accomplish everything you need with your existing supplies and tools, this may not be the product for you. The feedback from our customers that are using these has been wonderful, but some of you are correct — it’s a premium product with a premium price.

    As always, thanks for giving feedback. We appreciate it and have passed it along to the manufacturer.

  19. Blue Jeans 501
    Blue Jeans 501 says:

    Just a thought…have the manufacturer folks thought about making the crimps in a less expensive metal? That way maybe all of us could avail of this magnificent new tool! Just sayin…

  20. No Photo
    S Krohn-DAgostino says:

    Can the Magic Finding be used with stretch magic string if it’s glue in before crimping?

  21. No Photo
    Altered Artist says:

    It’s pricey but I just had a beautiful turquoise and silver nugget necklace come undone because I didn’t secure the one hole crimp tightly enough. Seeing Campinitos turquoise all over the floor in my home was disheartning considering all the time I took to string it but realizing that I had been out and about for over 3 hours I was grateful it didn’t happen then. It’s worth a try for me.

  22. doggiedoodoo
    doggiedoodoo says:

    IMO if you place a value on YOUR TIME this might be well worth the cost – it just can’t help but save time —???

  23. No Photo
    Marlene R says:

    You can always double your crimps to increase the security of holding your heavier or premium beads.

  24. No Photo
    S Neckvatal says:

    So happy to find Lima Beads.

  25. No Photo
    miriamhall says:

    I have so much trouble with crimp covers, that I may consider this. I understand all of the above comments and see where they’re coming from. This product surely looks interesting.

  26. RonnyJ
    RonnyJ says:

    I tried the magic findings, got all the items plus pliers, and discovered the holes are too small to use with the wire I prefer for my projects. Also, when crimping the finding with the omega insert, often the finding broke. I gave the whole bunch to a friend who beads, and she has no problems. I don’t know what happened, but obviously I did something wrong.

  27. POF Chick Nina
    POF Chick Nina says:

    I have had Magic Findings in my findings for years.
    It is nice to have them used, so I can see them, and explained. The cost of the findings is more than I care to spend. Other than that I really do not need another expensive tool in my tool caddy. Thanks for the video and instruction. I have been with Lima Beads since the beginning and I am so glad to how you have grown. (I knew you would) Will always be a customer, keep up the good work!

  28. No Photo
    Ruby Q says:

    After watching the videos, I decided to purchase tool and components and try it myself. A little pricey, but if it works as well as presented on the videos, it will be worth it.

  29. No Photo
    doglover72 says:

    I have seen the crimp beads here made in gold plated brass, which are much cheaper than the gold filled. Maybe Lima Beads can stock some.

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