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Tips & Techniques

Get tips and techniques to become a better beader at Lima Beads.


Using Vintaj Patinas

Vintaj Patinas are opaque inks specially formulated by Ranger to adhere to metal and create beautiful, durable patina effects. Available in a palette of 15 hues, they can be blended and layered for endless results. Sold in sets of three, the color combinations were developed to emulate natural patinas that would occur over time.

Watch the following videos to learn how to use Vintaj Patinas:


Patina Tips and Tricks

  • The patinas are formulated to be permanent on metal–no sealing is necessary. To keep the color from lightening naturally with time, you can seal it if you want.
  • A little goes a long way… start with a small dab of patina.
  • The patina colors are blendable, so mix them to create a natural look
  • Use a paintbrush to apply the patina–and wash your brush with water right away
  • Don’t dilute the patinas with water. Instead, dilute them with the Vintaj glaze to create a washed look.

Using the Vintaj Glaze

The Vintaj Glaze can be used as a sealer (to preserve the patina color), or as a patina extender to dilute your colors and create a washed look. While the patinas are permanent on metal and don’t require sealing, keep in mind that everything has a tendency to lighten with wear over time. If you want to preserve the look of your patina, seal your piece with a glaze after it finishes drying and after using the metal reliefing block.

What do I need to get started?

To begin creating your own designs with the Vintaj patinas, you’ll need a few things:

  1. One or more of the Vintaj Patina kits
  2. A metal reliefing block if you want to expose some of the metal underneath your patina finish
  3. Metal pieces to patina. Try Vintaj Brass, African Brass, or other metal beads, charms, or pendants.
  4. You may want to use the Vintaj glaze to extend or seal your patina colors.
  5. You’ll need some basics like craft paper, water, and a paintbrush to apply your patina.

Mixing Colors

Vintaj offers this handy guide to mixing different colors to arrive at your desired shade:


We applied the Vintaj Patinas to a selection of metal beads and charms and loved the results! We were super impressed with how easily the patinas covered the metal with a single coat.


We hope you love the Vintaj Patinas as much as we do. You can share your own patina designs in our Design Gallery… we’d love to see what you come up with!

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Read the comments (or add your own)

  1. Zoraida b
    Zoraida b says:

    This product looks great! I like that the patina color does not need to be sealed and that it uses water as a clean up. I will definitely be ordering these kits!

  2. Dragons Chicky
    Dragons Chicky says:

    This was a very nice tutorial :) . Gave me lota of ideas! Thanks Lima!

  3. CAS
    CAS says:

    I got the Rusted Hardware set … love it!! I already have the Retro Highway and Victorian Gable sets in my basket.

    Super easy to use, cleans up in a jiffy, great looking plain or mixed. I used it to color Aluminum adhesive tape I used to cover the edges of a “microscope slide” pendant. It came out great and all I needed was a couple of drops of paint.

  4. Mixed Kreations
    Mixed Kreations says:

    Oh I like this. You could do all kinds of neat things with these. Simple to do, comes in lots of great colors and easy clean.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. beaded banana
    beaded banana says:

    Just played with my new colors. Must remember to make sure my patina dries b4 adding glaze next time. ;-)

  6. beaded banana
    beaded banana says:

    I am in love with the patinas! But I have a question…what other kinds of metal can’t use them on? Will they work on something silver plated, or with an antique gold finish? Does it stick to straight metal only, or metal which has already been coated?

  7. Ali
    Ali says:

    I have worked with these patinas on Green Girl Studios pewter, TierraCast, Vintaj Natural Brass & Arte Metal, African Brass, our blanks, and Lipstick Ranch iron (see all above). When these patina inks are completely dry, they don’t come off. I have tried scratching with my nail, rubbing on other beads … the only way to remove some is by using sand paper or the Vintaj reliefing block. When it comes to coated metal, I think it is just going to have to be trial an error depending on how thick the coating is and what the coating is. The patina inks are made to bond directly with metal, however with that said, the Lipstick Ranch pieces have all been triple coated to prevent further rusting and the patina inks are holding up just like any other piece. I am so happy with this new product, I think I might even use it on my switch plates at home :-)

  8. beaded banana
    beaded banana says:

    I have been playing around and so far so good. I even colored some mushroom door handles from Anthropologie. I will post pictures later.

  9. No Photo
    Laura Z aka Veggie Chick says:

    Here I am, ready to go. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am using the “Rusted Hardware” set on a Vintaj Arte Metal Etruscan Antiquity Pendant. I think it will turn out gorgeous. Here goes………

  10. Leena P
    Leena P says:

    Does anyone have an idea on how fast the colors will wear off /lighten if I don’t use the glaze to seal them? Can I use silver lacquer (stuff that smells like really strong nail polish and is used to stop copper /brass from tarnishing) to seal the patina?

  11. Linny May
    Linny May says:

    This looks awesome !!! I can’t wait to to try it out …***squeels *** NEW CRAFTING IDEARS…. overwhelming Excitment !!

  12. No Photo
    D Kinsel says:

    Where can I find the copper wire at Home Depot? What about sheets? I’ve never worked with this medium before. :) Thanks!

  13. No Photo
    ckbmccune says:

    I am so pleased with my order. I received it in record time. I ordered on Monday and got it on Wednesday.WOW. The order is perfect. Thank you so much. I am going to try the VINTAJ patina painting on PMC+ after I experiment on my beautiful brass beads. I ordered all the paints and a bunch of beads. I am so excited. Staying up late tonight. Will send photos if I can figure out how to do it.

  14. Kate
    Kate says:

    @D Kinsel– if you type “copper wire” into the search box on our website, it should pull up several varying gauges/sizes of beading wire! Same goes for “copper blanks”!

  15. No Photo
    Reba G says:

    Really Neat. I Get A lot of Ideas. I have learned
    a lot today. I liked the knotting of the bracelets best. I would like to learn how to do
    Thanks, Reba G….

  16. Kate
    Kate says:

    @RebaG: we just added this simple leather cord bracelet that uses a basic knotting technique..check it out! http://www.limabeads.com/Simpl.....acelet-T59

  17. Lynda W
    Lynda W says:

    that looks very doable, and very interesting. Thanks, Lynda

  18. Melissa A M
    Melissa A M says:

    Can’t wait to try this!

  19. No Photo
    D Mellish says:

    Any thoughts on using the Vintaz patinas or inks on polymer clay? Or is there an alternative product for this?

  20. Linny May
    Linny May says:

    I have the antuque window kit , and have the victoran gable kit and the gaze in my cart right now , I LOVE that there are now single colors you can get do you can make your own set of colors , and i love the colors , there all so bright ,and s pretty !!! i can’t wait to play !

  21. No Photo
    T Bagstad says:

    Most of the jewelry I make is with antique brass. I’m excited to add the patina to my charm bracelets. Will send a pic when I get one finished. Thanks for your info.

  22. Kate
    Kate says:

    Vintaj patinas are specially formulated for metal… I’d suggest checking out Swellegant– the coat ANYTHING colorant! :-)

  23. KSD
    KSD says:

    The heat tool looks like a hair dryer. Can a regular hair dryer work? Do you Have to heat each piece? Does it set better with heat? Please let me know. Thanks,Ksd

  24. CatPark
    CatPark says:

    @KSD – The heat tool does indeed resemble a hair dryer. There are a couple of significant differences here: 1 – the heat tool puts out much more heat than a hair dryer 2 – the heat tool does not blow out as much air as a hair dryer For the patinas heat is not needed to set the pieces, they will dry on their own, the heat just speeds up the process. For the use with patinas a hair dryer should be fine. I just wouldn’t recommend it for use with any of the embossing powders.

  25. No Photo
    Advaughn351 says:

    This information was so SMART. I love Limabeads because they present wonderful beads, findings , and other products. Also,they give us information on how to use your purchased items.

  26. No Photo
    T M says:

    Has anyone tried to use the patinas on coins?

  27. No Photo
    donnaruiz60 says:

    I just taught a class with middle school children and one painted on a silver piece and now she wants it to be silver again. Can Vintag patinas be removed from a piece?

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  1. No Photo
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