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  • dolllady aka Pam
    On February 27, 2018 dolllady aka Pam said:

    Hi, Jessica! Yes my furbaby is a Chihuahua. She just turned 6 months old. She is the second Chihuahua that I’ve had. My last Chihuahua was 15 years old when I had to put her down in Sept. I started making jewelry in 2002. I have given most of my stuff as gifts to friends and co workers. I did sell one rosary to a friend. I didn’t win the crossword puzzle. My mom died Dec. 28 so I was busy with that and adjusting not going down to the Asst. Living every other day. I live in McAllen, Tx. which is about 8 miles from Mexico in the very tip of Texas. I’ve lived here since Jan. 1987. I taught school in Weslaco, TX. about 12 miles from here for 25 years. Before that I lived in Northwest Iowa in a small rural town. The little towns here in the RGV are 5 times larger than my hometown. I got tired of the snow and cold. A pick is what is on the Fresh Pick page like you’ve made. A POD is a special pick that the people at LB makes from the Fresh Picks. It is featured on the Fresh Pick of the Day page. (link found under the Deals in the header) The POD is featured for 24 hours and all the items in it are on sale for 20% off, but need to be paid for by 11 pm in your time zone. Also under the Deal header is the lunch time sale. There are 9 items highlighted every Tuesday. You choose which lunch hour you want to have it first available to you. It is then available to you for the rest of the day with the day ending at 11 pm. There may be free items and the rest are on sale for varying percentages off. There have been some good sales. These items are to be put in your bag by 11pm, but you have 3 days to pay for them. That is nice because the new items come in on Thursday. You can then add any new items and only have 1 purchase for the week. Thank you for the Valentine’s Day wish. It was a good day. Went out to dinner with a friend and then we went see the traveling Broadway show ”The Million Dollar Quartet”. It was great. Hope you have a great week and that spring arrives for you soon.

  • J Cossin
    On February 14, 2018 J Cossin said:

    Yes! Loki (Norse God of Mischief/Chaos, what a mistake it was naming him that) is a Siberian Husky, not quite 3 months yet! Jeez your good! 731 Picks! Wow! What’s the difference between a Pick & a Pod? Did you win a gift card for the Cross Word?
    You have an adorable little fur baby yourself! Is that a Chihuahua?
    Do you make your own jewelry & sell it? I’ve always loved beading, I used to use it with Macrame when I was way younger. Of course as life happens, more important things get in the way, now when I try to re-teach myself old skills, I just end up with messy knots & a huge mess of cordage!
    I live in Western Massachusetts, where are you from? Probably someplace sunny and warm… Like a sane individual!
    Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Nice to hear from you!

  • dolllady aka Pam
    On February 10, 2018 dolllady aka Pam said:

    Thank you for asking to be my friend. Is that your dog in your picture? It is beautiful. It’s a husky isn’t it? You are doing great with your picks. We all tend to get better with the more picks we make. Mine is now at 731 picks.

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