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Designs by puppychick labratbecky

The Unfortunate Brother

I just had to do it again.
Components: Same as the previous one.

Do ya like my hair?

Scorched Earth ceramics begged for a ‘do.
Components: Ceramics by Petra Carpreau. Waxed linen, Czech glass, Vintaj wire and ear wires all from LB

Round Stone Bracelet

Same design, this time with rounds. I just wanted to show you what this looks like with rounds.
Components: Carnelian, LB, Rose Quartz, LB, Blue Haze Agate, LB, leather cord, Irish Waxed Linen, various buttons, seed beads, some LB, some my stash

Passel o' bracelets

I've been going a bit crazy with this braided design making it in every different stone I can find that works. It works with rounds, too, it just...
Components: Denim Lapis, Malachite, Green Kyanite, Blue Kyanite, Rose Quartz, Rend Bend Jasper, Brazilian Agate in order of the pics, some from LB and some from my stash. Leather cord, all LB, GG and Mamacita buttons, all LB, other buttons, my stash, Irish waxed linen, LB, seed beads- the metal look ones are duracoat and I don't think LB ever carried them. Any colored seed beads I used are from here.

Green "Fringe" Project

Another version of fringe. :)
Components: Petra ceramic leaf. Ocean Jasper in 2 shapes, prehnite, Vintaj wire, Vintaj chain, Vintaj headpins, Irish waxed linen, all LB

Blue "Fringe" Project

This is probably as close as I'm going to get to a fringe piece. :)
Components: Petra's ceramic pendant, Greek pewter pieces, Irish waxed Linen, Soft Flex wire, 2 sizes of seed beads, LB. Swarovski crystals, Dumortierite in 2 sizes, and manmade blue quartz, my stash.

Rocks of Ages

I see earthiness in geology. I have a collection of oddly shaped quartz chunks with no drill holes and I had been trying to figure out how to use...
Components: Ochoa slice, LB; quartz and copper beads, my stash; Leather, Vintaj copper parawire, and possibly the large hole pearls(?) LB

Gold Nuggets

More Petra.
Components: Ceramic droplets by Scorched Earth, Saki bronze beads, seed beads, and Vintaj brass wire and components, LB


Love me some Petra ceramics!!
Components: Ceramic wings by Scorched Earth, Crystals, Vintaj components all LB

Earth Bracelet

This is an easy double wrap bracelet made by knotting leather through large hole beads.

Yeah, I know, this is uncharacteristically uncomplicated...
Components: Leather, Picture Jasper, pewter beads, pewter button, all LB.

Dragons and Moonstone

I started this a long time ago and finally figured out how I wanted to finish it. I loved how the white brass Saki dragon clasp looked with antique...
Components: Saki clasp, chain, some of the headpins, pewter soft flex wire, and Czech glass all LB. Moonstone, Hypersthene, and various headpins from my stash.

Round 2 in Green

I happened to have the agates in green and a matching 7 strand linen. For my next attempt at this I will probably have to go to 4 strand because...
Components: Green agates, Irish waxed linen, pewter button, all LB. Again, the pewter seed beads are another source. I wish LB had them because they are perfect when you want a pewter look. I will share my source in a message if anyone is interested.

Blue Agates

I was trying to make a knotted bracelet with 7 strand Irish waxed linen but it turned out only one hole of all the holes in my double drilled...
Components: Dyed blue agate rounds, LB, Irish waxed linen, LB, pewter button, LB, and lovely pewter seed beads I wish were from LB but I can share my source if anyone wants to know. I love them for their look, their weight, and their hole size. Please also check out LB's nickel colored seed beads as they are a very similar color which also works very well for these. I happened to want the duller pewter for this design but I use the nickel ones a lot, too.

Pink Charms

I have a big stash of these silver and pink Czech glass leaves. They don't match very many things so I challenged myself to come up with a use for...
Components: LB: Czech glass leaves and pink suede bead, chain, softflex wire in my favorite silver plated pewter. My stash: Silver Czech glass flowers, toggle.

Be-Havin' in the Bee Haven

This came from my fresh pick of the same name. I wanted the citrine to look like drips of honey and the rest of it to look like a beehive with the...
Components: Every single thing is LB. Green Girl bee charm and clasp, Jangles ceramic beehive. Crazy lace agate, Citrine, pyrite, antique silver chain, Softflex silver plated pewter wire, Irish waxed linen, and keshi and gold freshwater pearls.

Fall Woods

Imagine walking through the woods in late Fall with the leaves dry and crackling underfoot and the trees bare and brown. That's the feel I was...
Components: Picture Jasper, LB, Golden Mica (my stash), Czech glass, LB, Vintaj brass charms, headpins, bead caps, and parawire, all LB.

Dirty Blues

For a long time I wasn't all that impressed with these Lapis loaded with pyrite from the competitor who generally sells inferior stones.... f-mt-g....
Components: Lapis Lazuli, my stash, pyrite, crystals, seed beads, findings, all LB.

Iridescent Butterfly

I've had this butterfly from Petra for awhile and never touched it because I wanted to do it justice. Then when I was going through my stash I...
Components: Petra's ceramic butterfly. Nearly white aquamarines, my stash. Crystals, pyrite, seed beads, vintaj brass, LB, Other spacers and random things, my stash.

Vintage Vintaj

This was commissioned by a really fun co-worker (I actually have one or 2 of those). She gets dragged along to black tie events because of her...
Components: Vintaj brass chain, wire, all findings, LB. Freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, from my stash.

Anything But Basic Browns

A friend of my husband wanted a necklace with a pendant for his wife. She wears a lot of browns so I had him pick a stone from my stash as a...
Components: Outback Jasper pendant (puff oval) and 5-6mm rounds, LB; 4 mm faceted and 6 mm smooth smokey quartz rounds, LB; Strawberry quartz faceted 12 mm, my stash; Silver seed beads, LB, and my go-to Soft Flex silver plated pewter wire, LB.

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