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Designs by Gunilla B

Flowers and leaves

Simple and elegant.
Components: Mop, silver, crystals

Faux cinnabar

Ready for spring and summer.
Components: Faux cinnabar, jasper, copper.

Sea creatures

These charms are so adorable!
Components: Silver chain & findings, brass and pewter charms, mop, ocean jasper.

Purple and turquoise

Ceramic pieces from Artisan Clay,
lampwork from Kelley's Beads.
Components: Ceramics, lampwork, Dogtooth Amethyst, brass, copper.

Maple leaf

A resin leaf with carved carnelian celtic knots, crystals and copper.
Components: Resin leaf, Carnelian, crystals, copper and brass.


Ceramic pendant from Chinook Jewelry, ceramic connectors from Artisan Clay.
Components: ceramic pieces, lampworked disc, glass beads, brass, Olive Jade, golden jade, Red Aventurine, red howlite.

Buzzy Bee

Charms from Chinook Jewelry.
Components: Ceramic charms, lampworked beads, copper.

Pink agate

Four strands of freshwater pearls from LB that looked so good together I simply had to use them all in the same necklace.
Components: Freshwater pearls, agate, brass, seed beads, lampworked beads.


I'm not quite sure how I feel about this necklace, but it was fun making it.
Components: Ceramic pendants, jasper donuts, polymer clay connectors, fire-polished beads, copper and brass, wood beads, hemp cord.


Sea creatures in the waves.
Components: Ceramic pendant, boro beads, HT beads, crystals, freshwater pearls, silver beads and findings.

Spring flower

I'm so ready for spring!
Components: Ceramic pendant, beads and cones; seed beads, pewter bead caps, metal beads, silk ribbon.


One just has to look out the window to see the inspiration for this. I can't remember us having this much snow in the 15 years I've lived in Espoo.
Components: Ceramic pendant, boro beads, freshwater pearls, silver beads and findings.

Simple earrings

I made simple earrings to go with the tigerfly necklace.
Components: Red Tiger Eye, brass and copper.


I've had this lovely pendant for quite some time. I started out with the pendant and the chain and added a little this and that.
Components: Ceramic pendant, wood, tagua, copper & brass, pewter charms, agate and carnelian sticks.


I saw Arja's bead and just had to show this. This is one of Jane Myrsky's beads too. It's a necklace I made several years ago.
Components: Lampwork bead, crazy lace, seed beads, freshwater pearls, silver.

Love jasper!

This drop was sold as tiger iron. I'm not sure what it is, but I love it!
Components: Red Jasper, Poppy Jasper, Tiger Iron, copper and brass.

Sticks and stones

Just playing around with different shapes.
Components: Aragonite, Carnelian, Agate, brass.


This pendant has been in my stash for a long time until I found the red tiger eye beads in another drawer.
Components: Ceramic pendant, Red Tiger Eye, copper and brass, agate.

Blue key

This necklace is longer than shown here. It can be used with or without the strand with pearls.
Components: Copper, freshwater pearls, seed beads, brass, key pendant with boro bead, fire polished beads, Tourmaline, shibuichi heart and wing charms.

Winter pics

I was working on several pieces this weekend, but I didn't finish anything. Thought I'd share some winter pics instead. (There are more on my blog...
Components: Lots of cold and snow!

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