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Hi everyone,

I am a 42 year old mom to a 2 year old and teenager. We live in Charlotte, NC (with my husband/their dad). While I live in a suburb I have been very heavy into edible gardening for about 6 six years. Because it can take so much time I did not think I had time for another hobby (obsession?). My mom helped change that.

My mother has been beading obsessively for about 2 years and has a huge stash of beads and supplies. During her last visit she “accidentally” left boxes and boxes of beads at my house. When I was straightening up I got into the box and started playing with them. Within an hour I was hooked.

While I used to let her assemble the pieces I designed I have now put together a few necklaces and earrings. I am really looking forward to creating more. Now I just have to find some way of wearing them all!

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  • MaryLou
    On August 15, 2012 MaryLou said:

    Coral, Had I seen your ”Forest Floor” I would not named mine as such! Oops, I am sorry.

  • daisymae
    On June 22, 2012 coffeebeans said:

    Go for it, chickie! lol I have loads of cucumbers too! Pickles are fairly easy and water bath canning is a good place to start if you don’t want to pressure can yet! :) I am in dire need of a pressure canner too but I do major water bath canning now! I have already made about 15 jars of pickles! It’s loads of fun I promise! ;)

  • Poms Forever aka Donna
    On March 21, 2012 Poms Forever aka Donna said:

    Coral, I talked to my daughter. She was fine that I gave you her name. She does face book with all her friends and family. Anyway, she told me she is in the Steele Creek area. Loretta said you would know the area if I said her apartment was off of South Tryon on the way to Lake Wylie.

  • Sandi a
    On January 29, 2012 Sandi a said:

    I get inspiration from your designs and I enjoy your positive comments to myself and everyone else – the world needs more people like you..

  • Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    On January 4, 2012 Lynn Eileen Chicky LE said:

    Coral, congrats on being chosen as LB’s Featured Picker for this week!!! You definitely deserve it — I just love all your fab combos! :D

    Bead Happy,

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