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I live in the Southwest with my hubby, dog, and birds. My first exposure to beading was almost 30 years ago when I purchased some thread and acrylic beads. Life got way too busy and the beads went into storage. Through a friend, my love for beading was renewed and out came all the supplies! Now I’m a certified beading ‘addict’ and you can’t imagine the supplies I now have! Hubby jokes about “the house foundation cracking because of the weight of all those stones!” I love to bead and especially love working with gemstones and deco Czech glass. I also enjoy creating a variety of styles and designs.

I am so happy to have found Lima Beads and all their great products, and all of you wonderful beaders out there! Thanks for all the inspiration you have given me!

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  • Crystal Canary commented on the Fresh Pick “Pizza Anyone?”   13 hours, 41 minutes ago

    Great imagination! Now where can I get a slice?!

  • Crystal Canary commented on the Fresh Pick “Opal’s in October”   13 hours, 47 minutes ago

    This is beautiful! Favorited for sure!

  • Crystal Canary commented on the Design “Leaves and Berries”   1 day, 13 hours ago

    Oh, wow! This is absolutely incredible with all the detailed work involved in this design. The balance of color & beads is perfect. The Chrome Diopside is a super addition with its deeper green color. This is truly a work of art!

  • Crystal Canary commented on the Design “Leftovers”   1 day, 14 hours ago

    I think the variety of focal points in this bracelet are wonderful. I really enjoy everything about it. I like how you doubled up the peanuts seeds with the ring chain. No matter which side shows on the wrist, it is great from all sides!

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  • Deb Harding
    On August 4, 2019 Deb Harding said:

    Hey Crystal. Got your wire message. I’m doing pretty good actually. Not really beading much but buying beads is another story. I know I have been saying this for years but I am actually in the process of getting my entire house reorganized. Hopefull I will make some jewelry then.

    Hope you are well. Loved your bracelet.

  • kye
    On April 3, 2019 kye said:

    Hi CC it’s so good to hear from you. I tried sending you a message last night but I guess that didn’t go through. We’ve missed your positive presence in the Design Gallery. I sure hope you find the precious time to bead and post again. Hearing from you made my day.

  • No Photo
    On January 8, 2019 Moogie said:

    Hi Crystal! My car was an Altima, 2013 I think. I had an Altima before that & I guarantee I’ll be getting another! I still want to test drive in case they changed something. They have a great ride & the seat fits me—very comfy. I get the big engine cuz I like to zip! Should have been a race car driver…Thank you for your thoughts. I do find that I’m a bit more sensitive than usual. And I’m a little nervous driving an unfamiliar car in Houston traffic. It happens to be a Nissan Rogue. Drives nice but I’m just not an SUV chick! Anyway, so nice to hear from you❤️

  • No Photo
    On December 10, 2018 Moogie said:

    Hi Crystal!! Thinking of you ❤️

  • No Photo
    On November 5, 2018 Moogie said:

    Miss you Crystal & hope life is going well. ❤️

  • Crystal Canary
    On October 19, 2018 Crystal Canary said:

    WOW! It’s been a long time! I’m greatly missing my time here at Lima visiting with everyone (not to mention beading & creating) and wish life would ’put on the brakes’! Missing you all! :)

  • Crystal Canary
    On May 16, 2018 Crystal Canary said:

    Have fun beading everyone! I’ll be away for a couple of months. Take care :)

  • kye
    On February 16, 2018 kye said:

    I sent you a couple messages CC.

  • No Photo
    On January 13, 2018 Moogie said:

    Hi Crystal! So glad to see you’re back! Hope you have a nice stretch of “normal” life ahead!
    Big hug,

  • No Photo
    On December 20, 2017 Moogie said:

    Hi Crystal! How are you? I see you peeking!
    ❤️ Janet

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