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Firstly, I am a mother of two terrific (and sometimes feral) boys, who along with my husband, live in Queensland Australia. We live in the coastal fringes, in the hinterlands, so we enjoy both sea and mountains on our doorstep. We live right next door to “the bush”, by which we have a small forest of sort over the fence (a few hectares of bushland at least) and our regular visitors comprise of various forms of wild life.. Some cuddly and sweet like koalas and kangaroos and various birds, to ones that send me screaming in terror – ie the various poisonous snakes that sometimes wander into our backyard and garage..

I first kind of fell into beading by accident really. My aunt, who was visiting us from France at the start of this year, is very much into beading and crafts and I asked her about how she finished her necklaces and bracelets, just out of the blue and out of curiousity. And she showed me how to use a crimp bead.. That was all it took and I was hooked and somewhat obsessed from that point on.

From learning to make paper beads to polymer clay beads, and now starting to learn to work with copper and fire (yeee.. let’s hope I don’t burn the house down), it is a whole new world for me. And I love everything about it. Hopefully I can open an Etsy shop next year to sell my paper beads and polymer clay beads if they are good enough. For now, it’s all about learning!

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  • Annabel commented on the Design “Drop Earrings..”   1 month ago

    Still trying to master posting images on this site the right way up though..

  • Annabel commented on the Design “Drop Earrings..”   1 month ago

    Thank you so much for the kind words.

    Life is quite difficult at the moment as both parents are quite ill and require full time care. And with two teenage boys, who are thankfully very understanding, it gets a bit tricky. But we manage!

    These last few months, I have pretty much just been learning how to do [...]

  • Annabel commented on the Design “Drop Earrings..”   1 month ago

    I do apologise, having spent upwards of 25 minutes trying to fix the sideways orientation of the photos, I have given up trying to have them appear the right way up. Nothing seems to be working.

  • Annabel shared a new Design: “Drop Earrings..”   1 month ago

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  • Moogie
    On November 5, 2018 Moogie said:

    Hey Annabel! Cool happy accident with the recycled beads! I hope life has settled down for you. It is such a hard road to travel when parents become ill & eventually pass away. Praying for peace in your life❤️

  • Crystal Canary
    On March 7, 2017 Crystal Canary said:

    Annabel, thanks for accepting my friendship request! I just love your work and all of the passion you put into your creation of both jewelry and hand-crafted beads. I think it is cool that you live in Australia–I love the internet! We have lots of snakes too in the SWest & bunch of very large furry spiders! :)

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