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My name is Pam. I LOVE beading. I started beading in 2001 and still love it. I have sold a few pieces to friends, but have given many gifts. I really like making rosaries. I’ve made them for all of my Catholic friends and former students for their Quinceneras (15th birthday celebrations). I retired in June 2011. I live in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. I’m about 8 miles from the closest bridge to Mexico and about 15 miles from the next closest bridge that we used to use the most. However, with the Cartel violence, I no longer cross the border. There are 2 nice shops about a mile from this side of the border at our favorite crossing. One is a branch of one of our 2 favorite places to buy Mexican goods. They are as cheap or a little cheaper than in Mexico at least for now.

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  • dolllady aka Pam commented on the Fresh Pick “My Garden”   22 hours, 2 minutes ago

    Congrats on your garden POD! Most of the grain crops have been picked in deep South Texas. The cotton should be picked and tilled in the next 2 weeks. Sugar cane picking runs from October through April. Vegetable crops won’t be planted until October.

  • dolllady aka Pam commented on the Fresh Pick “Heat wave”   1 day, 9 hours ago

    Sizzling POD! Glad it is I need to add some sizzle to my stash.

  • dolllady aka Pam commented on the Design “Celebrían”   2 days ago

    Wowza! Your talent just continues to intrigue me. This is so amazing!

  • dolllady aka Pam commented on the Fresh Pick “Pantone’s Magenta Purple”   2 days ago

    Ahhhhh! I felt the stress flow out just looking at this purple. Purple is a part of my wardrobe every season.

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  • Crystal Canary
    On August 2, 2017 Crystal Canary said:

    Pam, Love your new picture icon! Is that little Chiquita? So cute! :)

  • Moogie
    On April 5, 2017 Moogie said:

    Pam, I’m missing you. Pray everything is ok. Let me know…

  • Medieval Momma
    On February 15, 2017 Medieval Momma said:

    Hi! I saw your message and responded to it. Thanks!

  • Crystal Canary
    On February 6, 2017 Crystal Canary said:

    Thanks for accepting Pam–I sent you a message :)

  • Moogie
    On January 22, 2017 Moogie said:

    Hope all is well, Pam❤

  • Moogie
    On May 10, 2016 Moogie said:

    Oh Sweetie, I didn’t realize you’re taking care of your mom. That is the priority of course. Please don’t feel pressured. You’ll do more when you have time. Just love on that mommy!

  • Moogie
    On May 9, 2016 Moogie said:

    Hey Pam! I just noticed you haven’t posted ANY of your jewelry creations. I know I’m not the only one who would love to see them. Come on. Don’t be shy!!❤️ Moogie

  • Maggies Mom
    On March 12, 2016 Maggies Mom said:

    Hi, I just noticed your friend request. Thanks for asking me! :D

  • Moogie
    On February 8, 2016 Moogie said:

    Thanks for the info Pam. I’ll have to look up where McAllen is. Too bad we’re all so spread out! Maybe one day Lima can host a get together or jewelry workshop or something!
    Gotta crash, I’m exhausted!

  • dolllady aka Pam
    On December 26, 2015 dolllady aka Pam said:

    You’re very welcome Medieval Momma. I love your picks and comments on my picks.

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